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Music is life, come learn with me and you will be at peace

providing positive learning experiences as well as building and maintaining effective behaviour management systems

Frederick james
(2 reviews)
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Guitar lessons for young and old beginners welcome . Musical theory , reading and songs .

I do individual lessons with my students . Don't teach with a single curriculum but rather try to draw on the strengths of each student , handle the songs that they are interested in as soon as possible and help them achieve their personal goals .

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Guitarist with lots of experience will get you shredding in no time!

I am a fun loving individual and like to approach lessons by learning more about what my students's goals are so that I can teach them individualized lessons that help them achieve the results they want. I love seeing students progress and improve.

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Learn Classical Guitar from Beginner level to the Virtuoso Old Masters Johannesburg

I have taught individuals in specialized sessions from beginner level up to advanced players. Examinations are optional once the student is ready through Trinity College London.

Durban North
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Guitarist with 10 years experience offering private lessons in theory and practicals.

I have completed an online course on TEFL teaching and have learned many modern teaching techniques and skills. My teaching methodology involves allowing the students to achieve as much as they can on their own, thus playing more of a counselling/enabling role, as opposed to a lecturer role. This method allows students to develop meta-cognitive skills and to become independent learners.

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Self taught guitarist for 8 years providing guitar lessons and methodology online.

I give guitar lessons to beginner and intermediate players... My lessons include chord introductions, practice methods, insight with tips and tricks as well as how a guitar works... All lesson plans and approaches will be based on each learner individually, this is due to how everyone differs in strengths and weaknesses when it comes to expressive art forms...

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A Talented Excellent Musician offering Guitar and Singing lessons in Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal

-I base my teaching on personal touch and fine tuning the inherent skills and also bringing out the best in each student -Lesson will be effective as I will do a step by step journey with the student for every note whether musical or vocal.

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Personal traning student offering to teach guitar to people who want to learn

My teaching method is to ask the students what they want to learn and ehere to start , if they don't know , I can give them examples of where to start and they learn at their own pace

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Music moves me! Learn guitar, basics, technique and master it. Guitar lessons to improve your playing! Tertiary level A tutor From Soweto. 3years experience. With National certificate n4 popular music

My teaching method aims at proficiency in playing guitar, improving on speed,mastering the everyday basics of playing guitar and techniques

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Music student offering guitar, singing lessons and other music lessons in Potchefstroom.

My teaching method to start on a very low level for beginners and continuing to more advanced methods of teaching.

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Young guitarist with 11 years of guitar experience and 4 years experience in instructing offering guitar lessons to beginners do get you playing like a pro in no time.

I approach lessons by first perfecting the basis of guitar. Focusing on technique and comfortable with the instrument. Moving forward I focus on repetition and practical work while making it relative to my student.

Kempton Park
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Jazzuitar,is it really the first hip sound to escape this beautiful silence

I choose to watch my student work on them selves and try get to realize everything instead of showing them

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Everyone has a dream why not make yours come through by taking lessons with me. Music student offering guitar lessons.

My teaching method will start off with the basics and my lessons will be given every week. I will also be teaching music theory, sight reading and technical development. Every week you will get a song which you will have to go home and learn and come back the next time and play it for me. I will then give you pointers on how to improve and if you've done great we will move on.

Paris 18e
(21 reviews)
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Guitarist, 15 years of experience, gives guitar lessons and ukulele in Paris

To learn to play without taking your head! Friendly and efficient -Method on the pieces you choose. -All Levels, all styles -Solfège or not -Learning -Method demos on tapes based on the stage -Game English learning, effects, music composition You will progress at your own pace on the pieces that you like, working first on a simplified version that fleshes out each course.

(36 reviews)

Singing Classes by Vocal Coach and Pro / Studio Singer / Studio / PARIS and Surroundings

Come take singing classes in a professional studio in Paris, with the possibility of recording your song at the end of the course! Whether you are an experienced singer or want to learn the basics of vocal technique, I offer you a tailor-made coaching adapted to YOUR goals with fun and extremely effective exercises. For adults or children, individually or in groups.

(18 reviews)
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Learn with passion how to find your own path to musical maturity - Australian teacher in Strasbourg & Mulhouse

I'm a passionate musician and full time music teacher in Strasbourg. The cornerstone of my teaching method is improvisation. I progressively add bricks of knowledge to expand the musical playground. I compose pieces (all styles) centered around particular theoretical concepts, and encourage students to add their own modifications as they go.

Belo Horizonte
(16 reviews)
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Guitar lessons, guitar, bass, piano, keyboard, drums / percussion, music theory, etc ...

- Class according to the music student's taste - focusing from the beginning on 1 specialization (base or soil) - practice and theory taught together for better learning - we use, ciphers, tablatures, scores according to the desire and development of the student.

(11 reviews)
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Pop rock guitar lessons without a score in Rennes cheap

I offer professional musician pop rock guitar lessons at low prices. My method is based on the pleasure of the student and is customizable to your desires. Putting aside scores and tablatures I focus on the transmission of what I learned on stage and in the studio to generate progress and "feeling" as quickly as possible.

Lyon 3e
(11 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Professional musician offers courses for beginner and advanced guitarists - Lyon.

Teaching is centered around two types of practice, which allow students to evolve independently and easily in any conditions, and quickly: - Learning chords, scales, etc ... : key element of the strengths of confirmed guitarist, scales, chords, are the basis of the music. Here it is not a question of theory, but visualization, direct understanding of the instrument.

São Paulo
(24 reviews)
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Professor of Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar. Music Theory lessons, language and musical structure, fundamentals of improvisation and musical initiation.

- Guitar lessons for beginners and intermediate levels. - Lectures with bibliographic support. - Principles and fundamentals of improvisation and its practical applications. Lessons built through repertoire of creation. - Musical gender studies and its structures. - Initiation classes for all ages.

(13 reviews)
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Guitarist composer graduated from the Music Academy International provides courses focused to Blues, Rock and Metal (+ Technique of the instrument, improvisation, recording) region in Paris

Firstly the course will obviously be customized to the tastes of the student. Then the course will be divided into different parts: The pure technique of the instrument, the practice where one or more songs will be played, and if desired improvisation, and even recording, mixing under home studio, where the composition ...

(8 reviews)
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Learn to play guitar with the professional brazilian musician Zé Vito Ferreira

My method is simple and practical, always focusing on getting a good understanding of the instrument, working the student's ear and getting him to start playing the songs he likes to hear. I also teach music theory and I have instruments to teach, the student does not have to bring anything.

(8 reviews)
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Singing guitar lessons and group (Bass / Drums / keyboard ...) at home 84 and 06

. Great experience groups and scenes. Free exchanges with musicians of all ages and all countries ... Pluri-instrumentalist. Holds a technical diploma for Careers in Music (3 years of study of harmony, composition, arrangements, sound recording, mixing, editing ...). classical musical training at the age of 6 years ... Cursus Conservatory for over 10 years ....

Marseille 1er
(13 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Italian student offers guitar lessons for beginners and intermediates, from basics up to an evolution in Rock, Blues, Folk. (Marseille)

The courses are addressed firstly to the study of main concepts in music (harmony, tempo, melody), and to the developement of technical skills (chords, tab reading, scales etc) in order to begin a musical journey. Then, according to student's preferences, the course will be focused to the study of the guitar through various genres such as rock, blues, funk, folk, acoustic or electric.

Paris 16e
(13 reviews)

Guitar lessons in Paris, for everyone from newbie to advanced, all styles

Guitarist, 34 years old (20 with 12 years of practice teaching), offers guitar lessons all styles (rock, metal, blues, fingerstyle, funk, classical ...) to Paris. The approach will suit everyone but will include the first of harmony (theory, scales, chords, rhythm ...

(5 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Professional guitarist and media music composer (Master en Scoring for Film Television and Videogames at Berklee College of Music) teaching IN VALENCIA AND IN GANDIA.

In my guitar class I'd like the student to develop his theory and technique skill to the point where he can develop and master his own repertoire in complete freedom.

(7 reviews)
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Graduate from Los Angeles Musician´s Institute available for online Skype guitar lessons

Hello offer guitar lessons taught by graduates musicians at the Musician's Institute (GIT) Los Angeles, CA. Our classes are tailored to the level and needs of each student, offering a system of musical teaching enjoyable and effective for those who want to learn guitar as a hobby. Ofrececemos also harder for those who want to acquire a more professional level method.

Paris 20e
(26 reviews)
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Professional Argentine guitarist over 10 years of experience teaching Guitar Lessons online webcam

Hello! I'm Pablo, I am a professional guitarist and music teacher. I'm from Argentina, where I went to school (guitar, composition, improvisation, audio production) and I developed my experience as a teacher.

Juan manuel
(24 reviews)

Animate to learn to play the guitar! in Barcelona! also at home!

Hello everyone! I am Juan Manuel, an Argentine guitarist, who lives in Barcelona since a year. With six albums to my credit and many years of experience in pop music, a few years ago, I crossed the borders and decided to tackle typical Latin American genres ranging from the Tango to the Folcklore.

(8 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Flamenca guitar lessons (beginner level to medium and beyond) in Barcelona area Les Corts

Practical lessons without the need of scores and tablatures. At the end of each class, we make a video where I explain and show everything we did during the class so you can always have it on hand. My main objective is the clear understanding of flamenco rhythms. To be able to compose, improvise and make the art progress one has to control all the details.

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