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Yoga tutor

Yoga with Mauritz changed my life. Unfortunately he immigrated to New Zealand and I am finding it difficult to replace him. My body has changed from weak and floppy, to strong and firm. He taught me how to love myself and listen to what my body is...

Annamarie gurung

Yoga tutor

An exceptional teacher. I have been having classes twice a week for a month. She has custom-made the classes for my body and needs and I am finding lasting physical and emotional benefits. She also gives me practices between the classes so that this...

Samantha, 5 months ago


Yoga tutor

Amazing yoga lesson! Laura is very kind and professional. Will definitely have lessons again when back in Cape Town!

Robin, 6 months ago


Yoga tutor

Laura is an excellent teacher with a beautiful flow in her practice. I very much appreciated that she adjusted her lessons to my level and changed the flow of asanas each time. She is a very kind and helpful person, I very much enjoyed the lessons...

Lena, 7 months ago


Yoga tutor

Charndre understood my needs, recognised my fitness level and made it an amazing experience. She is really amazing and I am looking forward to future training with her.

Michelle, 8 months ago


Yoga tutor

Laura was punctual, organised and friendly. Her flows were intelligent and creative and pitched at the perfect level for us. As a yoga teacher myself I will definitely be borrowing some of her ideas. We throughly enjoyed our lessons and even added...

Nicola, 2 years ago


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The average price of Yoga  lessons is R347.

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From a sample of 1741 reviews, students rated their private tutors 5,0 out of 5.

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Learn How to Breathe in Yoga Classes in South Africa

Yoga is not at all a passing fad. Yoga is rising in its popularity, as can be seen by the yoga, retreats being offered countrywide and more and more yoga instructors availing themselves to teach yoga classes. People are enthusiastic to adopt this yoga trend. So what is it about this trend that keeps it in fashion?

Well, yoga is much more than exercise. The rich religious heritage of yoga surely does make it a point of interest for many. The word yoga comes from a Sanskrit word which actually means, “Connection,” therefore being defined as a union between your body and your mind. So the spiritual exercise form is meant to foster the ideal union between the mind and body. People have come to believe the fact that yoga is more than just changing from one posture to the next. It involves beautiful movements which when done with careful thought and proper alignment, yield the best result spiritually, mentally, and health-wise. In fact, the numerous health benefits of yoga are another pull factor that draws people towards these classes.  Yoga keeps you flexible and being flexible means staying young. Aside from flexibility, blood circulation is also increased, your lungs begin to function properly, and your blood pressure gets reduced. A yoga student once mentioned that yoga made her feel as if she was drinking out of the fountain of relaxation, and eternal youth. I’m certain that the simile surely does tickle your muscles, and cause them to crave yoga classes.

So, why not try out some yoga in South Africa?

Why Should You Get on a Yoga Mat in South Africa?

Yoga instructors often say that various yoga postures represent the best reflection of your daily life. In life, every day you are met with good situations and testing ones. The way you project yourself in your yoga class directly reflects how you behave in real life. You sometimes need to step back and take a deeper look at yourself. Listening to your heartbeat, and focusing on your breathing, is surely a step forward in reaching a state of pure relaxation and a lack of stress.

The truth is whether you live in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth or Durban your workload may seem to overburden. As a student, a school day in itself seems draining and overwhelming. Working life is also accompanied by unavoidable stress. The truth is complaining about your stress may lead to more stress. Instead of simply complaining, enhance your mind and think about your body’s needs in a yoga class.  Secure your spot on the yoga mat twice or thrice a week to ease off the tension, and spiritually shed away the stress. The discipline will allow you to balance your energy body. It is known that when your energy body is balanced no physical and psychological harm can come to you. So a stressful situation won’t become bigger than it is.

When you practice yoga, you can quickly start to feel its benefits after only a few sessions of yoga training.

The Magic of Yoga

Sadhguru, the ultimate yogi, believed that learning how to breathe correctly, and truly keeping a balance between your mind and your body is the answer for any sickness. Sadhguru is so convinced by the magic of yoga, that he feels the cure for sicknesses is within every individual. The sicknesses that he refers to are those that do not require severe medical attention, but the sicknesses we often put ourselves through. So according to the Yogi and author, helping yourself is a way to heal yourself.  So how does yoga heal? Through the meditation of course. Ever so often your mind asserts authority over your thoughts. Your mind, and the thoughts that you think can boss you around. The meditation process that yoga encourages allows you to be the boss of your mind. In this way, you are the one that controls the way that you feel. If you are pulling the reigns, and deciding how you are feeling, there can certainly be no ailments or emotional turmoil insight.

As a young person, you often have all this energy inside of you. There is so much that you want to achieve but your mind tends to stop you. Through yoga, you can gain the stability to use your energy for your wellbeing.

There are many registered yoga schools in South Africa, such as the Trifocus Fitness Academy, which you can register with for yoga training. You can also go the more conventional route and source qualified local yoga instructors to do yoga classes with.

So roll out your yoga mat, and start with the simplest form of yoga- Namaskar. Connecting your hands directly in front of you in the pose called Namaskar, allow you to connect your feminine and masculine sides of your left brain that is often in conflict with each other. Right from the Namaskar pose, you will feel a sense of harmony and start to feel in tune with your every thought and every movement.

Say Namaskar to yoga in South Africa!

Yoga Lessons For the South African Yogi

While you may be sceptical about the purpose of yoga, and you might not believe in yoga’s power to magically heal you from emotional illnesses, a reason why you could join a yoga class is simply to gain self-knowledge. Yoga will allow you to connect with your inner self whilst becoming more aware of yourself.  For once stop trying to satisfy others, and take this class for yourself.

Yoga is known to be a means to the end. You would wish to achieve this state of Moshka. Moshka means freedom from desires, freedom from insecurities, and freedom from feeling inadequate. Being in a state of Moshka allows you to feel happy, and in control of your emotions.

Doing Yoga at Home with Superprof in South Africa

While it is possible to do a few free online yoga classes at home, do consider the idea of getting a local yoga instructor to help you with your poses and chakras. With Superprof, you simply need to visit the website.

The website has about 1 584 tutors to select from whom all have their own specializations. There are tutors to teach kids yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, and power yoga.

If you are new to the yoga discipline, it might help to have private yoga classes so your instructor can assist with finding out which yoga type will be best for you. You can find local yoga instructors who you can speak to and who may assist with understanding the different types of yoga are and what it assists with. If relaxation is what you seek, Nidra yoga classes are the way forward.

You can get a yoga instructor who can cater to your yoga needs from the comfort of your home and at a time most convenient for you.

Are you ready to take on yoga in South Africa? Well, now all you have to do now is choose an instructor!

Yoga Instructors Ready to Give You Yoga Training in South Africa

Since yoga is such a spiritual experience, you need to ensure that you have an instructor with whom you feel comfortable with by your side. Forming a trusting relationship with your instructor can make you feel at ease during yoga poses, and throughout the meditation process.

Have your criteria which stipulate what you aim to gain in an instructor ready while you are scrolling through the Superprof site. As per your criteria, you can consider the hourly rate, the yoga instructor’s skills set, the type of yoga being taught, and the yoga instructor’s teaching experience.

The advantage of taking private yoga classes is that the instructor can come to your home, and can cater for a class at your earliest convenience. The tranquillity of doing yoga poses from your own home may mean the added peace, and comfort to obtain a higher state of consciousness. Ready to take yoga classes in South Africa?

What do you want to learn?