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💰What is the average price of Drum lessons?
The average price of Drum  lessons is R388.

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Many of our Drum teachers offer lessons online.

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1711 tutors are currently available to give Drum lessons.

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From a sample of 556 reviews, students rated their private tutors 5,0 out of 5.

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Learn to Play Drums in South Africa with a Private Tutor  

Some of the greatest Innovators and genial minds were musicians. By learning to play a music instrument you can develop your brain and reap a plethora of additional benefits. Music studies has been proven to develop and empower people by providing the following benefits:


  • Improve your physical coordination and fitness
  • Improve skills around teamwork and communication
  • Master the art of discipline, perseverance, and patience
  • Develop your brain for better academic performance and memory
  • Relief stress and anxiety
  • Find a channel to creatively express yourself
  • Have fun!


Choosing your first musical instrument can be tricky and drums are often viewed as the less academic alternative if compared to others. Learning to master drums and percussion is however not as easy as you think it is, but it’s a thrilling experience and possible for most students with the dedication and persistence to practice with passion.

Why Learn Drums and Percussion Instruments?

A lot of musicians will argue that drums and percussion instruments form the backbone of any popular band. A drum player is fundamental in grounding the symphony produced by a classic orchestra while rock bands require their hard-core rhythm, much to the amusement of their fans.  


Learning to play drums can benefit you in numerous ways. It’s been proven that the drummers’ understanding of tempo, beat and time signatures together with the synchronous hand-eye coordination, helps the brain to develop in unique ways. So much so that some people improve in their mathematical and problem-solving abilities due to the autonomous functions of the brain to recognise patterns.


You will also learn to developed greater coordination and balanced brain function by improving the functions of the non-dominant hand and the ability to read music while your hands and feet are working  will create new neuropathways in the brain that’ll make you smarter.


As part of an orchestra, marching band or rock band you will learn to work with other people. This will not only improve your teamwork and communication abilities, but you will also make friends around a common passion and learn from one other while doing what you love.


Playing a musical instrument is also great for reliving stress and anxiety. As drummer you will become more comfortable with your instrument through practice and there’s no greater instrument to bang your frustration out than a set of drums.


Bringing the Beat with More Than Drums

A conductor of an orchestra usually sets the pace for a song which every musician will follow accordingly, but it’s the responsibility of the drummer to keep them to that rhythm. In smaller bands it is the responsibility of the drummer to set this pace and keep everyone to the beat.


Drums and percussion instruments are also incredibly versatile and diverse. If you are new to music, you’ll be surprised how many varieties and types of drums one can learn to master. Here in Africa we are familiar with some of the popular African drums; you can learn to play the Djembe from West Africa, or the Cuban Conga. The Maracas give music a unique Latin feel while the timpani drums are more prevalent in classic brass bands.


But percussion instruments also include softer instruments like the xylophone, bells, gongs, triangle and tambourine. If you are someone who likes diversity and want to master more than one instrument, becoming a percussionist will give you the variety you need to remain challenged and inspired.


Taking Drum Lessons and Courses Online

With today’s magical online world, you can learn almost anything if you have an internet connection. You can learn how to read sheet music or how to play a new instrument. An easy search of google will give you a list of online courses to help beginners with basics  or alternative to intermediate drum lessons, a list of music schools.


Professional music teachers warn students to take caution in using these online resources as they might imprint incorrect technique into beginners which means all these patterns and incorrect technical mistakes must be corrected at a later stage. How you hold the drumstick, how you stroke and hit, or any other basic techniques have some important and technical aspects to them which most musicians unfortunately realise too late.


It is thus important to ensure you follow quality instruction and guidance so that you can build your drumming skills and technique in the right way. To do so you can ask the following questions about the online resources you might be considering:


  • Read recommendations and reviews of all online video tutorials. Frequently repeated comments, whether positive or negative, will give you some insight to whether the content is experienced as good or bad.
  • Do your research around the creator of the course and whether they have enough experience and knowledge to be an authority in drumming
  • Look at how they approach their lessons. Most online courses will offer a free trial period and it will benefit you to be analytic on whether they take you through all the fundamental steps and explain everything in a way that you understand it.


Learning Drums and Percussions in a School, University or Community Band

Joining a band is exciting for any musician, but it’s imperative for drummers. Even if you plan to one day join a rock or pop band, this experience will expose you to other instruments and help you to gradually develop your skills around teamwork and communication. A search for a ‘drum school near me’ will bring a couple of options up but be sure to investigate their rates and the details around joining.


Most university or community bands will provide students with ad-hoc lessons where members can take beginner or intermediate drum lessons.


Your Personal Drum Teacher

With Superprof you can find a drum teacher online and in no time. Whether you are a beginner or seeking intermediate drum lessons, our tutors are all unique and different and we’re almost certain you’ll find one that’s ideal to help you achieve your own personal objectives.


One-on-one drum lessons with a Superprof tutor means you can have the undivided attention of someone to correct any possible technical errors you might make early in the process. They can also adapt the methodology and lesson structure to make it suited to your personal learning process or level of proficiency. Through constructive feedback your drum teacher will gradually building your skills and confidence until you can drum your heart out like a pro.


If your search for a ‘drum school near me’ has left you hanging, we finally have good news for you. You can now easily bring drum lessons to you with our skilled and affordable Superprof teachers.


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