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The average cost of Maths tuition in Pretoria is R153.


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From a sample of 184 scores, pupils gave their Maths tutors an average of 5,0 out of five.


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Maths Lessons in Pretoria

Pretoria, or the City of Tshwane as it is also known, is a good place to be in need of extra maths assistance. As a buzzing hub of student life and academic activity, Pretoria is truly a city where support for every struggling student is at hand. It is a place where no maths questions need remain unanswered.

Support for All Your Maths Questions   

For a city of its size, Pretoria’s offerings in terms of educational opportunity is huge. Apart from the many reputable schools, like Pretoria Boys High School for instance, there is a long list of tertiary institutions where students, lecturers and professors are willing to offer extra maths lessons.

Regardless of the level of maths you are studying, it is a good idea to begin your search for extra tuition at one of the following:

  • The University of Pretoria, also known as Tukkies, Tuks or UP is home to around 39 000 students.
  • The University of South Africa, also known as Unisa, is the largest university in Africa.
  • The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), is home to 60 000 students.

Rosebank College, Boston City Campus and Business College and Damelin, are also potentially places to find a tutor and get those maths questions answered.

If you are wondering how to get in contact with them, many of these tutors can be found on Superprof. Not only will you be able to see how far away from you they are located, but many of them actually offer their introductory lesson for free.  

Who Needs Maths Lessons?  

It doesn’t matter whether you are in Grade 11 and struggling with algebra or a university student, every level of maths has its own challenges. In fact, even students who are naturally gifted at mathematics will find that they have maths questions that require extra tuition for a season.

In many cases individuals who simply want to maximise their academic results, especially when applying for university entrances for instance, will sign up for extra maths.

It makes sense that any extra tuition is going to improve your overall result, especially when it comes to the complex subject matter of mathematics. So whether that is analytical geometry, statistics, trigonometry or anything else, there really is a maths tutor available for everyone.

Your Maths Ability Could Affect Your Career Choice   

For many students, it is not simply a matter of gaining a better understanding of algebra, staying on top of their maths results is an important part of planning for their future.

Maths could be a critical prerequisite for your future career which is why many universities insist on a high level achievement in mathematics for certain courses.  

For this reason, Grade 11 and Grade 12 students do well to take their maths results seriously so that they can keep their career options open and avoid disappointment by being denied access to certain fields of study because of low maths marks.

If you have even the slightest notion of studying Engineering, Medicine or Business Science, make sure that you invest extra time in not only having your maths questions answered, but factoring in extra tuition as part of your schooling.

Common Maths Problems for Students  

Maths is one of those subjects where good foundational understanding is built upon layer by layer. Sadly, if a student gets lost during any level of maths, it will affect their ability going forward. That is why it is absolutely key to always ensure that your maths questions are answered before moving on to the next topic.

Here are some of the basics, where if not mastered at a young age, can end up tripping up even the brightest of students later on in life:

  • Number Facts – when a child is not able to use memory for basic arithmetic, it can hamper more advanced mathematics down the line.
  • Computing – when there is a lack of comprehension around maths signs and symbols at a young age, it is difficult for a child to progress.   
  • Deficit in Maths Vocabulary – a failure to grasp basic terms, definitions and values can trip up advanced maths learning, regardless of the student’s intelligence.
  • Sequence Difficulties – students who struggle to correctly order their steps when problem solving will encounter great difficulty with multi-step procedures in more advanced maths.

A Math Tutor for the Long Term

Of course signing up for a maths tutor to get those pesky algebra concepts understood is of great value. However, maybe your concerns about how to pass maths are ongoing. Or, perhaps you are serious about having your maths questions answered regularly. If so, a long term maths tutor is one of the wisest investments you could make.

Having a long term maths tutor does not only result in improved academic performance, but it also bolsters the student’s self-confidence and could actually help you to enjoy mathematics even if you have previously agonised over it.

For the serious academic who needs to achieve excellence in maths as a prerequisite for an undergraduate degree, establishing a good relationship with the right maths tutor from at least Grade 10 or 11 proves beneficial. 

Many of the university degrees that require a high level of mathematics acumen are very competitive in terms of the number of placements that are made available every year. It is therefore the wise student who makes sure that their high academic scores, particularly in maths, ensure their place.

A Skill for Daily Life

Finally, whether you are a dedicated academic or not, there is so much in daily life that depends on our maths knowledge.

So pay attention to learning maths to the best of your ability when you have the opportunity to do so.

Invest in extra tuition to get those maths questions answered during your school career.

You never know, you could be calculating the distance of a road trip, managing your family’s budget or helping your child with algebra in the future, when you look back and are grateful that you understand the wonderful, universal language of maths.   

What do you want to learn?