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German Language Learning Programs in South Africa

Language learning courses can be really challenging, but extremely rewarding. And as the world gets smaller with more and more people living and working outside of their native countries, adding languages to one’s CV can be really advantageous.

Many South Africans actually either have German roots or German connections, so if you have been asking yourself where can I take German classes in South Africa, the answer is probably – almost everywhere!

Where to Take German Classes in South Africa

There are many foreign language institutions, and even specific German schools in South Africa, but there are also a great many private tutors offering German language learning programs who are dotted all around South Africa.

The benefits of using a private tutor, especially when it comes to learning a foreign language is that you can learn at your own pace and very often, in the comfort of your own home. Perhaps you are already enrolled in the best program to learn German. Whether that is at school or at university level, there may well be areas of the syllabus that you are battling to grasp in a classroom situation. By enrolling with a private tutor, you could focus all your time and energy on specific aspects in order to improve your grade.

If you are a German native and looking to school your children in first language German language learning programs, you will be pleased to know that there are several top quality German schools in South Africa that offer education up to Grade 12. In Cape Town there is the German International Schools, while the International German School in Johannesburg has an equally excellent reputation. And if you are simply looking for schools that offer German as an additional language, there are over 80 schools in South Africa.

And if language learning courses are going to be part of your tertiary academic career, you can actually enrol for German at 9 of South Africa’s universities including the University of Cape Town, North West University, University of South Africa, University of the Free State, Stellenbosch University and University of Zululand. Not only that, but many of these universities actually offer seasonal exchange programmes with German universities. In fact, Stellenbosch University offers a degree programme in German as Foreign Language in partnership with Leipzig University.

If any of this sounds like you and you are wondering where to take German classes, there is no doubt that a private tutor could help you to get a head start. When it comes to private tuition, there are Superprof tutors available for every level of ability and affordability – it all depends on your goals. You could find an engineering or teaching student who happens to speak German as a first language willing to give lessons for R150 or R250 per hour. And if you’re looking for a conversational language learning course, this would be perfect.

If you are more advanced you could find a university level German teacher at R550 per hour. An added bonus to finding a Superprof tutor is that in many cases the first lesson is for free! This provides you with a valuable opportunity, if you ask the right questions, to find out whether your tutor is aligned with your goals.

Good Reasons to Take German Language Learning Programs

Did you know that German is actually one of the top 10 most widely spoken languages in the world?

Known as the language for science and business, approximately 100 million people speak German as their first language. While these people are mostly situated in Europe there are significant pockets of German speaking nationals in North America, South America, Africa and Asia. Not only that, there are an additional 55 million other people around the world who are actively taking German language learning programs.

Perhaps as a South African, you already know that the country is host to over 600 German companies. Some of the bigger blue chip names that you may be familiar with include Volkswagen, Siemens, Lufthansa and Bayer. So, if you are wondering, where can I take German classes, it is a good question. In terms of all language learning courses, being able to speak German in South Africa is considered to be a sought-after and rare skill that is needed not only in business, but also in the education and cultural sectors.

And if you are in business and still wondering where to take German classes, the German Chamber of Commerce will  have excellent advice depending on how fluent you need to be.

For many career-minded South Africans, finding the best program to learn German is a necessary step for those intending to work in the UK or Europe where Germany is one of the strongest economic powers on the continent. Depending on whether you are simply planning a business secondment or actually planning to relocate would determine the level of your chosen language learning courses. However, if you are in business and decide to enrol with a private tutor you could discuss tailor-making your German language learning programs to focus on business language and even phrases to suit your particular industry!

Keep your Heritage and Find the Best Program to Learn German

If like so many South Africans you are descended from German heritage, you may well be asking where can I take German classes.

The South African-German connection is in fact very interesting. During the time of Dutch rule in the Cape between 1652 and 1806, hundreds of Germans emigrated to South Africa. While most of them settled in the area known today as the Western cape, they were absorbed into the Afrikaans speaking population through the ethnic and religious similarities of both the French and Dutch settlers. During this time about 4000 German people immigrated to the Cape. Later, in the 19th century many German missionaries arrived to settle in the Cape. With a history like this, it is not surprising so many South Africans ask where to take German classes.

Today, there is a large population of Germans living in South Africa. This is because as a destination known for its wonderful climate and lifestyle, South Africa happens to be on the top of the German immigration list.

German people are known to travel more than any other nation in the world and reportedly will spend even more on holidays than they do on cars. It is often the case that Germans who travel to South Africa simply fall in love with the country and choose to live here permanently, this could be the reason why Cape Town has a population of around 60 000 Germans.

It really makes sense then that so many South Africans who become friends, business colleagues and spouses with this growing German population in South Africa would ask where can I take German classes? Take me to the best program to learn German!

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