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Online Learning

During this period of confinement, face-to-face interactions have become impossible. Online lessons have therefore become the best alternative for students and other curious minds to continue learning. This is true for both academic subjects, as well as extra-curricular activities such as music and sports.

Check out our selection of verified tutor profiles. Request a lesson and obtain a response in a few short hours.

98% of teachers offer their first lesson for free in order to evaluate your level, and help to establish your goals for your lessons in complete confidence.

The tools for online interaction

Your teacher will help you choose the best app or program for your lessons online. Some popular examples are:

  • Google Education for acadelic support
  • Skype for language classes or music lessons (piano, for example)
  • Discord for learning computing basics or advanced coding
  • Slack for homework help.

There are many options available.

You have the freedom to choose exactly the class and online teacher you want! 


Online classes are often more affordable, given that there are no transportation costs, and they also allow for greater flexibility in terms of scheduling.

On average, classes offered via webcam are 20% less expensive than traditional face-to-face lessons.

For example, the average rates for lessons in the following subjects are:

  • English: R178
  • Maths: R164
  • Piano: R320
  • French: R201

Tutors often offer lessons at a reduced price for groups of two or more. So you could, for example, take lessons with your siblings.

Most teachers also offer their first lesson for free, so you can test your compatibility before engaging in a long-term lesson arrangement.

Discover the profiles of our verified tutors who are available to give you lessons online.

During this period of confinement that we're faced with (due to the COVID-19 crisis), make the most of your time at home by:

  • Preparing for exams with tailor-made revision classes
  • Learning a new language
  • Taking up a new hobby, or picking up where you've left off due to lack of time
  • Getting back into shape with a personal trainer or yoga teacher
  • Getting advice on personal and professional development with a career coach.

Make the most of your time by learning online.

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