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100% free to become a Algebra tutor.

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Hi John I need help with a grade 11 student for Maths He needs face to face lessons and would like to start as soon as possible He is located in Groenkloof He needs exam prep 3 times per week after 3pm in the afternoons. He is writing his first paper on 20th of November and second paper on 23rd of November. We are a tutoring company and pay our tutors R160 per hour for intermediate level and go up to R170 per hour for experienced tutor. We also pay R180 if tutoring to university students If you are willing to assist with this student and take R160 per hour please contact us. Would be great to have you as part of our team Please contact me to find out more Maxine (concealed information)
Hi Mmanto About me and my situation...I a welding inspector in the practice of performing Non Destructive Testing. I require the basics of algebra, logarithms, trigonometry, And the use of a calculator to preform these operations. The math is required to operate testing equipment like ultrasonic and magnetic partical testing equipment for the purpose of evaluating soundness of welds and steel. I know the basics but it has been a while. I figures since you are most recent in your studies you will be able to assist me in the above mentioned math so to prepare me for a math test that I need to further my practical testing. Thx Ken
My daughter is 10 and in Grade 4 and is struggling with Maths and my husband and I don’t seem to get through to her and we don’t necessarily know the formats these days. Just want her to understand so she doesn’t fall behind.
Hi Chedule my name is Lilliant, I'm a mother to a 10 year old son who's currently in grade 4. The problem that I have picked up with him is that he struggles to read and when he read he cannot comprehend what he reads. I really tried to teach him but I'm inpatient with him at time, which makes it difficult for him to understand. Please assist and qoute me on how much are your sessions thank you in advance.
Hello how are you I like to learn sol-gel wet synthesis of metal oxide or semiconductor synthesis or colloidal synthesis step by step start to finish kindly send me info as soon Asia you are able to teach me that would be appreciated thanks
Good day sir I would like you to assist me with PTO ,ENG.Sci and water treatment modules I'm doing my first year in chemical engineering in a college And I'm available on Sundays I live in DK zone 4 I would appreciate your assistance Thank you. Thank
Hi, i'm looking for tutor for my daughter in grade 4. she has to improve her skill in Mathematics and build her confidence. optionally i might be interested on life science lesson as well for her. Her brother in grade 1 may also be interested in mathematics lesson. Thanks.