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There are currently 39 singing tutors available to give vocal training classes in Pretoria and the surrounding areas.



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The average price of private singing courses in Pretoria is R230.


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39 tutors are available to give voice lessons in Pretoria and the surrounding areas.


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Where to Take Singing Lessons in Pretoria?

Located between the Apies River and extending towards the Magaliesburg Mountain is the City of Jacarandas called Pretoria. It is here that the streets are decorated with people who are good at singing, publically speaking, and doing performance art just as much as it is decorated with Jacaranda petals.

Since it is one of the capital cities of South Africa, it is here that you can learn to sing perfectly. Regardless of whether you are a beginner singer or a more advanced singer, you can brush up on your vocal skills or even acquire better vocal skills with a vocal coach in Pretoria. You may be seriously passionate about singing or you may simply want to take up singing lessons in Pretoria to invest some time in a new hobby. Irrespective of your reason for wanting to take up singing classes, you can learn how to sing here.

So what are the options that you have at your disposal? Are there any vocal coaches in Pretoria?

Taking Singing Lessons in Pretoria at a Singing School

“People asked me where I got my singing style. I didn’t copy my style from anyone.” Elvis Presley

If you want to develop your singing style, there is no need to watch Youtube videos and mimic the voices of famous artists in an attempt to try to sound like them.  The Nu-Song Pretoria musical and art school was founded by Hester de Villers back in 1996. So prestigious has the school become that in recent years the school of art, music, and drama changed its name to @Nu-School Pty (Ltd). Here you can do online group singing lessons or singing lessons at the school. The school aims to make singing lessons extremely fun for learners of all levels.

Hester de Villiers herself is the principal of the school as well as a vocal coach who brings her years of singing experience to the fore. Riandi Barnard joins her as a vocal coach and doubles up as a guitar coach. Once you have taken many vocal lessons at the @Nu-School Pty (Ltd), you can get an internationally accredited singing qualification by taking exams at the Trinity College London or at Rockschool London. You can expect to pay R680 monthly for 4 sessions of vocal lessons at this school.

This is but one school where you can find the perfect singing tutor for you in Pretoria. Attending singing lessons in Pretoria at a school that teaches singing is but one option that you have.

Taking Singing Lesson at Home in Pretoria

“Those who do not sing cannot even imagine the joy of singing.” Gabriel Garcia Marquez

If you too want to experience the joys of singing in Pretoria, there is another option for you. The option that you have is to take singing lessons in Pretoria from the comfort of your home.  MASTER MUSIC provides music lessons that teach you how to play musical instruments and perfect vocals.  This particular school was established in 2014. The reason the school offers at-home classes for aspiring musicians is that the school aims to provide quality musical tutoring. The idea is to establish personalized tutorial lessons.  To be part of MASTER MUSIC, you have to start by paying a R200 registration fee. Thereafter you pay in advance for your monthly lessons which cost R420 for a 60-minute lesson.

Finding Private Vocal Coaches in Pretoria

“Singing, it’s like it’s like loving somebody, it’s a supreme emotional and physical experience.” Janis Joplin

If you are not at all keen on learning in a group setting, or if you require a vocal coach to work specifically with you then you can always reach for a private tutor. To experience the supreme emotion and physical feelings that singing is supposed to give you, reach out for a private tutor whose teaching methodology you will love and you will love singing too.  A benefit of finding a private vocal tutor is that he or she can help you progress faster. Getting a private singing tutor who will give you singing lessons in Pretoria means appointing someone that will be in control of your learning progress.  Your private tutor will be focused on helping you to succeed.

In Pretoria, there are about twenty-two singing tutors who are actively awaiting the chance to tutor you on the Superprof platform.  On our Superprof platform, you can find vocal tutors who will provide singing lessons from as little as R75 per lesson. You can also get vocal tutors who will provide private lessons for R200 per hour.  The rates of Superprof tutors differ because tutors charge according to their professional accreditation and experience as vocal coaches. In that way, you can save a few bucks by choosing to be tutored by a newly qualified vocal coach. If you choose to find a private singing tutor who boasts over 20 years of experience, you can expect to pay much more.

The Magic of Learning Singing with a Singing Tutor

“Everyone is a good singer, once their souls start singing.” Dibya Chowdhury Dibbs

Think back to when you were younger. Perhaps back then all you wanted to do was to sing. You would sing until your parents begged you to stop. That inner singer always stayed inside of you. There is no reason why you can’t let out your inner singer again. So sing with all your heart and reignite your passion for singing as an adult. You may want to take singing lessons to become an expert singer and advance your singing talents. You may want to sing to challenge yourself all the more and prove to yourself that you can learn to sing. You certainly could be wanting to sing to understand more about yourself. The more effort and time you put into your singing lessons in Pretoria, the more you will learn about yourself.

Therefore go ahead and find the magic of singing and find the magical vocal ability within you with the help of a singing tutor. With Superprof, many of our tutors give you the option of taking a free lesson before actually committing to more frequent lessons. In this way, you will be able to see whether you feel the magic with your private Superprof tutor.

So sing your heart out and command the attention of many when you open your mouth to sing. The silence and the goosebumps on peoples' faces when they hear your vocals, now that will be magical. All the best!

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