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Hi Megan I have a daughter that needs extra help with English. She has been home schooled most of the year and she has lost some valuable teaching time. I don't want her to be behind the rest of the class and therefore my request for tutoring during December and next year.
Good day, my name is Shekinah. I would like your help with a bioinformatics assignment that is due tomorrow at midnight, I don’t know if the time will allow you to help but I would appreciate it if you could please get in touch with me. Below is the assignment in question. The Department of Health has noticed a surge of patients who suffer from similar symptoms in the past 2 months. They believe that the symptoms are due to a bacterial infection, assumed to be from a new strain of E.coli. 1. Applying your knowledge of Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, formulate a research question based on the scenario? What would be an appropriate approach to answer this question? Include as many bioinformatics steps as possible. ​​​​(10) Answer… 2. What possible challenges do you expect to encounter? ​​​​​(2) Answer… 3. Your investigation proved that the symptoms experienced are due to an infection from an E.coli strain. You send a DNA sample to The Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Unit and they successfully sequence the genome of the E.coli strain. Why was NGS rather than Sanger sequencing used for this? ​​​​​​​​(2) Answer… ​​​​​​​​ 4. Provided with the accession number NC_002128.1, a) Identify what the accession number represents. ​​​​​(2) b) Use NCBI to download the genome data. Is the genome complete? ​​​(1) Answer… c) How many genes does the genome contain? ​​​​​​(1) 5. Use one of the genes for NC_002128.1 to identify the open reading frames (ORFs) for the translated proteins. ​​​​​​​​​(2) b) How many ORFs can you identify?​​​​​​​(1) Answer… c) Use one of the open reading frames to identify the protein that will be translated. How confident are you that the gene represents the translated protein? ​​​(2) 6. Answer… Download the nucleotide sequence of NC_002128.1 and search for similar sequences on the NCBI database. Comment on the results.​​​​​​ (2) ​​​​​​ 7. Download the top 10 matches for the sequence in question 6 above to a) perform a multiple alignment. Is this a good alignment? ​​​​(3) b) Infer phylogeny.​​​​​​​​​(3) c) Comment on phylogenetic relationship ​​​​​​(1) Answer… d) What challenges did you encounter and how did you solve them? ​​​(1) 8. You have identified that there is a variant of the gene in a specific group of people. a) Use the nucleotide sequence for NC_002128.1 to design new PCR amplification primers to target the gene. ​​​​​​​​​(2) b) How many primers can you identify? ​​​​​​​(1) ​c) Report the primer sequences and the sizes of the possible amplicons. ​​​(2) ​d) Which primer set would you use to amplify the gene and why? ​​​(2) Answer… 2
I'm bathing University student struggling with English grammar eg. Prepositions, past, present and feature tense, I find it hard to pronounce many words, I really want to speak English fluently as it is killing my confidence. From onica a 33years female
Good day, Not sure if this mail will reach you or if you would remember me. I was once a student of yours at St Conrads College. Young and naive, I didn't understand the depth of what you conveyed. This weekend I watched Shakespeare in love and undertook to look you up. I would like to thank you - your class was inspiring. I am linguistically inclined and even though I dont read much, I find that sitting in both your history and English classes cultivated a love for language. Don't really need lessons - just wanted to tell you this. Thank you Mrs Hoyle. Kindest Regards, Mohamed Gangat
Hi Taryn, We just spoke for 5 min with you on busuu. I just wrote your name and that you are an English teacher and I found you. You must be very popular lol. I really don't think 5 minutes is enough to make a decision. Also, the application is really expensive. It was nice to meet you. See you again.
Hi Jane. I really liked your profile and experience outline on the website and have reached out to you so I can improve my English oral expression. I am a corporate executive but struggle to express myself in the manner that I would like to. This has resulted in a fear of public speaking and other areas of deficiency. Look forward to speaking to you. Speaking impeccable English with ease is my goal!
Hi Kim, I'm Siphokazi from East London in Eastern cape. I would like to improve my english grammar, to speak english clearly and confidently and to learn clear english pronounciation. your assistance will be highly appreciated My contact number is (concealed information)
Hi Jade, my daughter is writing her IGCSE next May. We need a tutor once a week for November, & again from February till exam time. During school-hours would be best if you can. I'll give our address over WhatsApp but not on a public site.
Hi Keegan, my son needs help in english we need to boost his marks for his academic full colours. You can access him where he struggles , and I can give a breakdown of what he will get in his final exams , thanks so much
Hi Aletta I'm looking for a tutor for my son Monday to Thursday, 1 hour session daily. He is Currently in Grade 4 and struggling with Writing skills and spelling in English and Afrikaans is second language. Thank you Regards Sumaya
Hi, I'm Mbali. I will be writing my Mathematics Literacy Final exam on the 12th and 16th of November and I really would like to ace that exam since it'll be my last marks from High School and I need all the preparation I can get. Please let me know if we can start working from tomorrow. Thank you.
Hello Fortunate, I am writing to give a general view about my purpose of booking private lessons with you. First of all my English is fair I’m capable of managing any conversation with anyone because I indulge into English language and try my best to speak it fluently but my major problem is that I am not surrounded by English speakers. As a result of this, I feel my English has become worse and worse unfortunately. What I really need is to practice with you and enhance my academic skills such as writing(essays, reports and descriptions) if it is possible but my real goal is just to speak the language with you. There is a small point that I really need to draw your attention which is that Duolingo test, is it possible to divide an hour more for preparing for this test because I’m planning to take sooner or later.