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100% free to become a tutor.

Give private lessons at home and online in complete freedom!
No commission. Motivated students. Your own rates.Your own lesson structures.

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Dear Sharone, Nice to meet you here. I am Dana , a 4.5 years duagther's mom , from Leicester and I am looking for an english tutor to work with me for my chinese students who are ages from 5-18 years old online. I am actually running an online tutoring one to one lesson for chinese students. If you are interested in teaching chinese english , please kindly get back to me. Thanks
Hi Joshua, my son who is 8 is interested in drumming lessons. We would like to introduce him to playing the drums and see whether it is something he really enjoys and has any sort of talent for. We don't own a drum set and would therefore need someone who could supply the equipment at this stage.
Hi Caitlin. My daughter was chosen for the PE Vipers National Team u/11. They will be playing in Cape Town in December. I would love for her to get some extra lessons to boost her fitness and sharpen her skills and also her confidence.
Hi , my name is Ari, we live in johannesburg. We are looking to get our kids 7 and 9 into ,robotics and other cool tech stuff Are you able to teach this online ? i would be grateful to get feedback from you regards Ari (concealed information)
Hi Brandon, I’m interested in swimming lessons. I’m 33 and never swam in my life . I’m a bit scared of water,but willing to learn. I don’t have a swimming pool,kindly advise where you conduct your lessons,area and stuff. Thanks
Hi Stuart, I am opening a an online tutoring site to run comptia courses in Malawi. I would like to know if you would be interested in supporting our students when we eventually do opening in January 2021. Initially it would be online support and we are hoping to eventually offer face to face short courses too. We can have you on our books and coordinate the courses to suit your availability or we can work out what would work best with you. Is that something that would be of interest to you? Please get back to me at (concealed information)
Hi Jenna I'm Philasande I'm 11 years old I'm in grade 5 at Piet Retief Laerskool in Sidwell ,I'm struggling in mathematics ,I'm doing my subjects in Afrikaans since I'm in Afrikaans school,will you please assist me.
I am looking for someone to motivate and work with me to get a lean core. My problem has always been a sugar addiction and a chubby tummy. The rest, I am okay with but I want to get rid of that fat!! Help me!
Nice to meet you Krashenda! I'm looking for an English teacher to help my little brother practising his English skills. He's currently a B1 level according to the test sustained at university. If you are interested please contact him on the following contact (m.a.i.l and w.h.a.t.s.a.p.p). Just remove a dot after each character (I have done it to avoid concealment). In case you cannot recognize the contacts below just send a message on my number and I will redirect you to him. Have a nice day. (concealed information)
hi Megan, My sonJames is in grade 10 Victoria Park high, is doing very well with his maths and Business Geography etc but he must have missed a few pointers early on with accounting-! its far too late to change this years results, but we are able to start immediately anyway, with a view to improving the results for next year and of course matric. he will not be an " accountant" as such but will go to university in mauritius to complete a B com UK qualification. He wants to join me in my business eventually. si where to from here? we live in Walmer, VIlliers road.
Hi Linmarie, I am the mom to a 19-year-old BSc Animal Sciences 1st year student. Cara is studying in the Netherlands but is coming home to South Africa at the end of October and staying until end December as her classes are mostly online due to covid regulations in Europe at the moment. She is looking for lessons in Genetics. I'd like to know whether you can teach in-person (not via webcam)
Hello Natania My name is Farhana Shaikh , I'm a pilot student in PE . I wanna learn Afrikaans in order to understand and speak to my partner and my instructors and to also know the native language of the country . I stay in Walmer and i'll love to attend classes in person in order to learn and fix my speaking as well . I'm really keen to learn this new language with your help . Hoping to hear from you soon.