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Tips for Finding Cooking Lessons in Port Elizabeth

There are so many reasons why as South Africans we are filled with national pride, but one of them is surely due to our love for food and hospitality- especially when that is combines with our passion for our wonderful outdoor lifestyle!

Add to this our colourful cultural diversity and it is safe to say that there plenty on the menu! Given all of this, satisfying everyone’s palette can often be a challenge, so if you are tired of your collection of meals, perhaps the solution is cooking lessons that will both inspire and teach you!

Let’s face it, food is something that everyone can relate to and it has the amazing ability to bring people together, this is probably why cooking classes are a popular past time in every corner of the world. So, if you happen to find yourself looking up cooking classes Port Elizabeth, you are fortunate because there are many options where you can not only learn new recipes, but also improve your current skills. In fact, you could easily even be taught how to cook from scratch.

6 Popular South African Dishes

In terms of hospitality, as South Africans, we are known for our enthusiasm, warmth and casual dining and this is certainly evident when you take a look at the country’s most well-loved and popular dishes.    

So if you are looking to astound your friends and family, regardless of whether they are visiting from abroad or local to, your cooking ambitions could really pay off, especially if you are able to perfect a few of these winning favourites! 

Pap with Chakalaka

Chakalaka and pap is really one of the most popular standards of any South African table. Make sure that you achieve the right consistency of the pap, and add just the right proportions of tomato, onion, beans, peppers and spices to your chakalaka, peppers, beans and spices and this will certainly give your visitors something to talk about.  

Cape Malay Curry

This local, popular curry with its uniquely fragrant combination of spices that include cinnamon, turmeric, saffron, and chilli is at the top of every must-have recipe’s list in a South African household!  

Bunny Chow

While you might not need advanced cooking lessons for this basic, yet impressive, quick meal, Bunny chow, which originates from Durban is legendary in its own right – even making it onto the menus of some of the best food markets that London has to offer. It is also a super option for casual entertaining, or feeding hungry children beside the swimming pool.   


Bobotie is without doubt a traditional national favourite. Also, with its origins from the days of Asian migrants, Bobotie is the perfect combination of spices, dried fruit, herbs and curry which is then baked in a milky, egg mixture. If this sounds good, make sure that your cooking classes Port Elizabeth search is able to deliver on this family favourite! 


Equally as famous as the delectable dishes already on this illustrious list of South African fare, Milk Tart is the tea time version of comfort food in South Africa. Whether it a recipe from ouma or from your cooking lessons, everyone needs a Milk Tart recipe which uses the idea ratio of eggs, pastry and flour.


If you’re going to the effort of finding cooking lessons, especially in Port Elizabeth, it might be worth finding out if you would be able to learn how to make boerewors – which is traditional South African sausage, from scratch. 

So regardless of whether you are catering for the joy of it, or because it’s simply a necessity, there’s no reason why even the humblest of dishes shouldn’t unlock your creative side. And if feel that you are a gourmet chef in the making, this is also possible through your cooking classes Port Elizabeth search.

In fact, you could even decide to turn your cooking lessons into a gathering of friends who share your interest. In Port Elizabeth there are several cooking schools to check out. And if you are thinking of turning your cooking lessons into a career, make sure you consider Capsicum which is the Friendly City’s largest chef school.

However, group learning is not always everybody’s ideal choice. Firstly, you might have a few very specific recipes that you want to learn. If so, you could easily turn your cooking classes Port Elizabeth search into a search for your very own private cooking coach.

There are so many rewards to learning anything new through private lessons, and this is also true with cooking. By using a private tutor like the those found on Superprof, you could even find one located near to your own home. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of learning at a time and in a place that is actually suited to you. Not only that, but you will certainly have a say in what type or style of cooking you are hoping to master. All of this and your first lesson could be free too which will help you to make sure that you choose the right private cooking tutor to suit your personal goals. 

Apart from all this, you could also expect your cooking lessons to provide some of these foundational techniques:

  • Tempering: find out how to blend ingredients even when they are of different temperatures.
  • Folding: find out how to add ingredients together like a pro, even when they are of differing densities.
  • Pan sauces: learn how to use those left over brown yummy bits at the bottom of your pan to add flavour to any meal.
  • Searing and Browning: find out how to seal in juices and produce delicious caramelised crusts.
  • Dicing and cutting: do you know how to dice and chop like a true chef? You could learn!
  • Breading: finding out how (and what) to crumb, can elevate any meal.
  • The perfect roux: perfect the traditional base of any sauce by learning how to combine the perfect ratio of butter and flour.

You can also expect to be introduced to key kitchen apparatus and other fundamental cooking methods like grilling, sauce-making and artistic presentation.   

Don’t forget, that when it comes to catering, even the most accomplished chefs have had to learn the basics, which they will continue to use every day of their lives!

So, regardless of whether you are searching cooking classes Port Elizabeth, so that you can learn the absolute basics or whether you want to become the next Jamie Oliver, cooking lessons are one of those things that are bound to yield fast results!   

So whatever route you decide on, don’t forget that a private tutor, you will help you to focus on the style of cooking you’re interested in, whether that’s vegetarian, pastry-making or banting. 

Finally, if you are serious about cooking, don’t forget that the subject of nutrition has become ever more important to everybody everywhere, so consider this when searching for cooking classes Port Elizabeth.  


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The average price of Cooking lessons in Port Elizabeth is R121.

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