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Arts & hobbies

Animal communication

Animal communication Cat training Dog training

Art and Design

Abstract painting Acrylic painting Airbrushing Arab Calligraphy Art and Design Art Exam Preparation Art School Preparation Botanical Drawing Calligraphy Caricature Cartooning Charcoal Drawing Chinese Calligraphy Comic strips Doodling Drawing Engraving Expressive Art Graffiti Illustration Japanese Calligraphy Manga Nihonga Oil painting Painting Pastels Printmaking Screen printing Sculpture Spray painting Tattooing Visual arts Watercolour painting

Brain teasers

Jigsaw Rubik's Cube Speed cubing

Card Games

Belote Black Jack Bridge Card games Card handling Other card games Poker Rummy Tarot

Cinematographic Arts

Audio-visual Arts Cinema Production Script Writing for Film Script Writing for Television


Acrobatics Aerial silks Balancing Circus Clown art Contortion Cyr Wheel Diabolo Equestrian Art Fire eating Fire performance Juggling Korean Teeterboard Mime Poi Slack line Tightrope walking Trapeze Unicycle


Ceramics Craft Design Cutlery Making Decorative metalwork Forging Gemmology Glass staining Glassblowing Gold- and silversmithing Illumination Jewellery Leather craft Metal work Mosaic Plumbing Pottery Pottery Tapestry Weaponry Welding

Dice games

421 5000 Dice games Poker Dice Yahtzee

Divinatory Arts

Astrology Cartomancy Chiromancy Clairvoyance Divinatory Tarot Feng shui Numerology Tarology Water Divining


DIY Folding Framing Handiwork Origami Papier-mâché Scrapbooking

Events Animation

Balloon Art Event Management Illusionism Magic

Flower arranging

Floral art Flower arrangement Ikebana


Darts Molkky quoits Scrabble Shuffleboard


American cooking Argentinian cooking Asian Cooking Baking Barista training Beer brewing Cake decoration Chocolate Confectionery Confectionery Cooking Culinary Training Dutch cooking Easy cooking Food art Food Technology French Cooking Gastronomy Gluten-free cooking Healthy Cooking Italian Cooking Japanese Cooking Macrobiotic cooking Mediterranean cooking Middle Eastern cooking Molecular gastronomy Organic cooking Sushi Traditional Cooking Vegetarian cooking World cooking

Highway code

Bike riding Driving Rules of the road


Fishing Kiting Other hobbies Yo-yoing


Aquaponics Forestry Gardening Hydroponics Landscaping Organic vegetable growing Permaculture Terrarium making

Manual labour

Chair refurbishment Furniture restoration Manual labour Musical instrument repair Saddlery

Mixology - Cocktail

Cocktail Making Flair bartending Mixology

Performing Arts

Acting Drama School Preparation Dramatic art Improvisational theatre LAMDA Exams Preparation Musical theatre Performance hypnosis Puppeteering Scenography Scriptwriting for theatre Stand up comedy Ventriloquism

Photographic Arts

Advertising Photography Digital Photography Fashion photography Film photography Food photography Photographic development Photography Photojournalism Portrait Photography Social Photography Wedding Photography


Binding Crochet Embroidery Fabric Printing Fashion Design Fashion production Handbag design Knitting Lingerie design Model making Patchwork Push hook crochet Quilting Sewing Sewing machinery Shoe design Weaving

Strategy Games

Chess Chinese Checkers Draughts Go (game) Risk Settlers of Catan


Airbnb Reception Hostess Tourism

Video games

Battlefield Call of Duty Clash of clans Clash Royale CS GO Elder Scrolls FIFA Fortnite Gaming GTA Hearthstone League of Legends Mario Bros Pokemon Go Rainbow 6 StarCraft Total War World of Warcraft


Cabinet making Carpentry Clog making Inlay Joinery Woodcutting Woodwork


Automobile mechanics Beekeeping Billiards Etiquette Genealogy Lyonnais boules Oenology Petanque Pool Sleight of hand Vinology

Computer Sciences


Apple Apple Store iPad iPhone iPod iTunes Mac Safari


ArchiCAD AutoCAD Autodesk - 3ds Max Autodesk Inventor CAD CATIA Presto Revit Rhino SketchUp SolidWorks

Computer systems

PC PC building Smartphone Tablette


Data Analysis Databases DB2 Firebird Informix Microsoft Access MySQL Oracle SQL Sybase


3D Modelling 3D Printing Autodesk Maya CAM Desktop publishing Digital art Flash Game Art Design Graphic design Illustrator InDesign Infographics Lightroom Microsoft Publisher Photoshop Pixologic Zbrush Sketch Typography UI design UX design V-Ray Web Design


Blog Writing Facebook Facebook Ads Google Chrome Google Hangouts Instagram Internet Explorer Introduction to Internet Linkedin Mozilla Firefox Pinterest Skype Snapchat Social Networks Twitter Video conference Web Navigation WhatsApp

Operating systems

Android iOS Linux Operating system Windows Windows Phone

Other computer systems

3D Animation Basic computer skills Computer networks Computer Repair Computer Science Computing IT security Network SAP Software Telecommunications

Programming languages

Artificial Intelligence C++ C# C C#.NET Computer programming CSS DOS Gaming engine HTML Java JavaScript Perl PHP PostgreSQL Programming languages Python Ruby Ruby on Rails SGML Video game programming Visual basic XML

SEO - Natural referencing

Google Adwords Google Analytics Google Search Console Growth hacking Netlinking SEMrush SEO - Natural referencing


Gmail Keynote Mail Microsoft Excel Microsoft Outlook Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Project Microsoft Word Numbers Office automation OpenOffice Calc OpenOffice Writer Pages Prezi Shorthand Thunderbird Typing

Video montage

After effects Final Cut Pro iMovie Lightworks Video Production Windows Movie Maker

Web development

Dreamweaver Joomla Prestashop Web development Website creation Wordpress


Arabic language

Accent reduction - Arabic Arabic Arabic translation Oral comprehension - Arabic Oral expression - Arabic Vocabulary -  Arabic Written comprehension - Arabic Written expression - Arabic

Chinese language

Accent reduction-Chinese Cantonese Chinese Mandarin Oral comprehension - Chinese Oral expression - Chinese Translation - Chinese Vocabulary -  Chinese Written comprehension - Chinese Written expression - Chinese

English language

Accent Reduction-English American English British English Business English Cambridge First Certificate FCE Certificate Of Advanced English Cae Certificate Of Proficiency In English Cpe EFL Eiken English Grammar English literature English translation ESOL (English) GMAT IELTS Legal English Matric English Exam Preparation Oral comprehension - English Oral expression - English TOEFL TOEIC Trinity Vocabulary -  English Written comprehension - English Written expression - English

French language

Accent reduction-French DALF DELF French (FLE) Oral comprehension - French Oral expression - French Translation - French Vocabulary -  French Written comprehension -French Written expression - French

German language

Accent reduction-German German German civic integration exam German translation Matric German Preparation Oral comprehension - German Oral expression - German Vocabulary -  German Written comprehension - German Written expression - German

Italian language

Accent reduction-Italian Certificate of Knowledge of Italian Language Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language Italian Oral comprehension - Italian Oral expression - Italian Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri Translation - Italian Vocabulary - Italian Written comprehension - Italian Written expression - Italian

Japanese language

Accent reduction-Japanese Japanese Oral comprehension - Japanese Oral expression - Japanese Translation - Japanese Vocabulary -  Japanese Written comprehension - Japanese Written expression - Japanese

Other languages

Celtic Gaelic Indigenous languages Irish Mlat Other languages Punjabi Uralic languages Welsh Xhosa

Portuguese language

Accent reduction-Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners Oral comprehension - Portuguese Oral expression - Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese Phonetics Portuguese (Portugal) Traduction - Portuguese Vocabulary - Portuguese Written comprehension - Portuguese Written expression - Portuguese

Spanish language

Accent reduction-Spanish Argentinian Spanish DELE Matric Spanish Exam Preparation Oral comprehension - Spanish Oral expression - Spanish Spanish Translation - Spanish Vocabulary -  Spanish Written comprehension -Spanish Written expression - Spanish


Afrikaans Albanian Armenian Asturiano Aymara Basque Bengali Braille Breton Bulgarian Burmese Catalan Corsican Creole Czech Danish Dutch Dutch Civic Integration Exam Esperanto Estonian Finnish Galician Georgian Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Interpretation Javanese Khmer Korean Kurdish Lao Latvian Lithuanian Luxembourgish Macedonian Malay Marathi Mongolian Nepalese Norwegian Occitan Persian Polish Romanian Russian Sanskrit Serbo-Croatian Sign language Sinhalese Slovak Swahili Swedish Tagalog Tamul Thai Translation techniques Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Valencian Vietnamese Yiddish isiZulu


Accordion type instruments

Accordion Bandoneon Chromatic accordion Diatonic button accordion

Computer music

Audio Engineering Computer-aided music DJ-ing Mixing Music Production Music Recording Music Technology Sibelius

Guitar type instruments

Acoustic Guitar Balalaika Banjo Bass guitar Blues Guitar Chapman Stick Classical Guitar Country Guitar Double bass Electric guitar Flamenco Guitar Greek Sitar Guitar Jazz Guitar Lute Mandolin Metal Guitar Pedal Steel Guitar Rock Guitar Sitar Ukulele

Musical education

Alexander Technique for Musicians Basics of Music Ear Training Music Music Early Learning Activities - for children Music reading Musical education Musical Improvisation

Musical theory

Arranging Chamber Music Classical Music Composition Conducting Jazz Improvisation Klezmer Music Theory Musicology Orchestration Organology Songwriting

Other instruments

Jewish harp Kazoo Other instruments


Bodhran Drum Bongo Drum Cajón Castanets Conga Djembe Drum Goblet drum Handpan Hang Jazz Drumming Marimba Percussion Steel Drums Tabla Tambourine Timbales Xylophone

Piano type instruments

Harpsichord Jazz Piano Musical keyboard Piano Synthesizer


Beatbox Choral Singing Classical Singing Jazz Singing Opera Singing Rap - Slam Singing Vocal Coaching

String Instruments

Guzheng Hammered dulcimer Harp Lyre Stringed instruments

Violin type instruments

Cello Erhu Fiddle Viol Viola Violin

Wind instruments

Bagpipes Bassoon Bugle Clarinet Cornet Didgeridoo English horn Euphonium Flugelhorn Flute Flute Beatboxing French horn Harmonica Oboe Ocarina Organ Piccolo Flute Recorder Saxophone Tenor Horn Tin Whistle Transverse flute Trombone Trumpet Tuba Wind instruments


Musical language Traditional Chinese Music

Academic tutoring

Adaptive Education

Special Needs Education Special Needs Music Support for students with ADD Support for students with ADHD Support for Students with Asperger Syndrome Support for Students with Autism Support For Students With Dyscalculia Support for Students with dyslexia Support for Students with dysorthography Support for Students with dysphasia Support For Students With Dyspraxia Support for Students with Maths Difficulties Support for Students with Reading Difficulties Support for Students with special needs


Architecture Decoration Design Interior architecture Interior design Preparation for architecture school

Biological Sciences

Anatomy Biology Biotechnology Botany Cellular biology Evolutionary biology Genetics Geology Glycobiology Hydrobiology Matric Biology Revision Microbiology Molecular biology Oceanography Pathophysiology Physiology Veterinary studies Zoology


Composting Ecology Environmental Studies Recycling Renewable Energies Sustainable development


Aca ACCA Accounting Administration Admission prep for business school AIA Bitcoin Blockchain Business Analysis Business strategy Business Studies CIMA CIPFA Commerce Coolhunting Crypto Currency Digital Marketing Econometrics Economics Finance Financial management Human Resource Management Human Resources and Communication ICSA International trade Logistics Macroeconomics Management Management and Organization Management Control Marketing MBA Media relations Microeconomics Negotiation Preparation for the Spanish bac Probability Product Design Project management Risk management SAICA Sales Social Science Startup creation Startups Stock Market Analysis TAGE MAGE Tax system Trading


Algebra Algorithms Applied Science Arithmetic Astrophysics Biochemistry Calculus Chemical Engineering Chemistry Chemistry and Physics Electrochemistry Food chemistry Forensic & Criminal Investigation Forensic Science Further Maths Geometry Ict Industrial chemistry Mathematical analysis Maths Maths Logic Natural Sciences Nuclear Physics Organic chemistry Other sciences Pat Pharmaceutical Chemistry Physics Precalculus Preparation for the scientific bac Quantitative methods Quantum physics School science Sixth Term Examination Paper SPSS Statistics Stochastic Calculus Thermodynamics Trigonometry

Engineering Sciences

Aeronautics Agricultural Sciences Agronomy Astronomy Automation Building Civil engineering Electrical Engineering Electricity Electronics Engineering Estimation Industrial design Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanics Metallurgy Robotics Software Engineering Technical Drawing Technical Electrical Engineering Technology Test prep tutoring Topography

Humanities and Social Sciences

Anthropology Archeology Art history Built Environment Christianity Civics Civil Orientation Civil Service entrance exam Communication Community Management Cultural and Artistic Training Current affairs Digital communication Educational Studies Ethics Feminism Foreign Politics General Humanities General knowledge Geographical History Geography Geopolitics GIS Graphology History History of cinema History of music History of Philosophy International relationships Islam Journalism Media Studies Middle Eastern Studies Modern Studies Moral and Civic Education Mythology Non-verbal communication Other Social Studies Philosophical logic Philosophy Police entrance prep Political sciences Political Sciences Politics Preparation for ENA Psychology Psychotechnical tests Preparation Public Policy Religious Studies Resource Managment Secretariat Sex Education Social communication Social Geography Social Sciences Social Skills Social Work Sociology Sport Psychology Theology Urban Planning


Administrative law Bar Professional Training Course Business law Civil law Constitutional right Consumer Law Corporate Law Criminal law Criminology Energy Law European Law Financial Law Graduate Diploma in Law Intellectual property International law Labor law Law General Lnat Preparation for LPC Public law Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme Real estate law Tax law

Liberal Arts

11+ School Exam Preparation 13 Plus 7 Plus Advanced Placement American Studies Ancient Greek Basque language and literature Cambridge Pre U Catalan language and literature Classical Culture Classics Comparative literature Conjugation Creative writing Critical Thinking CV and cover letter - Help with Drafting Diction Dissertation Dissertation and thesis preparation Dutch English English Literature Entrance Exams Essay Writing French Language French language and literature Functional Skills Galician language and literature German Grammar Handwriting International Baccalaureate Italian Latin Linguistics Literacy Modern Literature Oral expression Oratory Phonetics Poetry Portuguese Portuguese Preparation for business school Preparation for the French bac Preparation for the literary bac Preparation for the Vestibular Proofreading Publishing Reading Redaction Redaction Rhetoric SAT prep Spanish Speed Reading Spelling Support for Gifted Learners Test prep Text commentary Thinking Skills Assessment University Entrance Valencian Language and Literature World Literature Writing inventions

Medical Sciences

Aat Bmat Dentistry Elderly Care Epidemiology Gamsat Gerontology Health and social care IFSI Preparation Kinesiology Medicine Midwifery Neuroscience Nursing Orthopedics Osteopathy Paramedics Pharmaceuticals Physiotherapy Podiatry - Pedicure Public Health Science of nutrition Speech therapy Sports Science Toxicology Ukcat Vision Improvement

Preparation for Teaching examination

PGCE Qts Teaching training

School Sports

EPS Physical Education School Swimming


Academic tutoring Afterschool pick-up & Baby-sitting Developing Mindmaps Early Years Education Educational guidance Exam Preparation Memorisation and Recall Techniques Methodology School Coaching School support



Athletics Cross country Decathlon Distance running Hammer throw Heptathlon High jump Hurdling Javelin Long jump Marathon Pole vault Running Shotput Speed walking Sprint Triple jump

Board sports

Freestyle Scooter Longboard Paddle Boarding Sandboarding Scooter Skateboarding Surfing Wakesurfing

Combat sports

Aikido American Kick boxing Boxing Burmese Boxing Capoeira Combat sports Fencing French Boxing French kickboxing Full contact Hapkido Japanese kick boxing Jeet kune do Jiu-Jitsu Judo Kajukembo Karate Kendo Kenpo Kick boxing Krav maga Kung-fu Martial arts MMA Muay Thai Ninjutsu Pankration Pencak Silat Sambo Self defense sumo Systema Ta跳so Taekwondo Tai chi Thai boxing Vo Vietnam Vovinam Wing chun Wrestling


Acrobatic Dance African dance Afrobeat Awakening dance Bachata Ballet Ballroom Dance Barre au sol Belly Dancing Bollywood Dancing Breakdancing Burlesque Celtic dance Cha-cha-cha Cheerleading Choreography Conga Contemporary Dance Dance Flamenco Foxtrot Hip Hop Dance Indian Dance Java dance Jazz Dancing Ki zomba Krump Kuduro Latin Ballroom Dance Mambo Medieval Dance Modern Dance Morris Dance Paso doble Pole dance Polka Popping Quick step Rock and Roll (acrobatic) Rock'n'roll Rumba Salsa Samba Sevillanas Spanish dance Swings Tango Tap dance Traditional dance Twerking Urban dance Waltz


Aerobics Aerobox Alexander Technique Antigym Body attack Body combat Body pump Bodybuilding Callisthenics Cross Fitness Exercise Fitness Gymnastics Muscle strengthening Personal training Postnatal Gym Prenatal Gym Skipping Step Stretching TRX Zumba

Free falling

Base jumping Bungee jumping Skydiving Windsuit Wingsuit

Freshwater Sports

Canoe Kayak Rafting Rowing

Horseback riding

Dressage Horse driving trials Horseback riding Pato Polo Polocross Show jumping

Motor sports

Autocross Formula 1 Karting Motocross Motorcycling Power Boat Rally Rally cross Supercross

Navigation or Sailing

Blowkarting Jet Skiing Kitesurfing Navigation Sailing Sailing license Wakeboard Water skiing Windsurf Yachting

Outdoor sports

Canyoning Mountaineering Mushroom picking Nordic walking Potholing Trekking Yodeling

Racket Sports

Badminton Padel Squash Table tennis Tennis


Figure skating Ice skating Roller derby Rollerskating


Acrobatic gymnastics Archery Artistic Gymnastics Ballooning BMX Boomerang Bowling Climbing Cycling Golf Gymnastics Rhythmic Hula Hoop Orienteering Other sports Parkour Pilates Shooting Sport early-learning activities - for children Strenghthening Table football Trampolining Triathlon Tumbling Weightlifting

Sports in the swimming pool

Aqua gym Aquathlon Diving Swimming Synchronized swimming Waterpolo

Team sports

5 a side football American football Australian rules football Baseball Basketball Basque pelota Cricket Football Handball Hockey Ice Hockey Jeu de paume Lacrosse Netball Paintball Rugby Rugby 13s Rugby 15s Rugby 7s Softball Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball

Winter sports

Acrobatic Skiing Alpine skiing Bobsleigh Cross-country skiing Curling Extreme Skiing Freestyle Skiing Luge Ski jumping Skiing Snowboarding Snowmobile Speed Skiing Winter sports


Ashtanga yoga Bikram yoga Forrest yoga Hatha yoga Iyengar Yoga Kripalu yoga Kundalini yoga Parent-baby yoga Prenatal Yoga Relaxation yoga Vinyasa yoga Yin Yoga Yoga Yoga flow


Aviation Freediving Gliding Hang Gliding Paragliding Scuba diving Sports Management Ultralight aviation