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The average price of Piano  lessons is R432.

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Play the Piano like a Pro with a Private Superprof Tutor

The piano has been called the king, far surpassing all other musical instruments in rank and in size. While it is easy to carry your violin, guitar, or a flute to any place in South Africa, a piano is not as portable.  So what is it about the piano that earns it the title of king? If you already have developed a love for the piano you will know that the piano has earned its throne by allowing you to play melody and accompaniment at the same time. If this piano fact baffled you, then you surely will benefit from piano classes in South Africa. In piano classes, you will not only learn how to play the piano but also come to terms with the theoretical knowledge related to this musical instrument.  In fact, you may even gain a deeper understanding of all musical instruments and their very essence.  Are you ready to put all of your focus and concentration into learning to play the piano?

How can we motivate you to further your interest in learning how to play a new musical instrument? Remember, motivation comes from within. You will understand for yourself why there is a sure need for you to learn to play an instrument like the piano. Oftentimes people opt for piano classes simply to unleash a hidden talent, or to acquire a new skill. There is nothing that you cannot learn, and adding a musical ability to your list of skills is always an excellent idea. Many South Africans learn to play musical instruments like the guitar, piano, or cello simply for the fun of it. By learning how to play the piano, you will delight your family and friends by providing them with musical entertainment at every family function. You may also be willing to learn how to play an instrument like the piano because you feel the need to commit to something. Frequently practicing will ensure that you master the art of playing the piano, and learn how to deal with a long term commitment. The relationship between a music student and his or her piano is much like the relationship between a husband and a wife. You will have to constantly work at the relationship (work at it daily). Having this skill will look great on your Curriculum Vitae one day, plus you may never know when you could turn your love for playing the piano into a form of income.

Still not motivated enough? We suggest that you visit The Piano Bar, at Cape Town’s Grey Hotel. Every evening hotel guests and visitors can munch or tapas while listening to the soothing sounds of Jazz, Soul, and African Indie music from the shiny piano that has given the bar its name. Perhaps watching another pianist showcasing his or her musical skills will serve as further motivation to take up piano classes in South Africa.

Take Piano Classes in South Africa

So perhaps you find grasping musical concepts and theory to be far too tedious. Well, that is why you need to understand what value taking piano classes can add to your life. Firstly, engaging in a hobby like playing the piano has numerous benefits that you may not even have thought about.

Studies have proven that taking piano classes leads to a reduction of stress levels. It is said that people who play the piano show fewer signs of stress than people who don’t play the piano. If that is not motivation enough, we are not sure what is. 

Playing this instrument also boosts your self-confidence.  Your blood pressure levels are significantly reduced whilst your fingers scroll through the piano keyboard.

So interesting are the studies conducted on piano lessons that it was shown that piano classes, like play therapy, worked well for children who battled with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHA).

It is true what they say: playing the piano teaches you the art of multitasking. There is more to playing an instrument like the piano than meets the eye. For one playing the piano means that you have to concentrate on several things all at once. You have to read music, let both hands flow effortlessly on the keyboard, and use pedals.  In this way, learning to play the piano will improve your ability to concentrate fully on more than one task at a time. 

Although this fact is not a certainty it is believed that children who go for piano classes from a young age actually outperform children who don’t at school.

With so many benefits, how can you still not be motivated to get your fingers dancing across the keyboard? The sooner you start piano classes, the quicker you can see if all the above mentioned advantages are true and if your academic performance, concentration levels, and ability to deal with stress does actually improve.

Piano Lessons in South Africa

South African piano icons’, like Christopher Duigan, serves as inspiration for South Africans who would like to be considered national musical treasures too. If you feel learning to play the piano will lead to you getting a good musical job, or it is a necessary skill to enhance your studies than surely you should be on the lookout for the best possible piano classes in South Africa.

In South Africa, we cannot deny that are many institutions dedicated to teaching music that could be considered. One such institution that deserves to be mentioned is Shine Musical School in Johannesburg that offers classical piano lessons, blue and jazz piano lessons, and popular music lessons. At the institute, the syllabus is handcrafted to suit students' requirements. Knowing that there are musical lesson options for South Africans surely does show how popular musical classes are among South Africans. A thorough search may enable you to find the most appropriate musical institution for you, or you could always find a piano teacher near you to help you learn to play the piano.

Finding a Piano Teacher near You in South Africa

You might be asking yourself “How can I find a tutor near me in South Africa?” Well, you can find the nearest tutor with help from the Superprof site. There are many tutors on the site offering musical tutorials. Some of the tutors on the site are willing to teach you how to read music, and how to play the piano well. Learning under the wings of a qualified teacher is a highly enjoyable experience. You will see just how joyful piano lessons can be should you learn with a tutor who can make the learning fun. On our site, there are some tutors who have more than 51 years of experience. Choosing a tutor with many years of musical expertise could mean mastering the art of musical reading and learning to play the piano keys fluently. Through individual piano classes, you can gain more confidence and work at grasping keynotes and keys at your own steady pace. An added bonus of searching for a tutor on the Superprof site is that many tutors offer you a lesson for free. This lesson will enable you to gauge if the tutor is the perfect musical match for you or not.

We have about 4000 piano and music teachers offering their services on the Superprof site. Therefore when choosing a tutor, you can decide which tutor will be the best fit for you and falls within your set budget.  You can find a tutor offering piano classes for as little as R150 per hour. So what are you waiting for? Get your typing fingers searching on Superprof and get your musical fingers playing just the right keys on the piano. Perhaps playing the piano can lead to fostering your interest in playing other musical instruments.

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