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Port Elizabeth
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Biokinitics, personal trainer student, fitness enthusiast with years of experience in the fitness industry offering tuition

I am a fitness enthusiast who is passionate about coaching people In fitness. I believe fitness is related to many aspects in life and contributes to living life to your fullest. My goal is to equip people with the appropriate fitness knowledge so that we can achieve our goals and live healthier.. I believe in finding the simplest way to achieve one's goals.

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Personal trainer and Yogi offering individual and group online classes for all ages.

My teaching method is hands on, you will have to do everything yourself, try it yourself and i will be there to guide you.

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Professional Athlete Giving Personnal Training Lessons from the comfort of your home. Our lessons are private and we always ensure that our Clients benefit the most from Them.

My Teaching Methods are pretty simple, and very efficient. We are more focus on helping clients reaching their goal by building the friendship trainer/client, also by letting them participate and give ideas about work outs, meal plans and everything related to their satisfaction. Our methods have had lots of results and we are happy that clients benefit the most from them.

Cape Town
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Personal Trainer, offering some help so that you can become your best in the sport that you love whether it be soccer, rugby, weight lifting or powerlifting

You will learn based on your own mistakes, I will teach you to be able to see what YOU are doing wrong without me having to say wht the problem is.

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Qualified Personal trainer I offer one on one sessions and group exercise.

for Personal training I focus on strength ,core, cardio, Mucle conditioning, Weightloss and also available for Swimming lessons around the area.

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Varsity student offering personal training to all who want to improved physiques

The only way I can help you is if you want to be helped and are willing to work for it

East London
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Modivated South African male that doesn't give up on his students (fitness)

My method is simple easy and effective. Having fun and being completely comfortable from student to teacher is very important.

(1 review)
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Sports professional with a passion for people. Key knowledge in nutrition, muscle development and strength training.

I aim to understand my client and their preferences. To help them understand their bodies and to push clients beyond their own limits.

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I am a passionate Sports Science student whom is interested in involving myself in the fitness industry.

I like to get to know whom I’m working with and meet on a level of passion. I work with weaknesses.

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Student- athlete offering individual and group training classes. Recently involved with the Shimlas rugby team of UFS and the Cheetahs U21 setup. Gym fanatic

I approach each individual according to what they want to achieve and the goals they have set for themselves.

Cape Town
1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Sports Science Student at The University of Tshwane and Technology. Let me hell and educate your child in keeping and living a healthy lifestyle.

My teaching method is to make sure I explain everything in detail and make examples that everyone will be able to relate to.

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Personal trainer that helps with motivation training programs and Diets all in the im to reach you goals

My teaching strategy is motivation and science behind training and the way your body reacts to different training and diet techniques and to guide you on you fitness path

1st lesson offered free !

An experienced, qualified and professional personal trainer who is keen to help you grow and achieve goals.

Lead by example, I believe that it is extremely important for the coach / trainer to make sure he or she is capable of demonstrating a fit lifestyle.

Paris 12e
(16 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Sports Coach graduate / physical trainer, gives lessons at home (in Paris)

Home trainer graduated (BA in Athletic Training STAPS mention), I exercise for over two years with customers satisfied with their progress and athletes who have reached their goal. I therefore propose my services at home or outdoors, be it physical preparation (Athletics, Tennis, Boxing, Judo etc.), physical maintenance (ground-up, weight loss, muscle toning, weight etc. ) or group lessons.

Paris 8e
(347 reviews)

Coach Fitness / Fitness Coach / Personal Trainers / Fitness Coach for all types of graduate levels and all ages over Paris and Ile de France

I have a Master of Strength and Conditioning coach in the US. I am someone who adapts to closer to everyone's needs, I always go after my goals with my students. The results are visible from the first session. Satisfaction is guaranteed, available 7/7, 24/24.

(8 reviews)
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Sports coaching, physical preparation for exams, bodybuilding, wellness, I am the missing link in your success.

- Teacher of EPS Bi eligible for the aggregation, my courses are addressed to all. - Biomechanical study of the student's movement, expertise and precision. - Pedagogy based on the individualization of the work, the playful side and the development of the taste of the effort.

(15 reviews)
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Personal trainer reab / muscu / fit / box on paris diplomee decole of fitness in london french / english fluent

Personal trainer level 3 international level: beginner up to athlete professional english or french program individual sessions private couple / duo, 1-1, and group method vary only the capacity of each bodybuilding, calisthenics, boxing, etc.

Marseille 4e
(25 reviews)

Physical Trainer graduate and titrated in many sports and nutrition. Self-defense coach

former military, I became a fitness trainer and Trainer in various sports. Graduate of physical preparation condition, fitness and rugby. Federal athletics graduate. Self defense instructor. Degree in sports nutrition.

Paris 1er
(23 reviews)

Personal trainer, stretching, postural, aqua gym, swimming, gives sport lessons in Paris.

I am a sport teacher and my speciality is aquagym. I can teach fitness, stretching, postural gymnastic, or prepare a custom project coaching. My lessons are for sport amateurs, experienced or beginners. Interested for fitness, tone and losing weigth, aches and spasms after hours at work, postural problems, gently bringing the beginners to the sport, and many others..

(10 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Exercise with your own body weight !. (Calisthenics and yoga in GRANADA)

I specialize in the sport called '' calisthenics ''. I impart to the young people around me that they ask me for advice about my experience in this sport, some of my skills and because of that, I thought that I could share this knowledge with more people. It can be basic strength, exercises for different areas: flexibility, core (abdomen), lumbar .. either strengthen or improve performance ..

Paris 15e
(32 reviews)

Personal trainer in Paris and suburbs for all fitness levels all profiles

Hey guys! Want to get in shape? Do it now! Why wait? Get started now and GET FIT NOW! DON'T WAIT TO FEEL GREAT! I work with people of all ages and walks of life. Most of my clients are regular working people looking to get in shape.

Paris 18e
(9 reviews)

Rollerblade lessons / Fitness in Paris for any level/Discovery tour of Paris

Hello, I'm 27 years old and back in Paris after a fantastic trip to Australia. I am currently a Barista for a large co-working company in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Aside from my love for coffee, I'm also passionate about health, fitness and sport. I live in the 18th Arrondissement of Montmartre. I speak English and Spanish frequently.

(7 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Sports coaching, tailored to your needs, 15 years of experience to achieve your goals

All accepted level, differentiated instruction. Establishment of appropriate and progressive goals. periodic reviews. I am a passionate, dedicated and invested in the transmission of sports knowledge.

Paris 12e
(5 reviews)

Former professional basketball player gives private lessons fitness, bodybuilding and physical preparation extéreur or at home in Paris.

Former professional basketball player, I kept the passion of sport and particularly that of physical preparation. Also holds a Certificate of State coach, I take care of youth basketball teams. With my high level of experience and sports coach, I can adapt to all audiences.

(9 reviews)

Coach Sportif specializing in weight loss, Boxing and running, gives courses for beginners or competitor

- Courses for beginner, advanced or competitor, the level will be adapted to your needs and physical condition: the goal is to develop your weaknesses to improve.

Paris 13e
(10 reviews)

Sports coach qualified at your home, indoor or outdoor | Paris | 50% tax reduction

WHO AM I ? Enchanted, my name is Mathias :) Coach Individual sportsman since 3 years, I consider the sport as essential to a healthy lifestyle. As his physical and mental benefits are no longer to be proved, his practice provides access to the general well-being necessary to carry out his daily life and his projects.

Mark arts n sports
(5 reviews)

Sports coach graduated and specialized calisthenics with personalized accompaniment to achieve your objective (fitness, recovery, toning, strengthening etc.) Outside and home

Develop your potential and reconcile yourself with sport! I defined a personal program according to the objectives to be reached with levels of difficulty to unblock. I teach body weight, which allows to train at home and outside.

(6 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Experienced and graduate trainer offers individual and group classes in Paris and 92

My method is based on the mood and work to ensure sustainable support and satisfactory results. I had the chance to see work of experienced coaches and build my own ideas and methods made of rigor and good humor. I come from a family of athletes and I bathed in it forever with in particular a pole vaulter uncle who participated in two Olympic Games.

Vila Gumercindo
(6 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Physical Education Professional with specialization in Military Training. Total dedication to the student, without deceit and miracle promises!

I do not promise miracles, but 100% dedication and attention to you, my dear student. I believe that each student is different, and soon needs different care. The classes are designed for all those who want to improve their quality of life. No student begins classes before going through a functional physical assessment in order to correct deviations and maximize training.

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