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Accept or decline a request

Great news! A student has sent you a lesson request, and we have sent you an email and/or SMS to let you know.

You have 72 hours from receipt of a lesson request to respond to the student. Make sure your notification are set up correctly (Manage my notifications).

Accepting a request

Access your mailbox and click on “Accept”.

You can then communicate directly with the student to schedule the first lesson.

Payments for lessons can be made using whichever payment mechanism you and your student have agreed on: cash, PayPal, bank transfer etc.

Superprof is not involved in lesson fee transactions, and we do not take commission on these payments.

Remember, if you advertise that you offer a free introductory lesson, you must honour this.

Refusing a request

Access your mailbox and click on “Decline” if you are not available.

You can leave a personalised explanation for the student:

  • Click “Decline” twice

  • Then select “Other”

  • Write your message, then validate it!

Respond quickly, as this is highly appreciated by students!

If you've accepted or rejected a request in error, contact our team at hellozar@superprof.com.