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English tutor

Adelaide was exceptional in her teaching approach. Her methodology does work. She is calm, professional, friendly and communicates well. In less than 3 months she taught her student so well that she passed and exceeded the IELTS grade required....


English tutor

Patience always goes the extra mile. He is very open and always available anytime you need assistance.

Tebogo, 2 months ago

Hundzukani portia

English tutor

Dr Khosa displays a new version of learning and development. In learning, I am more appreciative of willingness, accessibility, and timeliness, and that is what I received during our first meeting. The breakdown of concepts is the pillar of...

Arif, 2 months ago


English tutor

Laurette is a very good teacher. Both our kids 12 and 8 years old enjoy learning English with her. She explains very well and finds ways to apply what they did in school. We like that she comes to our house for teaching. She is a very cheerful and...

Doris, 3 months ago


English tutor

Sibongile is a great tutor and I would recommend her to people who want to improve their English skills. She is very patient and she prepares her lessons based on your language needs. It is comfortable to practice conversations with her, which is...

Pfananani, 3 months ago


English tutor

Classes with Stephanie have been fun. Her way of teaching and making difficult things easier so that one can understand and remember everything. I recommend her to everyone.

Anees, 3 months ago


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Speak English Fluently in South Africa

In South Africa, where there are 11 official languages, it is helpful that English is widely spoken by just about everyone. But for many it is still a second language which can be a disadvantage when it comes to studying courses that are presented in English at university or school.

And when it is not your home language, not being able to speak English fluently, can also prove challenging to your career progress in certain international organisations. 

If this is you, you may very well be searching how to improve my English on the internet. Fortunately, if you are willing to invest some time and effort, there are English tutors available in South Africa for every level of student.

Types of English Tutors in South Africa

Tutors Who Can Teach You How to Speak English Fluently

In a country as culturally diverse as South Africa, the spectrum for the type of English tutors in demand is wide ranging. Even children whose first words are spoken in English can grow up needing extra English lessons during their primary and high school years. English grammar is a complex subject and when it is not sufficiently grasped, it can be a hindrance to a child’s overall academic performance.

If our education is based in English, it makes sense to have the tools to be able to write essays and present the facts using well-organised and logical language. Developing strong reading and writing skills, as well as being able to speak English fluently, is not only a huge advantage if studying in South Africa, but also extremely helpful for general life and integration into society.

Even if you are being schooled in your home language which happens to be one of the other 10 official languages in South Africa, it is likely that you will have to do English as a second language at school.

In all of these cases, extra English lessons from a teacher or university student can easily be found on Superprof. You could find a tutor conveniently located near to you, or opt for online lessons from almost anywhere – all you would need is an internet connection and a web cam.     

Highly Qualified English Language Tutors

Of course learning English extends way beyond the knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and spelling.

For those students who are studying the intricacies of the language itself, extra English tuition can be extremely helpful. Grade 11 and Grade 12 first language English at High School requires that students are able to critically analyse and comment on complex pieces of literature, prose and poetry. This can be challenging!

And for students who have chosen to study the English language at university level, the understanding of the political, historical and economic texts that make it such an interesting language can also prove to be difficult. At this level, topics like socio-linguistics, psycho-linguistics or discourse analysis can certainly require the help of extra tuition from a qualified tutor. Find out from your lecturer or professor if they are available for extra tuition, or check Superprof as they may already be registered to offer tutorials to students in need.

Speak English Fluently    

When young people begin to learn a language, it has the ability to encourage social, cognitive and linguistic development. This encourages them to be able to explain themselves and communicate concepts. Quite simply, learning how to speak English fluently, like any language, has the ability to break down social barriers, open up peer collaboration and boost self-esteem.

Even as a second language, the syllabus for spoken English has the ability to develop critical thinking and communication skills.

The benefits of signing up for extra English lessons are vast, but could include things like assisting you with an English based curriculum in another subject, give you confidence for your social life, or prepare you for a job interview. So if you are typing how to improve my English into your Google browser, it’s a very good question.

Reasons Why English as a Subject Can Be Difficult

In a country as culturally diverse as South Africa it goes without saying that the many dialects, colloquialisms and pronunciations add to the colourful tapestry of both the language and the country. Having said that, we are also a country that attracts many foreign visitors who don’t necessarily understand our interesting slang and use of the English language. 

Another reason why children are beginning to struggle with learning English as a subject at school more than ever before is because of technology. While it is an incredible learning tool, technology is rapidly changing the way we communicate.

Children as young as toddlers have access to iPads which is great for their computer literacy, but means they are spending less time with books and the English language. It also means that they are using their hands less and not spending enough time developing fine motor skills and coordination. All of this can negatively impact their vocabulary, concentration and handwriting development.

Unfortunately, this trend has been exacerbated with the advent of screens for amusement.

Young people and adults have begun to read less. We have become too used to reading short social media posts instead of books and articles that delve more deeply into subject matter that develops analytical thinking.

As a result, young people have begun to look to influencers, digital messaging and online friends for their worldview instead of discovering it in literature.

Added to this, vocabulary is being diminished in favour of emojis as a way to communicate emotions and predictive text is certainly not helping us to spell better.

The Growing Need for Private Tuition

A strong command of the English language is one of the greatest skills we can pass on to future generations. And as the world becomes a giant melting pot of culture, English remains one of the universal connectors.

There’s no doubt that besides learning how to speak English fluently, there are many good reasons why extra English lessons are a worthwhile investment, and with tutors available for every level of ability, it’s never been easier to find one that is just right for you.

What do you want to learn?