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Discover a Love for Mathematics and History in Randburg

We are well versed with the Pythagoras theorem and the Fibonacci sequence.  But did you know that mathematics has evolved significantly over the years? The first people to invent numbers, and find ways of counting barely get remembered in our study of maths.  Your teacher wasn’t lying when he or she said that all subjects that you learn are interrelated. In fact, if you love exploring things from the past, and learning about history and hate learning mathematics than perhaps you should opt for learning mathematics by exploring its rich history. The oldest mathematical artefact was from 35000 BCE and was known as the Lebombo stick. It was believed to be a tally stick with 29 notches. Not as far back but equally important to the development of maths is the ancient Egyptians who used their body parts to initially measure buildings. It was also the Egyptians who we can thank for the decimal system. Their numeric system was based on our ten fingers.  As early as 2700 BCE, written symbols on papyrus made an appearance. Strokes symbolised units, heel-bone was the symbol for tens, and a lotus flower symbolised 1000. While history is one subject discipline that makes its appearance in mathematical theories, maths is also closely related to other subjects, such as the physical sciences.

Why Should You Get Well-Calculated Maths Assistance in Randburg?

Acceptance into certain university programs requires a depth of knowledge in several maths domains including numbering, proportionality, functions, and relationships. So why focus on improving your understanding of maths in Randburg? Randburg is a large city in Gauteng with over 32 suburbs and has its own rich history. Randburg was first a white-dominated region during the Apartheid years and now has become a rainbow city. So there are many diverse students eager to learn maths in Randburg.  As a student with your own aspirations, you will need to figure out why you would like to learn maths with the help of a maths teacher. You need to decide if you want to just pass your current class, get prepared for final exams, or if you only want to refresh your knowledge of the core mathematical foundation. Perhaps you haven’t been able to grasp the breaking down method from the foundation phase, or you want a maths tutor to help you memorise your time tables in a creative way. If you are planning on taking weekly additional maths classes in Randburg, start by becoming more aware of the subject. Doing research on mathematics and theories using the internet can prove to be highly beneficial. You will even find out that Leonard Fibonacci wrote the book, Book of the Abacus.

Four Ways to Learn Maths in Randburg

Speaking about the abacus, there is a mathematical program called Abacus maths that is situated not too far from Randburg. The program focuses on teaching learners not only how to count but how to think about counting using an abacus. It is believed that learning maths by using the abacus can be a way that fosters problem-solving, logical thinking, also improving comprehension and listening skills.  So if you are in primary school, playing with an abacus can be an awesome way to start thinking of maths differently. If counting is not your struggle, getting your timetables right is, then perhaps you need a new pet. Are you puzzled by this suggestion? Well, the maths monkey is available from a Randburg based stockist and is a wooden little monkey that can be used to reinforce timetables. For high school children from public schools, the St. Stithians College in Sandton offers Saturday school for grades 9 to 12.  Perhaps, you would like to ask your own mathematics teacher for extra enrichment activities that you could attempt. The more involved you are at mastering maths, the easier it will become.

Several Random Ways to Become Mathematically Inclined in Randburg

Perhaps you are the type of student who learns well if you are learning while doing something you love. What better way to study maths than with the help of friends. Form a weekly study group with a few friends. Meet at Gravity Café, the Whippet Coffee shop, or any other venue so that you can munch on a sweet treat while indulging in a calculus activity. Visit a park to soak in some fresh air, while you memorise the properties of geometric shapes. Simply venture to your nearest Bounce to jump while you recite your four times table. Remember learning needs not always occur in a conventional setting. The more fun you make learning, the better it will be for you.

Hundreds of Maths Teachers in Randburg

Maths teachers often say that teaching maths is a calling. All maths teachers in Randburg are skilled, and each maths teacher brings something new to the table. However, remember a maths teacher does not necessarily need to have a maths degree: she or he could have graduated from an engineering school, or mastered Computer Applied Sciences. The best of maths tutors need not only be found in schools: on the internet, there are many mathematical profiles waiting for you!

Randburg Maths Tutors: Over 134 Tutors Available on Superprof!

There are 134 private teachers on the Superprof site who are keenly waiting for you to rely on them.  These tutors have the skill set to help you and cater to your unique needs. With verified reviews available on the site, you can be sure that everyone will enjoy our maths tutoring classes. Select a maths teacher based on your location, and budget.  

Among the eclectic mix of potential maths tutors, you may find a university professor who has many years of mathematical experience, a BSC graduate, or a computer scientist. Perhaps you may even find a well-grounded individual who has contributed to national mathematical research. Quite cool, right? Remember opting for a tutor is only half your battle won, you must make sure to be consistent, and have maths tuition classes weekly. The more engaged you are with the content, the better you will be at grasping it. The more often you study maths, the less anxiety you will face when exams approach.

So, why wait for another B symbol on your report, when you can instantly book your next online maths class in Randburg and gain an A symbol.


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