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Learn Korean with a trilingual Korean student majoring Language Education with lots of experiences

With my several experiences as private tutor in various language for various public, I know how to animate the course with students of all ages and all levels and I will guide you to a correct approach so that you can learn Korean in an easier and more interesting way.

Eun soo
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Gives private lessons of Korean all levels in Paris or near suburbs

Hello ! My name is Eun Soo and I am South Korean, I was born in Seoul and I live in France since 2012. I was a Korean teacher at the Korean school of Paris (Montparnasse) where I taught young children. I have a certificate of 'Korean Teacher' from the Seoul National University. I have experience in teaching Korean language to foreigners for 10 years.

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Study the Korean language in Barcelona with a native Korean who has a lot of teaching experience.

Hello, Welcome to my class. My name is Sangsu. Nice to meet you. I am from South Korea. I am one hundred percent Korean. But now I'm not in Korea I currently live in Barcelona. Now I explain why I want to teach Korean.

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Korean tutoring in all areas for pupils, students and interesting students (I am a student of TUM Business Studies)

My courses are suitable for all language level. Korean Vocabulary, oral expression, listening comprehension, accent reduction for the following levels: Elementary school Lower grades (Grades 5-7) Middle grades (grades 8-10) Upper grades (grades 11-13). I teach face to face at my home or online via webcam in German or English.

Hyang joo
(5 reviews)
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Korean native speaker offers Korean lesson for students who are interested in learning korean language and culture :)

My name Hyangjoo Park, I m Korean. I studied at University Korean language and culture. I have a Korean teaching certificate level 2 (the maximum is level 1). We will first study the grammar rules and then do some exercise in order to learn new words and phrases in language.

(3 reviews)
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Teacher 15 years experience / Korean classes for all levels in Cannes, Nice and around

Hello, My name is Sera, I am a Korean and living in France for 10 years. I have taught for more than 15 years experience in Private schools and also ine the University in Korea and France. I offer Korean lessons for all levels (adult, children from 3 years professional) on weekdays and weekends. Stay professional goals Tourism Studies in Korea Exam preparation ...

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Girl with a seven-year trajectory learning Korean, offers her services to give you a hand to delve into the magic of this beautiful language. Merlo area, Buenos Aires.

My name is Xoana Bonetti, and I have been studying the Korean language since seven years ago. My classes are aimed at anyone who wants to learn the language, teaching materials included. We will learn to read and listen to the language through famous songs and / or program segment.

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A native Korean graduate of a top university in Seoul, she offers Korean classes, from basic to advanced levels

When I lived in Korea, I was a tutor for many beginners in classes of one or two hours a week regularly. I use different materials and interactive games in the classes, which are often casual classes to help foreigners improve their Korean to help them make friends and live new experiences in Korea.

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Learn Korean language, culture, cooking with a native speaker in Brussels (Korean)

Hello dear students! My name is Ran. I was born in Korea and lived in China, France. I'm currently living in Brussels, Belgium. I speak Korean, English, French and a little Chinese. I also worked on a tour guide in Belgium and France. So I'm passionate about culture, art and history etc. 1. To be fluent in a foreign language and to understand the language and culture.

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Culture and language lessons based on fun topics! In Sydney, with years of experience teaching Korean to English speakers.

I focus on speaking and vocabulary which you need the most if you wanna communicate with Koreans in real life. (of course a lot of fun slangs!) I believe the language is connected with culture. So my lesson is based on topics such as foods, movies, and music. However, it would depend on students preference and ability.

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Easy and fun lessons based on everyday conversation skills and writing methods. For those who want to learn culture and languages!

My students develop fluency through communicating rather than by analysing it. The stories and conversations will be based on art, culture, people, food, etc. We will be discussing your pronunciation, fluency, writing skills and grammatical mistakes. However, the lessons can be focused on one subject if you’d like. I would choose the best methodology and approach for each lesson and/or student.

(4 reviews)
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A teacher with 2 years of experience working and living in South Korea giving lessons in how to read and write Korean (Hangul)

I involve a lot of humour into my teachings and try to not take everything too seriously. This causes pressure and stress which is not good for our memory. The better, more fun and enjoyable the experience is the longer the memory will last.

1st lesson offered free !

Language tutor of over 9 years of experience offering Korean classes in Milton Keynes and online!

My teaching method is starting with a strong basic knowledge. Usually use a grammar book as a guidance of the subjects to touch, although it varies depending on each person's learning objectives. For example, if it's for travelling reasons, we will focus more on individual vocabularies and useful sentences.

1st lesson offered free !

Friendly and Native Korean Tutor in ANU who has a lot of tutoring experience

My teaching will be based on textbook but any book students want. I am very friendly and patient teacher. The most important thing when you learn language is reviewing. You have to review material over and over. I would help students to review the material we learned in previous lesson everytime. Moreover, I would give a great effort to encourage students not to loose their interests in Korean.

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Korean native speaker designer gives a guide for learning Korean in Perth

I will give you different ways to learn Korean in speaking, listening, writing and reading. the most enjoyable way to learn Korean. In my learning experience in English, I found a good way to teach a language to someone wants to learn but don't know what to do first.

New South Wales
1st lesson offered free !

UTS Student Sydney Teaching Korean to Both HSC Beginners and Continuers Students

I believe anyone and everyone can learn any language very easily. most books and videos teach in a traditional methodological manner in which students are asked to memorise vocabulary and grammar structures. learning in this way is difficult as most languages do not follow a simple uniform structure and don't always stick to one specific rule for all sentences.

1st lesson offered free !

Just got my diploma in Barrie, Ontario and join me with learning Korean. It is going to be fun~~

I am teaching mostly the most basic of Korean, speaking, and lifestyle talkings. Basic Korean- if I assume this as English, it would be alphabets and how you can pronounce it. Speaking- Basically, I will talk with you using Korean. If there is anybody who wish to improve their Korean skills, I am here for you.

1st lesson offered free !

Want to understand your oppas and noonas? Be able to pen a letter to your favourite idol? Sign on up!

I believe that consistent use and effort is important in learning languages. I will be your friend and companion along the journey, so that as we progress you can learn to converse in Korean and pick up tiny bits and pieces of Korean culture along the way.

1st lesson offered free !

Hi guys! Let's talk in Korean as much as you want, little and slow with me :)

We can learn Korean for all the things you want as a book or ebook and so on. I have books that students who specialize in Korean learn in college. Or we can speak in Korean about a topic and learn the words and grammar by subject you want.

Loteamento Retiro do Bosque
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Student of Journalism and Letters, offers Korean lessons for all who want to learn, teach and even live in Korea

I have experience, flexible method to teach students regardless of their ages, personalities, and fluency levels in Korean. I am very good at encouraging them to maintain the will and passion of learning Korean. The formation of a language is not only built by grammar, pronunciations, but also the culture itself. As I am "old" in the area, I notice the differences.

(3 reviews)
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During Korean / French in Paris or online for all levels of experience 4 years

Paul, 25, bilingual French / Korean graduated in LLCE Korean / HEI obtained at INALCO and currently in second year of Master of Journalism at Korea University. Back in France for a year, I offer Korean or French language courses for all levels by following an intuitive methodology yet based on a solid understanding of basic grammar in both languages.

1st lesson offered free !

College student in Linguistics gives Korean lessons to recreational learners in Provo

I am a college student at Brigham Young University studying Linguistics, minoring in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Korean. I learned Korean while serving a church mission for 2 years in the Seoul area, and continue to enjoy taking classes at my university. My instruction will be focused on vocabulary, conversation, and reading.

(3 reviews)
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Learn Korean with personalized classes in Monterrey, Mexico. 한국어를 가르쳐 드릴게요! ^_^

Hi, My name is Carla and I'm Mexican. I lived 3 years abroad, and half of this time I lived in South Korea. I like to teach languages ​and I currently teach basic Korean classes at UANL's Korean language program.

(1 review)
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Korean postgraduate student in york university offering korean lessons for passionate tutees.

I will use 'talk to me in korean' as material in our lesson. This website 'Talk to me in korean' has systematic curriculum and the helpful materials. BUT, if you want, you can choose your own material. I will teach you not only detionary form of words but also colloquialisms.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn Interactive and Comprehensive Korean language through day-to-day conversational method by me

The method I adopt in teaching language is through the basic conversational method and especially teaching the grammar and sentence structure in Hindi language since Korean language is based on similar pattern. Also I use the English equivalents for pronunciations.

Wolli Creek
1st lesson offered free !

Pin-pointed focusing on your mistake in details to become sounded more like native.

Under Casual, easy and absolute no pressure of fun learning everyday speaking writing skills.

(1 review)
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Student of Korean Spanish, licensed in Chinese and with experience, offers classes in Korean and Chinese. All levels, in a professional and entertaining way. Learn a different language and culture,

Through a methodology focused on practical cases, I focus my classes so that the student "looses to speak" quickly. I support myself in audiovisual materials, books and exercises created by me, adapted to the student according to the level and his preferences.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Native South Korean in England teaches Korean to beginner and intermediate students via Webcam

I am a South Korean and am fluent in both English and Korean as I have lived in the UK since birth. I can give lessons in English to beginners and intermediate students. My lessons will be flexible to the student and I will try to make lessons as enjoyable as possible by teaching through what you enjoy (eg.

1st lesson offered free !

Korean course in Strasbourg! Learn Korean while having fun with a Korean;)

I find that to learn a language, you have to talk a lot and listen. But as you are not in a situation in which you are still exposing yourself to the language. I will help you the max to do a conversation with you by precisely explaining the questions you have. I am very patient and methodological and my friends have come a long way with me in Korean.

1st lesson offered free !

Native Korean Adelaide Uni student teaches Korean language / culture in Adelaide City

Starting from teaching Korean characters, how to read and write; and having short conversations. Can help with school assignments if needed. I know there are lots of people who are interested in K-pop and K-dramas - based on your interest in Korean culture, I want you to enjoy and have fun learning a new language.

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