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💰What is the average price of Singing lessons?
The average price of Singing  lessons is R333.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

  • The experience of your teacher
  • The location of your lessons (online, at home or an outside location)
  • the duration and frequency of your lessons.

95% of teachers offer their first lesson for free.

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Many of our Singing teachers offer lessons online.

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13632 tutors are currently available to give Singing lessons.

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From a sample of 3427 reviews, students rated their private tutors 5,0 out of 5.

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Find the Best Singing Lessons in South Africa

Singing is an exhilarating experience. We’ve all experienced how music has the ability to move us emotionally and since the beginning of time it has been one of the best ways to tell a story.

Do you have the desire to sing, but the fear of potential embarrassment is keeping you from finding a lesson?

Maybe you are ready to start singing classes but not sure where you’ll find the right person who will teach you?!

We have some terrific news. If you are looking for the best singing lessons, South Africa has some of the best talent and experience on offer. More and more South Africans are making a mark on international music stages, study abroad or have years of experience and they are ready and willing to train you online.

The best singing lessons in South Africa are only be a couple of clicks away…

Learn to Sing Online

Finding a singing tutor on Superprof allows you to browse through a list of some of South Africa’s best singing teachers. You can compare their experience, their fees and pick a vocal coach who you think is the right fit for you. Most of our singing tutors offer their first class for free, which is really helpful if you feel like testing the waters before committing to a couple of singing classes.

Wondering why a singing tutor is more efficient than an online singing course?

Nowadays there are plenty of pre-recorded masterclasses on singing available online. These provide some great insights into how you should sing, techniques to use, mistakes in singing, breathwork and terminology that are generally being used in performing arts. There are some excellent online singing courses and if you have been exposed to singing before and they are fantastic tools to supplement teachings as you continue to work on improving your singing.

If you are a beginner at singing, we will however recommend you get your own private tutor. Singing is a vocational art which comes to life in the practical application of it.  Proper singing includes some technical aspects and it’s always better to have someone to correct your technique while you learn about the foundations. This will ensure you prevent vocal chord fatigue and injuries, especially in the beginning phases of your singing adventure.

What You Will Learn

A lot of the singing tutors on Superprof have been teaching for years, they are singers themselves and have years of performance experience under their belt. They have gained the experience and practice to guide you as you lay the foundations of either a future career or a skill that can wow your friends and family during gatherings.

The vocal chords are tiny muscles that form part of your larynx. During your vocal training a good music teacher will ensure you know the basic anatomy so that you understand how your ‘music instrument’ works. This understanding will also enable you to practice better vocal health and care to ensure you can sing until you are in the old age home.

Your singing classes will include proper warm-up techniques to prevent the vocal chords from injury. An experienced singing teacher will give you a couple of exercises suited to your level of experience, which can also be homework for your next lesson.

Unfortunately, like any other muscle, your vocal chords will need practice to become stronger and more agile. You’ll have to put in a bit of effort, but once you hear how these exercises starts to improve your singing, you’ll feel inspired to continue your efforts as you to become an even more versatile singer.

Scales is a classic technique that will help increase range and the lip trill is an exercise that helps you create a consistent breath flow for clear sound. Vowels and the connection of vowels in a warm-up exercise not only works for warming up the vocal chords, but also addresses how you transition between them to create flawless sound.

Once you start rehearsing songs, a professional teacher will also work with you on the pronunciation of your consonants, especially at the end of the phrases. The cherry on the cake, and what really brings the art of singing to life, will be the way in which you interpret the song. This is how you tell the story of the song, but it will also help you to bring your own emotions and experiences to it in such a way that you create captivating performances.

Not All Songs are Created Equal

The epic voices in our lifetime like Whitney Houston, Ariana Grande or Luciano Pavarotti, have not only created some amazing music, but had the abilities to use their voices in very specific ways suited a genre.

If you choose to follow a professional career in singing and performing arts, you will without questions be exposed to and learn about different styles or genres of music to sing.

As a beginner singer you will need to decide however, which style you favor most and where you would like to start your vocal training. Classically trained music teachers are ‘old school’, but they have a very solid approach in teaching people to sing.  They usually produce voices that sing opera or the more modern classical-pop like Josh Groban.

Pop-rock is a more modern style and is a combination between the pop sensations we’ve heard on the radio and the classic rock sounds. To create a gritty sound, perfect pitch and then releasing your vibrato strategically are some of the skills a professional singer will teach.

Are you ready to put those vocal chords to the test?

Now that you know what to expect, let go of the fear and uncertainty. The experience to express yourself through singing should be a joyful and exhilarating experience. Find a teacher on Superprof today and have fun as you learn from some of the best.

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