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100% free to become a tutor.

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Hi Simbarashe, I hope you are well! I am an absolute beginner and have no natural talent for singing what so ever. I thought about taking some lessons, since I think I would enjoy it and I would like to sound a little bit better. Is that something you could help me with? I thought about a lesson once a week and see how it goes. Thank you and all the best Selma
Good day Looking at cycling lessons for a 19 year old who needs to sharpen very rusty cycling skills. Doing au pair work in the Netherlands next year and needs be able to cycle confidently. Would like to know whether you do offer this type lessons. She does not have her own bicycle.
Asalamoalikum warahmatulahi wa barakatuhou, My name is Obaid Rehman, I am 20 years old and I live in Canada. My goal is to learn the Arabic language so that I may be able to read the Quran without translation and inshallah manage to understand the Quran in Arabic. If that is possible, I would have the opportunity to read the prominent books of tafsir and read the hadiths in arabic, which is something I want to develop inshallah. If Allah permits, I would like to schedule a class with you and get started towards this journey of mine. Inshallah I can be contacted throughout the day via the message platform on this website 😁
Hi Yasmin, I would like to learn Brazilian Portuguese. I want to travel to Brazil second half next year and be able to converse if possible. Im based in Johannesburg so online lessons are preferable. I am working during the week, let me know if you are flexible with regards to timing. Whatsapp reply is ok as well. Thanks, Mahendra
Hi Samantha. We will be in Cape Town and would like private yoga classes during our stay around 7:30 am. Our dates are the 13th - 22nd and in that time we would like yoga every second day. Are you available? It will be for my husband abs myself and we will be staying in the city bowl. Tks Nicola
Hi Hayden. I trust you are well. My name is Winston Siljeur and I run the Music Dept of a Performing Arts School in Somerset West. I would like to connect with you and discuss a possibility of lessons in basics of audio recording specifically teaching students how to operate a DAW, record themselves, basic editing, programming. The hopes is the preference of Ableton as a DAW with focus on them being able to perform live as solo artists with tracks preproduced in Ableton. Please feel free to contact me so we can have a chat and see what can come of the conversation. Regards
Good day, my name is Shekinah. I would like your help with a bioinformatics assignment that is due tomorrow at midnight, I don’t know if the time will allow you to help but I would appreciate it if you could please get in touch with me. Below is the assignment in question. The Department of Health has noticed a surge of patients who suffer from similar symptoms in the past 2 months. They believe that the symptoms are due to a bacterial infection, assumed to be from a new strain of E.coli. 1. Applying your knowledge of Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, formulate a research question based on the scenario? What would be an appropriate approach to answer this question? Include as many bioinformatics steps as possible. ​​​​(10) Answer… 2. What possible challenges do you expect to encounter? ​​​​​(2) Answer… 3. Your investigation proved that the symptoms experienced are due to an infection from an E.coli strain. You send a DNA sample to The Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Unit and they successfully sequence the genome of the E.coli strain. Why was NGS rather than Sanger sequencing used for this? ​​​​​​​​(2) Answer… ​​​​​​​​ 4. Provided with the accession number NC_002128.1, a) Identify what the accession number represents. ​​​​​(2) b) Use NCBI to download the genome data. Is the genome complete? ​​​(1) Answer… c) How many genes does the genome contain? ​​​​​​(1) 5. Use one of the genes for NC_002128.1 to identify the open reading frames (ORFs) for the translated proteins. ​​​​​​​​​(2) b) How many ORFs can you identify?​​​​​​​(1) Answer… c) Use one of the open reading frames to identify the protein that will be translated. How confident are you that the gene represents the translated protein? ​​​(2) 6. Answer… Download the nucleotide sequence of NC_002128.1 and search for similar sequences on the NCBI database. Comment on the results.​​​​​​ (2) ​​​​​​ 7. Download the top 10 matches for the sequence in question 6 above to a) perform a multiple alignment. Is this a good alignment? ​​​​(3) b) Infer phylogeny.​​​​​​​​​(3) c) Comment on phylogenetic relationship ​​​​​​(1) Answer… d) What challenges did you encounter and how did you solve them? ​​​(1) 8. You have identified that there is a variant of the gene in a specific group of people. a) Use the nucleotide sequence for NC_002128.1 to design new PCR amplification primers to target the gene. ​​​​​​​​​(2) b) How many primers can you identify? ​​​​​​​(1) ​c) Report the primer sequences and the sizes of the possible amplicons. ​​​(2) ​d) Which primer set would you use to amplify the gene and why? ​​​(2) Answer… 2
Hi Annerike. I would like a few piano sessions to get me back into playing. I stopped playing 10 years ago and I really miss it. I'm looking to play pretty much anything, more modern type of songs that arent too difficult that I can just learn and play in my own time. I just know I need to start somewhere. Hoping you could help me with that:)
Hie Phumi, my name is Takunda and I lead a praise and worship team at a church named Faith In God Ministries in Woodstock Cape Town. I lead a wonderful group of singers each with their own individual talents but we just sadly don't click together which I think is largely due to lack of actual training on how to sing. I'd like to bring you in ,probably on a Saturday for maybe a 3hours face to face where you can help us improve our Gospel music. I hope to hear from you , my number is (concealed information) you can Whatsapp me there and we can talk.
Hello! My name is Sam. I am looking for a swimming coach to teach me how to swim properly and learn some strokes. I’m pretty comfortable I’m the water and can float and do breast stroke but would that is about it. I mostly swim at tidal pools or in the sea. I’d like to be able to feel comfortable snorkeling. But for now I’m very keen to just learn some good technique. I don’t have a pool, but happy to meet somewhere or at a tidal pool. I’m based in Kalk Bay.
Dear Siyathokoza, My name is JΓ©rΓ΄me, I am French and German, and I lived in South Africa for one year many years ago. Unfortunately, at that time, although I lived in a Zulu-speaking area, I did not have the chance to learn Zulu. Today I am due to come back to live in South Africa. I will be moving there in February or March of next year, for a new job. And I would very much like to learn Zulu. I would like to start as soon as possible, online. Do you think you could help me in this goal? Do you have experience in teaching beginners Zulu? Do you have learning material that you could share with me? (It is hard to come by in France, and the material online is hard to evaluate for me.) How would you go about teaching me? Could we have a first lesson sometime soon? I hope to hear from you very soon! Sala kahle*, JΓ©rΓ΄me (*That is about as far as my Zulu goes unfortunately. For all practical matters I am a total beginner.)
Hello, our son is studying Spanish at school. Next year he is in Year 8 and the Spanish is getting a bit difficult for us to manage. We are wanting probably 2 sessions for week for the whole year, plus maybe additional sessions around exam time.