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Kundalini yoga teacher certified by Yoga Alliance and Hatha. Certified in Health and Alternative Therapies

I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher certified by KRY. Kundalini classes aim to show your maximum potential as a person, are suitable for anyone regardless of the condition. The classes work with an achievement of specific exercises that work different topics, such as sleep disorders, cleansing of the body, muscular system.

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Advanced Yoga trainer gives yoga classes for interested yogis and yoginis in and around Windsor

My classes are meant for persons of all age who have knowledge or know nothing about the art form. I am here to make you understand that yoga is a personal journey which resonates with your own unique personality. My classes will not have any judgement or comparison. I will make you realise your innate physical and mental strength which you didn't know existed in you.

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Motivated Yoga Instructor RYT500 Yoga Alliance UK and specialization in Tantra and Dao principles would help you change physically, spiritually and emotionally to gain one’s own conscious individualit

By combing asana, meditation and pranayama, I provide an opportunity to explore the Spiritual through the Physical and promote optimal health, activating energy channels to harmonize the organs and increase fresh energy into healing, rejuvenation, and longevity .Nature is already complete and inner balance is the key to unlocking the natural healing powers that reside in the body.

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Caring yoga and meditaiton teacher teaches you personalised yoga and spiritual practice that meet your needs.

My yoga class is not just about physical exercise. I threat the spiritual side of yoga into my classes. My students love my classes because they are relaxing, empowering and energising. I love cultivating supportive community and assisting my students to overcome their obstacles in their lives by yoga and meditation. “We are all just walking each other home.”—Ram Dass.

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Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, pranayama and meditation. Private classes in Barcelona

Based on the Iyengar tradition, Satyananda and tantra. Respecting the principles of alignment and the limitations of each practitioner. My classes are integral yoga where the student learns all aspects of Yoga. Each class is designed in an individual way. 10 years of practice and 4 years of teaching experience. 3 years living in India, receiving and teaching classes in the north and south of India.

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Thinking about you and I care... so I give you something that works for me

To describe a beginning session in this fluid routine... Keep in mind we want to flow and stretch all the major and minor muscles, tendons and ligaments in our bodies. Do so on a matted/cushioned/carpeted area at least as open as you can swing a bat 360° (that will give you room to move) Wear loose fitting sweat pants, tshirt and socks Be slow... be methodical...

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Get on your Mat and join me for a restorative hour of Yoga in your home.

My teaching methods include: 1. Strengthening of Muscles and Joints to reduce the risk of sudden injury with age. 2. The lesson Plan focuses on Yogasanas or Practices that helps in creating the space and finding the balance within. 3. The teaching methodology is designed in a pattern that caters to holistic well-being rather than just focusing on physical realm. 4.

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Yoga instructor, Coach life, Personal trainer, Improve your life in an integral way

Personalized teaching management, thanks to the knowledge in Pedagogy, we start from the way you learn to teach you the methods that allow you to design your life plan, your decisions, techniques and exercises. Experience and patience are my main characteristics.

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Hello! I'm Luana, yoga instructor. I give yoga classes at home in Castellón and surroundings.

What is integral yoga? It is a combination of hatha yoga and kundalini. I teach classes at home, individuals, companies, etc. Mens sana in corpore sano. Yoga allows you through the different techniques of meditation, pranayamas, asanas and relaxation to focus on what your interior needs to reflect on your exterior.

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Kundalini Yoga Teacher teaches effective techniques to relax the mind and heal the body

My teaching method is to provide a class that is accessible for all. I differentiate all my delivery so that each individual is met where they're at. I structure the class by beginning with pranayama or breath work, then moving onto warmups, the main postures, relaxation and finishing with meditation.

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Yoga Teacher sharing a mindful introduction to yoga for youngster and adults.

Private, Groups, Themes, Yoga Games, Partner Poses, Parties and more! My classes are recommended for all levels. Classes can include a wide range of movements and postures that stretch, strengthen, align and stimulate all systems of the body.

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A young entrepreneur, yoga teacher who is trained by a 60 year old, experienced yogi.

My yoga lessons are all about taking control of the body, and expanding the conscious mind through meditative movements. In yoga, it is about being one with the whole, returning to the truth and the unity. I am whispering the seed of truth through my teachings.

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Yoga teacher, graduate and member of the World Yoga Alliance, for private or group classes

Classes in Cast, Cat and English. My classes are relaxed, at the same time rigorous, with marked objectives for the improvement of the student. They are oriented for all levels, both for beginners and advanced levels. I offer a comprehensive, therapeutic and adapted practice, harmonized with dynamic meditations, yoga nidra and basic and advanced pranayamas.

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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher offers private lessons or small groups in Barcelona

My classes are aimed at people who want to develop their full potential. We work in classes and meditation relaxation methods to combat everyday stress. We base asanas, adapted to the level and purpose of the student. We explain the anatomical part to avoid possible injury and work with special emphasis on breathing to help us in our practice.

Hants County
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Personal Yoga Teacher, training 1 on 1 or in small groups. Customized classes are available.

I base my classes on the student’s specific needs, for example: strain or stress or focusing on one or two parts of the body a session. I offer the chance to customize a routine specifically for you and your edge.

Arvind guru
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Yoga is a way of life. Learn it to achieve mental and physical peace.

I prefer taking it slow. I individually gauge peoples mental and physical strength and teach them accordingly. Yoga can be useful for attaining peace and physical fitness. My teaching is suitable for people who are under mental stress and people who are looking to gain fitness through dedicated training.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

5year teaching chemistry and biology in coaching Cllass and yoga diploma .

My teaching methods is funny any topic easy; method Good communication and easy to ways my teaching style difrand other teacher

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Energising yet relaxing classes with Yoga Alliance certified Sivananda yoga teacher in London

My teaching method is disciplined with room for variation, I adhere to the path of Sivananda yoga and very much hope to aid students toward meditation in their practice. I am open to complete beginners up to intermediate level students and those looking to create a stronger personal practice at home.

Molina de Segura
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I teach Yoga classes in Molina de Segura and Murcia. Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga

My name is Angel Kangi and I am currently working in both group and individual therapy. Classes consist of 60 minutes of physical work and half an hour to work on Pranayama or Breathing Exercises, Meditation and Relaxation.

A nagarathna
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I have 30 years experience in meditation. Realised in 2006. I can guide in all experiences of yoga path. It begins from breathing exercise, meditation on om sound, meeting God, again elevation & reali

I explain students how to practice meditation & guide them through their experiences. For example in meditation many will be fearful. Then guidance is required. I don’t focus on yoga postures.

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Thanuja Yoga Trainer - PG Diploma in yoga , Diploma in yoga ,PG in Therapy Yoga(Pursuing) * Hatha Yoga * Astanga Yoga * Kundalini Yoga * Therapy Yoga I worked as a trainer in Andhra University, Depart

I teach Power Yoga , General Yoga , Therapy yoga , Pregnancy Yoga, Special therapy for weight loss , Kriyas for nasal cleansing , Meditation and different methods in it, My love towards yoga is incredible, Yoga brings peace to our life .

Dr. pawan daulatrao
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Learn Yoga from Indian Yoga Guru with over 30 years of experience

Both yoga and Buddhism developed in India, and they have a lot of overlap. I teach hatha yoga and the practice of mindfulness in the classes so that it can make you more flexible and reduce stress, it can also make your body strong.

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MSC Yoga & SOL want to teach yoga based on personnel experience and books.

I will teach with theoretical and practical session which will make the student feel confident about their subject. I also will apply some experiment for better understanding. Teaching process will be in local as well other language which are understandable to my students.

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Yoga and meditation to elevate and awake your soul. Held in leamington spa, online or in the comfort of your own home. Homework and support outside of class is given.

I'm Sharan Kaur Kahlon and I teach Kundalini yoga and meditation techniques which allow us to break through blockages and attract more of what we want in life. Classes can take place online or in the comfort of your own home. Upon request they can be group sessions.

Paris 9e
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Kundalini teacher yoga, meditation, relaxation, I accompany on the path of the development and well-being. Very attentive to my students, their safety is paramount. My classes are prof

First, I practice this form of yoga which is the yoga of consciousness. What is important is to be listening, whether you are) listening to you. I pay close attention to your posture so that you do not hurt yourself but above all, I accompany you to listen to you, to love you to do you good. At the appointment, breathing, body movements adapted to your style, your needs, and a lot of meditation.

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Qualified teacher of kundalini and hatha yoga. I do yoga classes adapted to your needs.

Kundalini yoga is a type of yoga, which works both the body, the mind (emotions) and energy. In Kundalini yoga specific asanas (postures), meditations, intonation of mantras and pranayamas (breathing techniques) are worked. The benefits of Kundalini yoga are both physically, mentally and subtly.

Dev kaur -coni
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Yoga instructor with studies in Chile and India for V region Valparaiso

My classes are based on the idea of ​​YOGA THERAPY, that is to say that the practice is in complete harmony and communication with the body and the mind in order to learn from oneself through yoga. Each posture teaches us something of ourselves, of the mind, of the way of thinking and behaving and from there we learn.

Darwin City
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Smile! express yourself, activate your mind and physical energy. Integral yoga at the wild Darwin ;)

My teaching methods are based on the experience I had in India with native teachers, mixed with the need of the moment. Hatha yoga techniques, integral yoga as a rediscovered essential being.

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