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The average price of Maths  lessons is R175.

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Maths Lessons in South Africa

When it comes to learning maths, it is one of those subjects where everyone could use a little help. Whether it is help with high school maths, particularly Grade 11 and Grade 12, preparing for acceptance into a tertiary education, or university level maths, there are hundreds of maths tutors in South Africa.

Your Options Are Extensive

Options for how to go about enrolling in extra maths are also extensive. You could do a google search for an online math tutor near you, or ask for recommendations from your current high school teacher or university lecturer, for a private, face-to-face tutor.

Not everyone wants to study mathematics online. Fortunately, there are heaps of professors, teachers and students who are advanced in tutoring maths who are willing to provide extra lessons. Your first step is to decide whether you want to study extra maths online, as part of small group in a classroom, or in a one-one-one setting – perhaps even in the comfort of your own home.

Why Maths is Good for Your Brain

Learning Maths is literally good for the brain. It is one of the most fundamental ways to develop and enhance your problem-solving and analytical skills. Maths has the ability to improve logic and expand the mind. Not only that, but it also builds confidence when it comes to learning how to handle unfamiliar tasks. Learning maths, whether it is mathematics online or face-to-face, develops a style of measured and careful thinking in an individual, which is a great skill for life.

Maths Lessons for Every Student

Regardless of the level of maths you are currently studying, every individual has their own unique abilities and struggles when it comes to the complex subject matter of mathematics. Even individuals who are naturally talented at maths could benefit from extra mathematics online for the areas where they would like to push themselves further. Perhaps you are a grade 12 student who regularly achieves a B+ instead of an A for maths simply because an area of the syllabus is particularly challenging for you.

Whether it is statistics, or analytical geometry, a maths online module in one or more areas, to supplement your studies, could make the difference between that B+ and an A result.

In South Africa, many university degrees have a minimum maths requirement. As a grade 11 or grade 12 student it is important to plan ahead if possible and find out what the requirements for the various universities are. If you would like to study engineering or actuarial science for instance, signing up for extra maths online could help you to achieve the marks needed to attend the institution of your choice. Whether it is Unisa, Wits, the University of Cape Town or another of South Africa’s learning institutions, it is important to know what those entry level requirements are.

Choosing your area of tertiary education is a major life decision, having all the facts upfront could help you to prepare and avoid disappointment.

Benefits of Maths Lessons

Enrolling for extra maths online or for lessons with a private tutor can help you to focus on the unique areas that are hampering your progress. One of the first benefits of having a maths tutor is that together you can scope out a unique programme that offers you individual attention.  Not only will this one-on-one tutorship allow you to advance at your own pace, but it is also bound to improve your academic performance.

As you build up your confidence and self-esteem from your face-to-face lessons, or by using an online math tutor, you will notice that your attitude towards school, learning and maths are also likely to result in positive change.

The benefits of extra maths tuition, even studying maths online, will not only improve academic results, but also your study habits for every area of your education.

Career Opportunities for Maths Students in South Africa

There is no doubt that maths is used everywhere, even in daily life, however there are certain careers where a high level of maths acumen is fundamental.

When it comes to solving problems that are theoretical and practical, mathematics plays an important role in the fields of medicine, engineering, business, architecture, banking and so much more.

Some of the typical jobs available for a student of maths include:

  • Teaching
  • Investment Risk and Performance Analyst
  • Demand Planner
  • Business Consultant
  • Lecturer
  • Simulation and Modelling Consultant
  • Genetics Analyst
  • Benefits for Daily Life

Even if you don’t intend to use mathematics in your career, it is a skill that is widely used to benefit daily life.

By choosing to make the most of the opportunity to learn maths in your high school years can literally develop the way you think and help you in later years. Learners who recognise this and make the investment to find an online math tutor or to self-study mathematics online to improve their academic performance will see benefits throughout their lives.

As an example, managing money is a life skill needed by every single adult.  By developing your maths skills, and indeed the analytical side of your brain, you will be well prepared to budget, plan and save. In fact, these are skills that could save you from making the significant mistakes that can often lead people into debt.

Aside from your personal finance, your mathematics skills will help you in so many other ways. Whether you need to calculate distance, time and costs for your travels, or the materials you need for a sewing project, confident maths skills will simply make life easier.

For students who are preparing for exams, having difficulties with certain areas of a syllabus, or graduates who need extra help in their jobs, enrolling with an online math tutor is an investment for life.

You can connect with a skilled private math tutor in South Africa, no matter your location. Your first lesson is the opportunity for you to ask questions and see how well you connect before you begin an exciting journey to enjoy the benefits of having great maths skills.

What do you want to learn?