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Hi Raeesa I need help with a grade 11 student for Physics She needs face to face lessons and would like to start as soon as possible She is located in Florida park in Roodepoort She is writing exams next week and needs some exam prep We are a tutoring company and pay our tutors R160 per hour for intermediate level and go up to R170 per hour for experienced tutor. We also pay R180 if tutoring to university students If you are willing to assist with this student and take R170 per hour please contact us. Would be great to have you as part of our team Please contact me to find out more This student has already booked 3 lessons @ 2 hours each which they would like to complete this week/before exams next week Maxine
Hi there. My gr10 son is writing algebra on 9 november. He needs a few lessons before that. Best would be at home in flycatcher ave blue gill kempton park. Time of lessons would be best 14:00 to 15:00 after school and before his boxing lessons
My name is Michelle, I am in grade 11 and attend school at CBC Mount Edmond . I need assistance with regards to these physical science topics in particular. 1) Types of reactions . Acid-base reactions & redox reactions 2) molecular structure . Bond energy and bond length . Electronegativity of atoms to explain the polarity of bonds I hope you can come to our aid. Looking forward to your positive response. Kind regards Michelle
Hi Francesca Our daughter is grade 10 and Girls High. She is struggling with physics and chemistry and needs help with prep for final exams especially. We live is Durbanville but she is at hostel in Paarl. Can you maybe assist please.
Hi Faith I have a friend that really needs assistance with passing a statistics quiz. She really needs 70% and above for it. These are the details of the quiz Duration of exam : 1 hour 30 minutes Number of questions: 35 Type of questions : multiple choice Exact date and time of exam: 21 October- 23 October 11:59am Preferable topics: Know how to perform hypothesis testing when to use greater than/ less than / not equal to for single and two populations and the decision rule is also important. For chi test that also the perform of the test in term of state your hypothesis, decision rule and conclusion. Regression and correlation know the theory and the application / interpretation of the result. The last section of index number you are required to calculate the price and quantity index for both methods. ​
Hie Bonolo... I hope you are well My name is Noxolo and I am looking for a Physics tutor... I matriculated in 2018 and i want to upgrade my marks this year... I obtained a 33% for physics and i would like to get at least 60% this time... Would you be able to help me prepare for my upcoming exams in November... I would like to start as soon as possible... I stay in Cosmo City. If you can help me how much would you charge me for 1 hour every weekday until i sit for my exams, so basically for the whole month?
Hi I am Ms Nyathela TI. I want to arrange for my daughter’s Maths extra classes. She wrote her matric in 2019 and she is upgrading her Maths and Life Science marks now. She got 49% on both subjects in 2019. I await your response Kind regards
Hi Ariane, I am looking for someone to help my with physics. I am an IGCSE level 1 Cambridge student and I'm struggling with physics a bit, we're currently doing forces and pressure, but I struggled with forces and motion quite a bit too. So I need help with all things forces basically lol. We can meet online Monday after 14:30, Wednesday after 14:00 and Thursday after 14:30. Please let me know when suits you! I look forward to meeting you! Warm regards Tahlia
Dear Professor Richter, As we've discussed earlier, we would like to start our daily lessons starting September 7. Darin is looking forward to learning from you this academic year. Kind regards, Tipanee
Hi Nkosiphile my issue is not too big, I would like you to teach me English, I want to be confident with my English and speak fluent. I want to be able to have at least a two hour conversation with a white man. Reason why I'm saying "white man" it because when speaking with a white person you'll never try to doge any word by putting your Zulu word so that conversation will keep rolling smooth. Please help me Thanks in advance
Hi Carla, my son is now in Gr 11 @ Curro - He has slipped drastically this year in math and science - yet science was his top subject since grade 4 - He was always good in math.... battled but good, since covid everything went for a ball. We need help!!! He can be a very emotional person and he doesn't like to struggle, He understands the work when its explained but then it gets lost in translation when he needs to apply it. Explaining and showing how and WHY its done a certain way is important, Currently he knows it needs to be done a certain way but he WANTS to know WHY is it done that way. Hope this makes sense.
Hi Monique , I am first year Civil engineering student at wits looking for help mostly in understanding PHYS1033 (Major) , PHY1034(Applied) and MATH1043 this could possible through providing understandable notes as you stated in your bio.Thank you.