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Music and Teaching graduate looking to teach anyone interested in singing. Practical and technical strategy.

I base what I teach firstly on what it is the student is willing to achieve. I then see to delivering the knowledge I have to see that the student’s needs are met. I also make it my point to go beyond what the student expected from me as a teacher so to sustain their interest in what’s being taught.

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1st lesson offered free !

Final year music student in Johannesburg and Bloemfontein, giving singing lessons, all ages

Ive had students on different levels of singing- beginner's level and first year university level. My methodology is inspired by James McKinney which allows students to learn how to sing and be aware of what happens in their body when they sing.

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Learn the love of singing! Build your confidence & find your voice.

(preschool ages 4-6 building the love and fascination of music) (Primary school 7-13 focus on confidence, and the love of music, starting theory) (Highschool 13+ is subject to what the student requires) I teach the love of music, it is the foundation for furthering musical education. I build the students confidence, help them find d there voice. And further their musical knolage.

Cape Town
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Marketing student. Offering singing lessons, vocal coaching, acrylic painting, writing and oral preparation.

My teaching method is mostly practical because I believe people most likely to learn through practise. I firstly tackle each content on different basis then ask the student to summarise what they have learnt to track how much they know. If I am not pleased we try again. I am patient and my aim is for everyone to succeed. There are no favorites in my class we are all one.

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Vocal performance major giving singing lessons in Stellenbosch and surrounding areas .

To know the voice is to know the person. I like to get to know my students' likes,dislikes and why they sing.

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A wholistic and technical approach to singing by an international professional artist

Very wholistic and subjective approach, not one artist is the same. One discipline informs the other...

Durban North
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I am a hard worker who is qualified in singing and performing

I base my lessons on voice techniques and how to project ones voice.

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Singer songwriter as well as a graduate in Music Technology. Looking to give singing lessons to anybody of any age.

My teaching method would be based on the level on singing that the student is at, we will work from there to better technique, articulation and posture as well as stage presence.

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A musician offering music tutorials to students as passionate as I am.

First I need to get the tone of the student I'm teaching and recognize how comfortable they are in singing.From there I can find the right direction to take with them.

Cape Town
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Singing and recorder tuition for beginner to intermediate levels in the Southern Suburbs/Cape Town

My style is a student-centred-approach. It is important for me to create an environment where interested pupils are encouraged to liberally express themselves through creative outlets and become well disciplined in their field of interest.

Cape Town
1st lesson offered free !

I'm an experienced singer I sing both jazz and Rnb even gospel I've learnt all the techniques through singing Thank you

I base my classes on teaching how to hit all the notes it can be soprano, alto, tuner I'm not perfect on base

1st lesson offered free !

First year student with a Grade 8 Rockschool Certificate to teach anyone aspiring to better their singing voice.

My teaching method is catetered to the individual. Each persons style is different and I want everyone to be comfortable in what they’re singing and how they’re singing it.

1st lesson offered free !

Let what is inside you flow with your creativity... Because through music alot can be explained

My teaching methods are based on the pace of the learners, ways in which they understand better and they are also able to give examples of the lesson learnt

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Business student who has a great love for music, singing and art.

I go at your pace and use each lesson for a new topic. Revision and repition is the best way to learn.

Stephen p
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Singers as musicians are the mouth piece and have the capacity to change alot by feelings,emotions. Music feeds the soul

My methodology is if you do not understand or something is not clear to you I'll take you step by step through the process I'll learn you what I know

1st lesson offered free !

Vocal coach, teaching students how to sing and increase their vocal range

I base my classes on scales, vocal exercises and finding the right songs and styles for students so that they can accomplish the most productive improvements in their singing

1st lesson offered free !

Music Lives Within a Person Live it, Breath it, &Fall Inlove With it That Is Music!!

My Teaching Methodology is Repeating a thing Twice & Make an Example & it Also Depends on How My Class Respond to what am Teaching them

1st lesson offered free !

Music student looking for people who want too learn music if its your passion.

My method of teaching is based of the vocals of the people I train, I look on how to improve their voices.

1st lesson offered free !

Music class offering beautiful humonies that blend together New generations in one

Practical and understanding I'm a more creative person as oppose to logic.

(31 reviews)

Singing Classes by Vocal Coach and Pro / Studio Singer / Studio / PARIS and Surroundings

Come take singing classes in a professional studio in Paris, with the possibility of recording your song at the end of the course! Whether you are an experienced singer or want to learn the basics of vocal technique, I offer you a tailor-made coaching adapted to YOUR goals with fun and extremely effective exercises. For adults or children, individually or in groups.

(13 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

SINGING AND RELEASE OF VOICE (all styles, professionals and amateurs) You can to find your real voice!

My classes are a space for the development and release of voice where you learn to apply the technique entertained by singing or talking mode. HOW IS A CLASS OF SINGING? Classes are dynamic and entertaining. exercises are performed to develop the vocal range, power, agility, air control, timbre and diaphragmatic support.

Lyon 1er
(23 reviews)

Brazilian guitar and vocals, song lyrics, musical training all ages. Paris / Ile-de-France.

Brazilian guitar and vocals (MPB, samba, bossa nova, Brazilian music other little known), opera singing and music training.

(14 reviews)

Pianist / professional singer in Paris for piano lessons or accompaniment!

I give classes for all ages and all levels. We can work on music sheets or in a more instinctive way. I can also accompany singers and help them work on songs. But I can also make a piano version of your songs to work at home. Let's make music together! I have been an actor, singer and pianist for over 10 years and I have been playing the piano since the age of 5.

(10 reviews)

Variety - Rock - Musicals - Experienced voice vocal gives home singing lessons on Paris and RP.

My classes are for anyone who wants to improve the technique and expressiveness of the voice. Beginners and confirmed. My teaching combines classical techniques and the expression of emotions in singing. This course is primarily intended for singers and apprentices singers of variety and musicals. IMPORTANT: learning music theory is not essential.

Paris 11e
(22 reviews)

Former Prof. Berklee College of Music offers Singing Lesson in your home/by Skype!

I am happy and thankful to do the work I love both as a coach and a singer! There are a few graduates of Berklee College of Music here, but I am the only voice teacher in Paris who has taught at Berklee College of Music, one of the top ten music schools in the world. I offer you rigorous and fun voice lessons, and I can promise you... if you work, you will grow.

Paris 13e
(8 reviews)

Vocal Coach. Singing lessons for beginners & intermediates. Enjoy singing, enjoy your voice!

My lessons are for people who wish to develop their vocal potential and wish to enjoy singing freely.

Paris 17e
(32 reviews)

Experienced music teacher gives singing lessons / vocal coaching / Paris / All levels / All styles of music

Experienced teacher in music school, teaches lyrical vocal coaching or variety. All levels / All ages. Technical work: Posture, breath management, support set-up, sound vocal chords, registers management, vowel homogeneity, precision and velocity of consonants in vocal gesture, interpretation, research and affirmation of "vocal identity "...

(17 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Certified Vocal Coach to offer face-to-face (in Madrid) and online vocal coaching classes

Discover the amazing potential of you voice through the most effective vocal coaching techniques. My name is Virginia Rivera and I am a singer, personal coach and Vocal Coach qualified by the International Master in Vocal Coaching School of Speech Pathology (Barcelona).

Paris 9e
(29 reviews)

Professional jazz and soul singer gives singing and vocal technique classes in Paris

Jazz singer gives singing essons, all levels, in Paris (11th). The courses are to those who wish to improve their vocal technique or simply discover the singing. You can, at your convenience, practicing on all musical styles (jazz, soul, rnb, pop, variety, etc.). Each class starts by a theoretical approach (functioning of the vocal chords, warming up ...) to progressive mastery of song.

Paris 14e
(102 reviews)

PIANO & VOCAL COACHING - Leisure & Pro - From 18 € in group and from 30 € in individual - singing coaching for castings tv & pro - vocal coaching for public speaking - all styles & levels -

COURSES OF SINGING / SPEAKING & PIANO with setting in situations and free open stage every 2 months for the students who wish it 1.

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