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Friendly and commited law student offering worthwhile English tutoring for highschool and primary school students.

My teaching method is to promote independence and critical thinking skills in students to raise their own confidence in their ability. By doing this, students are able to study effectively, enjoy learning the subject and excel.

1st lesson offered free !

I love languages, learning and teaching; so why don’t we do each other a favour?

I focus on the learning styles as well as strengths and weaknesses of each individual student to develop the best possible lesson plans and production progress.

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1st lesson offered free !

Student offering german tutoring, got destinctions in high school for german, hope I can help

My teaching methods are by revising the things that the student does not understand and go over it until they can do it completely on their own without my help

Sonja m.
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Learning German is easy when you live in this country! Properly speaking German can make the difference when applying for a job at school or at work.

Teaching methods are always aimed at the student, the person , the status quo, the needs and is the aim. All of this we clear up in a trail lesson , free of charge , and discuss how we get to the aim of the student as quick as possible.

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Experienced language teacher gives targeted, creative, communicative and lively German tuition in Munich.

Motivation is the key when it comes to learning a language. That's why I always give my students specific learning objectives. These bring a clear structure into the learning process and motivate learners to achieve their goals, as they see themselves accomplishing a little goal in every lesson. Communication is the second most important part of my teaching.

Winsen (Luhe)
(3 reviews)

Experienced German teacher offers uncomplicated, comfortable and qualitative tuition, also online, for the purpose of improving grades or exam preparation via Skype

I am studered Germanist and Latinist, teaching all levels and grades. We are developing a collaborative approach to address weaknesses. Not all teaching methods are equally suitable for everyone. Together we find out which is the best for the respective customer. First of all, the exact development of the material is always important.

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Speak the Finest German - Intensive training for advanced learners at level C1 / C2

I offer you a modern and communicative lesson with challenging texts and tasks that are geared to motivated learners. It is based on the requirements of the exam Goethe-Zertifikat C2: Great German Language Diploma and trains all language skills. In addition, if required, we train speech tools that you need for special linguistic complexes - such as discussing, presenting or giving a lecture.

Frankfurt am Main
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German & English tutoring in Frankfurt of German Studies student (up to class 10)

I would be happy to help you with your homework and to answer questions about the subject matter. Of course, I am also happy to help prepare for exams, tests or presentations. I also like to give tips for writing homework. But the most important thing is to follow the students interest.

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German, English tuition in the area of Ulm German and English teacher (1st state examination)

I free the lesson according to the level and goal of the student. My offer ranges from help with homework over preparation for class work or exams to preparation for exams. For German as a foreign language, I offer lessons up to C1 level.

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German tuition throughout Germany via Internet for grades 1-7 of high school students

Hello, my name is Johannes and I'm currently attending grammar school in southern Thuringia. I would like to make pupils from the 1st to the 7th grade fit in German, because I noticed, also in my own class, clear spelling and grammatical deficits. I myself am very interested in the German language. I also gained a lot of experience in writing applications.

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Prospect English student from Overijssel who would like to give tutoring and explanation in English!

In my past, I based my lessons on the material that my students had already covered in class. By giving extra explanations and teaching mnemonics and useful tips, I made sure that the pupils were able to come along with the class at a level and even built up a lead. I often explain by means of a powerpoint or other presentation, in which I let the students speak and practice a lot.

Offenbach am Main
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Englisch: Courses & Tutoring for writing/ spelling & grammar - Offenbach / Frankfurt /Online Me: Student for Education in German & Math; Work in University @ Department of Psycholinguistics & Dida

A systematic understanding of a language makes it much easier to learn understand and therefore memorize it. Be it the spelling, based on the appropriate letters (Thomé 2014) or the articles and endings in Dative / Acoustic / Genitive. That's why my goal is not only memorizing but understanding.

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Deustch and English tutoring for all ages in Bremen by student of Social Sciences

I adapt my teachings individually to the students. Generally I try to represent the content in as many ways as possible (speaking, writing, color, picture, sound). I try to maintain or encourage the fun of learning through motivation and variety.

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Student provides support and improvement in English as well as in German

What motivates me most is watching my students become successful: Believing in themselves they improve their skills by gaining something out of our conversations and change to a more positive attitude to these languages.

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German classes by a becoming teacher from the university of Münster for the classes 5-10 of all school types and no-native speakers

My instruction is for students in grades 5-10 of all school types. Single or small group lessons in the form of tutoring is possible, but also lessons for a whole class at a school. The teaching methods I use vary accordingly depending on the type and grade level in which the lessons are to take place.

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German tutoring in Hamburg for grades 1-10, former teacher's student (without degree), years of professional experience in administration

I make the lesson free and geared to what is needed and brought along. To convey knowledge, so that joy and understanding are in the foreground is my claim. I am very responsive to the needs of my counterpart. And it's important to me that having fun learning is always important.

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German tutoring and German for non-native speakers in Marburg and via Skype worldwide (also in English)

I like to get to know each person individually and first and foremost get an overview of comprehension difficulties, requirements and learning goals. At the same time, I work interactively and pick up students at their current level. Of course, the interaction differs depending on the age of the students. Learning success is most important to me.

Frankfurt am Main
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Revision and proofreading of scientific texts in German and English by experienced translator

I have always enjoyed optimizing texts linguistically and, if possible, in terms of content. Moreover, as a translator, I am by nature a very critical reader. When revising and proofreading texts, I pay particular attention to spelling and grammar in addition to the overall structure of the text. After all, the style as well as the correctness of the text are at least as important as its content.

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German tuition in Barmbek-Süd and by webcam from the language affine high school graduate for all classes including high school diploma

I orientate myself - far away from the conventional frontal teaching - on findings of learning research and thus create a relaxed relationship with the students. I tailor my lessons individually to the student and his needs. Preferably, I use a variety of different media that offer great opportunities for learning. However, I can also act as a classic homework help or support the exam preparation.

Corner Brook
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Need some chats and academic help to improve your German language skills? Then I'm the write person for you and some awesome lessons :)

Learning should be fun. It is easier to remember structures and sessions when you can connect them with happy emotions.

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BA translator offers classes for German as a foreign language as well as for native speakers who wish to improve their expression, spelling and vocabulary

After my three-year studies in Translation and Interpretation for English, Spanish and Arabic, I would now like to pass on my knowledge and offer it for both German native speakers as well as for those who want to learn German as a foreign language. Concerning the teaching place I'm flexible and I am able to offer personal classes as well as classes via webcam.

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Creative Communication | Professional orientation | Application Coaching | IT & Cross Cultural Communication | Personality Development | German | English | Spanish General & Business | Prüfung

Tailored Solution Individual Training & Coaching Career Orientation Creative Communication Integration Coordination Personality Development English | Spanish | German for foreigners and students | Students | Professional IT for Beginners | User application coaching | Profiling Cross Cultural Communication Karlsruhe Region Southwest Baden | Remote Online Coaching | Classroom training Individual |...

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Individual coaching Presentation and Rhetoric for students and adults - Competent and calm appearance!

In my coachings, everyone is welcome who would like to develop professionally, school-wise or privately. In the first step I determine together with you your goals and your current state of abilities. Then I put together an individual program of exercises for you, in which we then start immediately. All the while I make sure that we work in a way that makes you fun and gives you maximum success.

1st lesson offered free !

Online German tutoring and exam preparation of aspiring German art teacher student grade 5-12, also high school diploma

I offer superficial preparation for the BLF or the Abitur. My lessons are designed according to the needs of the students. Above all, it is important to consolidate the basics, to understand problems and to develop own methods for the solution of tasks. I like working directly on the text.

1st lesson offered free !

Female English student offers English/German/Histoy tutoring in Bochum/Ahlen/Hamm/Münster and online over Skype

I do my homework with the pupils and find out where their learning deficiencies lie. These are then gradually worked up. I always create a vocabulary book for foreign words and card types with the students, so that they can also learn in their free time by themselves. These foreign words are interrogated orally and in writing every hour.

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German courses in Friborg, Geneva or Skype. I teach for 5 years, I even taught in Moscow

My name is Lisa, I am 21 years old and I have been a coach for 5 years. I have a bilingual German-French maturity. Children or adults in need of help, support? I'm here. My students are mostly aged between 5 and 18 years old. But I also have adults. I bring a lucrative method for the little ones, and try to bring something to each student.

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German Classes by Native German Speakers in Dresden; also via webcam; flexible

My strengths are grammar and phonetics, but generally I am open for your own ideas, be it practicing basic or advanced conversations or proofreading your applications. I re-learned English at a very young age and thus know what problems foreingers face when learning German.

Bad Sooden-Allendorf
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Learn German easily by qualified teacher (native speaker) in Leipzig or via Webcam

TRANSLATED BY SUPERPROF.DE: Make school life more relaxed, and still bring good grades to the testimony: I offer students tuition in the above subjects. At the same time, a relaxed approach is especially important to me - without excessive demands, but with as much fun and goal-oriented strategies as possible.

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German tutoring in the district of Neustadt an der Weinstraße (optionally online) to Grade 11

I have no special learning method because I want to respond to my students individually. This makes me much more flexible when it comes to teaching my students a topic. At first I would like to get to know my counterpart in order to have an ideal picture of him.

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I have a master's degree in interpreting and translating and lived in Scotland for a year. I am very familiar with the English language as well as the Spanish language. No matter what level you are or what you need English / Spanish / German for, the lessons will be tailored to your needs.

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