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4th year Chemical Engineering student offering Mathematics tuition in Pietermaritzburg for learners up to grade 12

My aim is to pass on vital knowledge to learners that will help them not only understand mathematics, but also to enjoy it. I believe it is very important to build a solid foundation when it comes to mathematics and I recommend that students start early in the year.

Cape Town
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Chemical Engineering student offering maths and science lessons in Durbanville and surrounding areas

I will generally have a look at the main topics of a subject and how it is presented and adapt to the best method suited for the student. I will identify the areas where the student is not fully confident in his understanding. I will work on approaches with which they can solve problems. I also like to develop my own problems and mock tests. Although repetition is key, parrot learning is not.

Cape Town
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Chemical Engineering graduate offering Mathematics and Physics lesson in Cape Town. More than 5 years tutoring and lecturing experience.

My approach to teaching is students oriented, that is focusing on meeting the particular needs of an individual student. Apart from that, I facilitate group discussions, which helps the students connect together as they apply peer review to work out the solutions for themselves.

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Chemical Engineering Graduate offering Physical Science,Maths and Life Sciences lessons Im located in Daveyton I have 3 years of teaching experience

My teaching style is that i first motivate and encourage my learners before delivering my lesson. I explain and give emphasis about the importance of understanding the basics to the learner.

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Engineering lessons for engineers by graduate engineer, learn from the best and be the best

for one to pass the lessons must be student centered, in other words one focuses on the student identify any challenges the student has in reading writing and understanding concept this will drive the student to participate more and give more to the subject in hand

Cape Town
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Current chemical engineering UCT student wishing to help in maths and french in Cape Town.

i base my classes more on the curriculum to be completed and i also make sure that the student understand the basis of what is being taught. I work at the pace of the student and try my best to make it a fun class as possible being a youngster myself.

Cape Town
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Chemical Engineering student offering Mathematics (All topics) and Chemical Engineering tutorials, South Africa

I point the problem raised by a student and check whether the basics are understood. If not, I plant the basics and then ask relevant questions that will lead the student to the correct answer. I am a good listener, I listen to students properly and I enjoy being listened to when I'm talking.

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South African based Chemical Engineer offering computer classes in maths and chemistry

I want to teach high school learners and/or undergraduates. My teaching method is to understand how my student learns and to help him/her step by step. I want him/her to understand the basic concepts and to understand why and how an idea was conceived in the first place.

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Guaranteed Concept grasping for Matric Maths and Physical Science, First and 2nd Year Engineering students Maths and Chemical Engineering courses #Durban #Kzn

My teaching Method, Involves covering the topics covered in Class, doing practice questions and answer actual exam questions on the topic.

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Chemical engineer with a vision of improving academic level of students especially in maths and physics

My teaching methods are simple. I use my student's textbooks and I also bring extra exercises as well..

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Chemical Engineering student at Howard College offering the best you can have at lower prices

I believe studying should be fun so a student can adapt, so i make a subject fun to do and simple to understand, by analyzing what you love to do most. I give a test after the lesson to make sure one understood.

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Iron sharpens iron. Engineers shape up future doctors, mathematicians, scientists and engineers the best. With 9 years of tutoring experience, let me transform you into a genius!

I study eachstudent as I help with homework, ensuring that each student is catered to based on their individual needs and challenges until THEY master the study methods and techniques offered.

(34 reviews)
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Learn to learn Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Drawing in Elche and surroundings, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with 4 years experience in personalized teaching

Today, engineers, teachers, managers and administrative are hired for their ability to learn. Discover your passion to train you, you are old you are. Learn to measure achievable challenges that will make you realize that studying is comforting and that will give you the advantage you seek.

Zona 7
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Chemical Engineer teaches Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for High School and University students in Maringá

Hello, how are you? I have a degree in Chemical Engineering from UEM (State University of Maringá). I teach Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry to High School and University students. Generally, I focus on explaining concepts and problem solving, depending on what the student needs.

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I have Ph.D. qualification in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering with more than 10 years of experience in mentoring and tutoring students in Maths and Chemistry since I am the master of it.

I am an adaptable person in every case. Since there is no pre-fabricated formula. I try to become with energy, motivation and good communication and sometimes include some sense of humor to break the ice and let the students become themselves. In order to establish a good relationship, I also listen to the needs of my learners and am very open to receiving their comments.

(6 reviews)

Chemical Engineer does physics and chemistry classes - Available in Spanish and English

I like to make the student not to memorize concepts but understand them so that he can apply them in a practical and logical way. I put the knowledge in context so the student understands its usefulness. I am aware of the importance of the application of the concepts through examples and practical exercises.

(2 reviews)
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Molecular Biologist with PhD in Chemical Engineering is offering lessons in chemistry

My lessons are suitable for any type of student who wants to improve in biology and chemistry. The lessons structure can be very flexible and adapted to any needs for the best result possible. Please contact me at (concealed information) for any further information.

(4 reviews)
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Dr. in Chemistry, Professional Trainer and Coach with Industrial Experience Gives Chemistry and Maths Physics Course and Vocational Guidance

I base my teaching method on that used in vocational training (questioning, theory presented in a fun way and practical exercises). My classes are a real individual accompaniment where the student evolves at his own pace on complex notions and feels his learning as a positive experience. He feels that he is learning for him and not for external constraints, which makes all the difference.

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Can teach any subject from 1 st to 12 th and food technology subjects at b.tech level

My teaching method is to teach the subjects with maximum possible ease and to start from the basics for deeper understanding

(59 reviews)

Private lessons in organic chemistry, biochemistry, industrial chemistry, food chemistry, cosmetic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, computer science and other scientific

I am a dynamic, very positive and enthusiastic girl who always knows how to reach the set goals. I have a lot of patience and in the teaching I transmit my own enthusiasm. Every day I commit myself to learning new things and updating myself. I like to teach others the things I know and I do it with passion.

San Venanzio
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Graduated in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering offers reps for school students in Modena and surroundings

Freedom of thought always, even when it comes to repetitions and study aid! Colors, smiles and fantasy seem to be three words away from study, but it is not so. My lesson method is not one-way: I don't have to speak or write just myself. I like to create a peaceful, serene atmosphere of harmony with the student where learning is facilitated.

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Let's study chemistry! private chemistry lessons with an Olympic smart tutor in Makassar

I teach chemistry starting from the most basic, learn to count with basic mathematics, memorize formulas and theories by memorizing magic and quickly understand.

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An eerie combination of various chemical structure and concepts will generate a powerful world. You all can learn statics and geometrical part of chemistry in my lecture. Just join me to be benefited.

My teaching method: I made things twist so that I can explain it on the basis of not only theoretical portion but also through industrial and practical concepts so that student will learn actual practical experience.

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Enthusiastic to teach students with my set of skills which I have earned for a long career in industries and academics.

I believe every subject has some inherent key concepts. If they are clarified, students can solve 90% of the problems automatically. The remaining parts are dimensional checking, mathematical manipulation and extrapolations. Based on my 3 years' of teaching experience, I have equipped m students with these set of skills and they became able to crack toughest examinations with surprising ease.

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Chemical Engineering subjects and engineering graphics, chennai ,11 years experience in teaching

Im an expert in Engineering Graphics/drawing and im very good at chemical engineering subjects,my teaching methodology is conceptual and application oriented teaching so my students can understand the basic concepts very easily if students prefer for notes it will be provided

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Working in Mumbai |IIT Delhi graduate|Maths & Chemistry| Dreamer, Motivator, fitness enthusiast|

I relate maths and chemistry problems with the things around us.

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Chemistry lessons by Ph.D.Chemist from the University of Toronto - in Winnipeg

flexible lesson structure to fit student needs and time availability Driven, creative, and skilled senior scientist and manager with a strong record providing the vision to develop and lead high-performing teams developing novel, patented commercially successful products by using expertise in coating systems, polymer product development, and material design and characterization.

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Part-time tuitions in maths, finance, chemistry from high school to engineering students

Basic problem faced by students is maths is their basic are not very well understood from their primary education. Help building students their basic and bring them to competitive level in maths which will help them in future to tackle problems better.

Belo Horizonte
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Private Chemistry Classes for Entrance Exames and Reinforcement in High School in the North Zone of São Paulo

I graduated as a Bachelor in Technological Chemistry by the Federal Center of Technological Education of Minas Gerais. I have experience, knowledge and motivation to teach.

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Final year Chemical Engineering student offering Maths up to University level in Edinburgh

I like to explain things in a way that everyone and anyone can understand, I first like to approach what it is that my tutees do not understand so that we can work through the problem together. I believe the best way to learn is by doing questions with the support you need to guarantee the correct answers.

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