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Hi Dan, I have a daughter that needs extra help with math. She has been home schooled most of the year and she has lost some valuable teaching time. She is struggling with her understanding of Math and is entering a new school next year. I don't want her to be behind the rest of the class and therefore my request for tutoring during December and next year.
Hi Mikaela . I'm Lele, I'm currently in grade 10 going to grade 11 and I'm in desperate need for a tour especially in biology as I am no longer continuing science so I am basically going back to basics in terms of the subject. I am a diligent student and I know that I am going to catch up the work which I am prepared to do.
Good day, my name is Shekinah. I would like your help with a bioinformatics assignment that is due tomorrow at midnight, I don’t know if the time will allow you to help but I would appreciate it if you could please get in touch with me. Below is the assignment in question. The Department of Health has noticed a surge of patients who suffer from similar symptoms in the past 2 months. They believe that the symptoms are due to a bacterial infection, assumed to be from a new strain of E.coli. 1. Applying your knowledge of Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, formulate a research question based on the scenario? What would be an appropriate approach to answer this question? Include as many bioinformatics steps as possible. ​​​​(10) Answer… 2. What possible challenges do you expect to encounter? ​​​​​(2) Answer… 3. Your investigation proved that the symptoms experienced are due to an infection from an E.coli strain. You send a DNA sample to The Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Unit and they successfully sequence the genome of the E.coli strain. Why was NGS rather than Sanger sequencing used for this? ​​​​​​​​(2) Answer… ​​​​​​​​ 4. Provided with the accession number NC_002128.1, a) Identify what the accession number represents. ​​​​​(2) b) Use NCBI to download the genome data. Is the genome complete? ​​​(1) Answer… c) How many genes does the genome contain? ​​​​​​(1) 5. Use one of the genes for NC_002128.1 to identify the open reading frames (ORFs) for the translated proteins. ​​​​​​​​​(2) b) How many ORFs can you identify?​​​​​​​(1) Answer… c) Use one of the open reading frames to identify the protein that will be translated. How confident are you that the gene represents the translated protein? ​​​(2) 6. Answer… Download the nucleotide sequence of NC_002128.1 and search for similar sequences on the NCBI database. Comment on the results.​​​​​​ (2) ​​​​​​ 7. Download the top 10 matches for the sequence in question 6 above to a) perform a multiple alignment. Is this a good alignment? ​​​​(3) b) Infer phylogeny.​​​​​​​​​(3) c) Comment on phylogenetic relationship ​​​​​​(1) Answer… d) What challenges did you encounter and how did you solve them? ​​​(1) 8. You have identified that there is a variant of the gene in a specific group of people. a) Use the nucleotide sequence for NC_002128.1 to design new PCR amplification primers to target the gene. ​​​​​​​​​(2) b) How many primers can you identify? ​​​​​​​(1) ​c) Report the primer sequences and the sizes of the possible amplicons. ​​​(2) ​d) Which primer set would you use to amplify the gene and why? ​​​(2) Answer… 2
Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my 14 yrs old daughter who is a year 9, for science. We want to work towards GCSE standard and stretch if our daughter shows she is coping. Would you be available? We look forward to hearing from you.
Hi Maddy, I have a daughter in grade 5 needing tutoring and a mentor. She does well in languages but struggles with the learning subjects like History, Geography and Science. We live in De Zalze and would need at least 10 x 2 hour lessons within the next 2 weeks as she’ll be writing exams.
Hello Simone hope all well. My son Alex is in Grate 9 at Gimnasium and urgently needs help with the Maths. Please contact me if you got some time available. I am on WhatsApp (concealed information) Kind regards, Peri
Hi! I am a third year psychology student. I have been given an SPSS project, where I need to identify the Big 5 personality traits within the data, run PCA’s and the cronbach’s alpha - I am slightly aware of how to do the tests, however, struggle to know what data to read from. I would like to have this assignment finished by tomorrow evening. Please help!
Hi Koketso I'd like to inquire. My son is currently in grd 11 and doing Technical Maths. They've started with their exams and I don't think extra lessons would make much of a difference right now. I was hoping we could get started during the holidays, in preparation for next year. Most importantly, are you able to teach technical maths? Do you by any chance teach technical science? Thank you Zama
Hi Rendani, my name is Sli, i am a civil engineering student and I need a tutor for Basic Principles of concrete ASAP as I have a test on Friday and teachers have not been helping at all. I hope to hear from you soon. my WhatsApp number is (concealed information)
Hi Eltanin , my name is Mbalentle Ntsila. Im in Grade 9 , i was wondering if i could get help with my Maths , im writing a Maths exam on the 23rd of November. The test is out of 50 marks. I have my scope and also a revision exam. I hope you can help me
Hi, I would like to enquire about availability and discuss with you possibility o math tutoring for my child online, in preparation for 11+. Would love to discuss and use the 1st free session, to see if this works for both parties, and then possibly confirm or arrange/book further a session online. Thanks
Hi Ruben I need help with a grade 6 student for Maths He needs face to face lessons and would like to start as soon as possible He is located in Dorandia, PTA North He is starting with exams next week and needs exam prep. We are a tutoring company and pay our tutors R160 per hour for intermediate level and go up to R170 per hour for experienced tutor. We also pay R180 if tutoring to university students If you are willing to assist with this student and take R160 per hour please contact us. Would be great to have you as part of our team Please contact me to find out more Maxine (concealed information)