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The Professional Pass

What is the Professional Pass ("Pro Pass")?

The Pro Pass is an optional service that tutors can sign up for at a cost of R1 000 per year or R100 per month. When you sign up for the Pro Pass, Superprof improves the visibility of your tutoring adverts so that they are more likely to attract the attention of students.

The Pro Pass is a subscription service, and the premium will automatically be deducted every month or every year, depending on whether you chose a monthly or annual subscription.

As a Pro tutor you are also given access to a tool which helps you to monitor the performance of your ads, and to make any changes that may be required to optimise them. This information can be accessed from the Pro Subscription menu on the bottom left of your profile homepage. Superprof will also help you to build a better quality profile, by alerting you when aspects of your adverts are not to standard, and by giving you personalised profile improvement advice.
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