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Professor of college / high school passion gives private French lessons for all ages ...

I prepare my students for their audits or examinations, make spelling / grammatical level, assistance to homework ... I also pay attention to students who think they are in a situation of failure in this school subject, I love awake the taste of literature.

Paris 20e
(11 reviews)

PhD in literature gives French and General Culture lessons

I give private lessons for seven years now. I got my first job in the upper five years ago, as a teaching assistant of French (langage and literature) at Upenn (University of Pennsylvania). Coming back in Paris, I began to teach general culture in a buisness school, BTS and workplace (methodology and professional writing, training contests).

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French learning by a professional resident in france - private & distance lessons - graduate professor

Graduate French professor (BAC+6) gives private lessons to children and adults wishing to learn or improve their French. My lessons are personalized in accordance with specific needs of each learner and objectives set. My method is not academic, centered on the specificities of each learner, and has achieved very good results.

(8 reviews)
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Certified teacher gives French lessons, Literature, methodology, expression and general culture, tutoring for all levels (secondary and higher)

- My courses are designed for learners of all ages and target their specific needs (spelling, conjugation, writing, sample preparation of French tank, strengthening the knowledge needed for the tests Terminale L, culture and expression). I also speak for the editorial assistance and proofreading research (grammatical correctness) and for the learning of French as a foreign language.

La Roche-sur-Foron
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Master Graduate offers French courses for all levels in Annecy and Geneva.

I approach this subject fairly freely, depending on the difficulties encountered by the student and areas in which he / she needs to progress.

Paris 17e
(14 reviews)

Sos urgency francais any level oral and written -skype or course on paris

Hello to you, It is the return, the good resolutions are to go: have good results and amaze everyone and yourself first. This is the moment you are in second or first. You have difficulties in French. Do not worry, it's not too late, but now it's time to act. Methodology, spelling, writing and note taking are not your forte.

(12 reviews)

French courses or FLE for foreigners arriving in France. Blois. Loir et Cher

Specializing in home courses nearby adults wanting to learn or improve in French as a 2nd or 3rd language. I use methods to develop oral and gives courses adapted to each situation and each case. If you are looking to work in France I can help you in understanding the paperwork and your research.

(4 reviews)
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Tutor Me Nick: Harvard Grad w/ 15 Years Experience - SAT, ACT, & College Application Prep. In-Person (NYC) or Online.

As stated above, the typical process is, as follows: Session 1: A Solid Foundation For Success Take a Proprietary Learning Styles & Interests Questionnaire. Relating subject matter to each student’s interests results in greater engagement throughout the learning process. "Nick’s Comprehensive Guide for Easy Points.

(3 reviews)
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French course, methodology, preparation for the brevet, Bac, BTS by certified and experienced teacher in Nantes

Certified and experienced French teacher, teacher in high school, offers courses in applied methodology, preparation for topics of comment, dissertation, oral, Brevet, Bac, BTS. I have a specialization for students Dys, precocious ..

(4 reviews)
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Student Literary Research Master gives French lessons and Literature lessons for any levels

Currently studying Master of Literary Research. I'm a good pedagogue, sociable a calm. I know how to transmit my passion for literature, arts and culture in general and make learning fun while empowering and motivating students with living and dynamic lessons based on dialogue and personal investment. I am at your disposal for any additional questions, juts contact me for more.

(5 reviews)
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French teacher offers French courses - individual or collective - help in French in Lille and Rheims

My courses are based on a mutual trust, but specifically on the explanation of the reason of things. When the student knows why he is working (in other words, for himself), he becomes more willing to work. My habit is to downplay everything that revolves around the school and the school environment, such as the often dreaded ordeal : dictation.

(3 reviews)
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Classical philologist teaches Spanish, ELE, English, Latin and Ancient Greek in Salamanca

Spanish, Latin, Greek and English lessons for ESO, Bachillerato and PAU/EBAU students. English to B2 level (FCE). Latin, Greek and Syntax can also be taught for university students in Philology or other humanities studies. Both individual classes and small groups (3-4 people), at the student's or teacher's home. Complete schedule availability and good organizational capacity.

Rocky River
(2 reviews)
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SAT - Patient, Creative and Effective Tutor for All Subjects, All Cities, All Ages

I am patient, creative and friendly. Many of my students tell me that I explain concepts more effectively than their teachers. I am available weekdays or weekends, days or nights, throughout the entire year. In addition to teaching in person, I also use Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Appear.in, interactive whiteboards, attachments (PDF, Word, Excel), and Slack, a remote desktop program.

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Former teacher and experienced tutor offering English, History, and French lessons in Washington, DC.

My teaching style is skill-based. In my teaching, I get the most out of students by emphasizing how each subject builds and develops useful skills - skills that will prove valuable to students in both their academic and professional lives.

(2 reviews)
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Experienced university professor available to tutor students in English and the Humanities

Each student has unique needs and I try to focus my sessions on meeting those specific needs in a thorough yet encouraging manner. I teach a wide distribution of levels from Junior High through Graduate School. Over the years, I have taught a number of students for whom English was not their first language.

(5 reviews)

Professor of French and Philosophy decade for education authorities of Versailles & Paris!

I teach French, with a clear preference for the letters, ie for the first and final classes. I also teach Philosophy. I can teach just as photography, drawing and film. I have attached a video of my camera work on this page .. (My art & literary website: brunothievet.

(2 reviews)
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CPGE in litterature license and History (Graduated Science) gives private lessons from primary to high school

For several years I did homework's help as well as methodology for primary students as college students especially for literary subjects and exams preparations. I think I have the necessary perspective now to help high school students in various subjects.

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Language and Literature classes for ESO and Bachillerato (online or at home classes)

With respect to how I plan to do the private classes is that first I will make a short introduction to the topic to study, then we will see a scheme to follow the class according to the needs of each student, we will develop each section of the scheme interacting continuously to clear up any doubts that may arise.

Boadilla del Monte
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Law student teaches Language and Literature at the Primary, ESO or Baccalaureate levels.

I adapt to what the student needs, but in general I usually structure the classes beforehand, I like to be organized, explain in a visual and clear way. My sister has attention deficit so I'm used to adjusting to a slower pace. I like to leave class knowing that the student has understood and assimilated everything explained.

Dr. sam
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SAT Tutoring By Professional and Experienced PhD in Mathematics for Face-To-Face and On-Line Tutoring

I use the standard SAT books including McGraw-Hill's SAT and Barron's SAT Subject Test Math. For SAT Math, using my sample questions, I teach my students the techniques and notes for solving to the questions of the following topics of SAT: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Data Analysis, Counting and Probability, Sequences, Functions and Their Graphs, Trigonometry, and Complex Numbers.

(4 reviews)
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Student in literature and language giving French courses to young children, and preparation courses for French BAC

Passionate about languages ​​since small, it is the English language to which I have most devoted myself, out of love of the English-speaking countries. My goal in the years to come is to become a teacher of FLE (French as a Foreign Language), that is why I am studying in English LLC. However, I have an unconditional love for French literature.

Lyon 8e
(6 reviews)
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Student in Master 2 International Relations gives French lessons (help with homework, preparation BAC, competition ...)

I do not have a particular teaching method. I try to adapt to my students by looking for the best way to convey their teaching according to their strengths and weaknesses. I make sure to introduce an interaction and to put the pupil in a participative and deductive step, so as not to bring a solution to his problems, but to help him to find it by himself.

Paris 4e
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Student in Master of Law gives course of French (grammar, writing, methodology ... etc.) Level college / high school in Paris

Attentive both the needs of the students and expectations of parents I adapt my method after a first interview. Nevertheless I leave a great importance to the practice and to let the student actor of his course. The student thus makes his own return on the knowledge he has, which I help to complete especially through exercises adapted to the needs of the student.

New York
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SAT, ACT, SSAT, SHSAT, TACHS, COOP, HSPT, and Math Tutor in New York City

I think I make a great tutor because I am able to connect well with the students. I have many interests which are shared with the students that give us something to talk about. This allows the student to relax, which helps them learn easier. I expect my students to do all of their work, but I am a very laid back person which puts them at ease.

(8 reviews)
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Aggregative in Philosophy (Master 2 UNSA) gives French lessons Bac (all sections)

I am a student in Master 2 Philosophy. I am currently preparing CAPES and aggregation of Philosophy and am happy to give French lessons (from college to graduate all sections). - Support Course (explain misunderstandings, training analysis tools etc.) - Monitoring and deepening readings - Preparation for the methodology of the comment, explanation and essay, and writing of invention.

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Student DUT teaches French for several levels of primary to tertiary included

I am a student of DUT biology particularly fond of literature and French. I thus gives French lessons at various levels ranging from primary to higher education as well as science courses (physics, chemistry, Biology, Math, ...) and languages ​​(English and Spanish) to the terminal level (all chains).

Jean michel
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The French language maintains its rank as number 2, in terms of number of countries where French is the native language. In fact, there are today 29 countries, whose native language is French, including France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and many countries in the African continent.

(3 reviews)
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Ivy League graduate and experienced educator providing Test Prep and Music Lessons

I work hard to make sure my students feel confident in their skills to master tests and content. I have taught hundreds of students from grades 5-12, and I am comfortable working one-on-one and in groups. I love teaching because I love learning--there is nothing like the feeling when information finally clicks together.

Winsen (Luhe)

Introduction to the Old High German and Middle High German grammar as part of an introductory seminar at the university on-site or online (individual lessons), only online via Skype (Gruppenunterric

In common, I give help in the preparation, learning and recapitulation of the subject, which is required in Old High German and Middle High German introductory events at universities. The teaching materials of the students serve as the basis. Otherwise, I would recommend my own textbooks, if necessary. We will discuss the teaching material.

(2 reviews)
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Math, Physics, Econ, Writing, Reading, GRE, LSAT, GMAT, SAT & ACT, with a former College philosophy Professor

I help you get to the answer, not hand it to you. I ensure you feel empowered to tackle your educational responsibilities, even when alone. This is the best way to guarantee continual growth and success for you. I bring & impart CIC - Compassion, Information & Confidence.

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