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Matric student with years of computer experience ready to tutor anyone in the Midrand area.

I am a matric student who teaches all primary and high school. I approach each topic by breaking everything down into easily manageable pieces and we work together perfecting all the work. I believe that each lesson needs to adapt to how the students are comfortable and how best they will learn.

Cape Town
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Software Professional offering Java, C, Android, web development and Database in CapeTown

I teach lesson from very basic. I Make sure foundation of lesson to be solid. Then gradually move to advance level. Use gamification to make their lesson interesting. All my classes are very interactive. All doubts will be cleared. All lessons are provided in English only.

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Computer & maths tutor offer lessons online/home. we are at midrand.

am a teacher who gives lessons to students from grade 3 till grade 10 {maths} and till grade 12 {computer ] I base my class some times I follows my students home

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Qualified teacher with 9 years of experience teaching Computer applied technology in Nelspruit

It is important for me to get to know who I teach. Each individual is different and learns differently. I, for example, remember by looking at graphics and colors. Words and numbers I struggle to remember. This I have seen so many times that different people learn differently. When I know you, I can get through to you.

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Microsoft and Computer Skills Tutor available. For quick lessons and for slower lessons depending on learner's choice of pace. Effective Computer lessons. #Professional

My teaching methodologies are based on the learner's deaires. If is a group i approach in a way that ensures everyone understand and we're all on the same page. I can do Fast pace and Slow pace depending on the desires of the learner. I use Video, Audios, Books and Word of mouth communication when i teach. I expect participation.

Port Elizabeth
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PC Skills training at your own pace - PC basics to get you started on an exciting IT Journey

I base my teaching on practical and realistic methods that you could use on a daily basis in real life. Small practical tasks that maintain your own learning pace.

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I'm a passionate 4th year education student majoring in Computer Sciences.. I'm willing to help anyone who's in need of a tutorial lessons on basic computer skills.

I prefer a teacher-learner interaction strategy in my classes cause it helps both myself and my learners learn a lot from each other

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Accredited assessor with over 20 years experience offering basic to advanced computer skills in Phalaborwa.

My teaching methods are individual based on each persons ability to follow, maintain and understand the content being covered. No one is "just a number" and the ability to sustain the speed and knowledge of each is incorporated into a group collision of support and learning environment.

Cape Town
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I am an IT Specialist \ Facilitator offering services or training on Basic computer skills, Computer networks, Software, Computer Repairs and General Computing.

I am an IT Specialist / Facilitator offering services or training on Basic computer skills, Computer networks, Software, Computer Repairs and General Computing. I love problem-solving and enjoy helping students grapple with difficult concepts. Computers are my passion. I have a proven track record of successfully finding and solving the root causes of IT related problems.

Jacarepaguá (Rio de Janeiro)
(9 reviews)
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AFTER EFFECTS DEFINITIVE - More than 20 years of experience! Highly Recommended on Linkedin

I am Luis Seda, known and recognized in the labor market. I taught in large and recognized schools like SENAC and INFNET. I also trained on TV Globo and Globosat. More than 20 years of experience and user of After Effects since 1997. Today I teach in Proclass.

(6 reviews)
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Need to discover or tell a similar digital tools? To improve themselves?

* - * - * - * - * Idea for an original gift and always appreciated * - * - * - * - * There are new very friendly tools today. Tame them, do not be afraid. I can help. Learn at your own speed, without stress.

(6 reviews)
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Arduino (C) and Processing (Java), without need of previous knowledge of electronics, initiation course, Barcelona and Llobregat, I also help in projects, TFGs ...

I am developing a method of learning electronics + programming in which no prior knowledge is required. The lessons will be as practical and visual as possible with a minimum of theory. The purpose is that the student can develop his own project.

(4 reviews)

Lecturer at Istituto Massaua offers computer repetitions for exams, ECDL, school computer science and more!

You will be contacted to find the best way to carry out your learning using material collected over the years of teaching, constantly updated, work material and useful tips to reach your end. Possibility of accessing external platforms for remote teaching or acting as assistants for checks, materials delivery, etc.

(9 reviews)
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Student Master 2 SH: Lessons Computer MAC / PC / Linux for beginners and advanced amateurs

Hello, My name is Clement, I'm 22 and I'm 2 Master of Philosophy at the UNSA. Beside my preparation for the CAPES, I can give courses Computers, Office and digital foundations for a level between beginners (of all ages) and experienced amateurs (or more if specific problem). I practice IT and office forever, and I know very well the MAC environment but also Windows (Linux and to a lesser extent).

(1 review)
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COMPUTER SCIENCE & PROGRAMMING (Python, Java, C, SQL) MATH (Mathematical analysis, Probability) LEVEL (zero -> advanced)

Gradual approach to techniques and concepts of increasing difficulty, without taking anything for granted, with examples and exercises. I personally provide notes and PDFs useful for learning the subject, as well as programs to be used as a starting point for building new ones.

Paris 10e
(5 reviews)
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Confirmed creative GRAPHIC DESIGNER offers lessons and tutorials in DRAWING/SKETCHING and PHOTOSHOP / ILLUSTRATOR - all levels (Mac / Pc)

Hello! I am Freelance Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Creative: I actually had the opportunity to work in 3 countries and cultures of different languages ​​… to work from different creatives, which allowed me to learn and to easily adapt to many situations.

(5 reviews)
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Professor of Computer Systems Programming, Creating Web pages, databases, systems, cybersecurity Office

I've been teaching 6 years and also working in the private sector, more specifically in systems development. My method consists in teaching practical things, which are used and that the student with a prior knowledge base theory developed without problem any problems that may arise.

(4 reviews)
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A seasoned professional offering to teach major computer security and networking courses

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. My journey into tutoring started when I started scheduling for other students; I have conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in management, programming, networking etc. to other students and everyone interested in learning something new.

Greater London
(9 reviews)

Dr Wasim Akber - University Lecturer in Mechatronics Engineering offering Engineering and Mathematics tuition at many different levels (e.g. GCSE, A-level, Undergraduates and Postgraduates)

I've made students who were failing their degree studies become university toppers (references provided upon request). Results for 2016/7: 100% A*-B grades achieved. I also offer help with assignments / projects at undergraduate/postgraduate levels. Q.

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Networks, LAN, VLAN, WAN, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, ATM, TCP/IP, SMTP, SNMP etc - not familiar? Do you want to be? Don't know how to start? Need some help? I can do it.

My methodology is to understand the person and provide the knowledge. I adapt to particular student in every moment of the learning process. Many times I explain subjects which are not the core of what we study, but are relevant or crucial for better understanding of main subject.

(3 reviews)
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RHINO certified trainer 3DS MAX certified professional - 3D modeling courses - Paris

Teaching Rhinoceros software 5 and 3DS MAX (all levels) ART - Authorized Rhino Trainer with the possibility of releasing an official certificate of participation Rhino Level 1 and Level 2, recognized by RHINOCEROS - Mc Neel.

(2 reviews)

Computer Science & programming tutor (A-Level, GCSE, degree) - online or in-person

I grew up programming early computers such as the ZX Spectrum. Thirty years on, I have 13 years experience as a programmer in the videogame industry, and have worked on games that have sold millions. - Which subject(s) do you teach? GCSE, A-Level and degree-level Computer Science / Computing. Contact me regarding other courses. - Tell me about your qualifications.

1st lesson offered free !

Masters Student in Advance Software Engineering gives lessons For Computer Sciences and IT.

 Preparing objectives and lesson plans for the course and incorporating the use of technology.  Established and maintained positive relationships with students and staff fostering an environment of open communication and support  Counselled students when adjustment and academic problems arose.  Tests and revision on daily basis for better understanding.

(2 reviews)
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Graduate in Design with certificate of work in the area gives classes of initiation to Computer science

My method is free, however, I usually give a theoretical part about the program and, through exercises or some work that a student wants to do, I interact with them, taking their doubts and questions and helping them to improve their capabilities.

1st lesson offered free !

Basic Computer Course! Use of the personal computer and the main skill necessary to perform the main daily tasks.

Step by step guide to discover the computer and its basic functions. The course will not follow a predefined path but will be built on the basis of the participants' skills. The course can be attended by students of any age.

(2 reviews)
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3D Artist for Videogames with more than 5 years of experience in AAA Studios

My philosophy of work is about listening and learn from others to get better and keep constant my research and curiosity of begin to good observer of experienced people. Empathy on a Work team is the strongest tool of communication and relationships this make work to all those needs assertively that reach objetives and goal.

(1 review)
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UAS ICT student Network & Security Engineering teaches network administration and engineering for students

I start by checking how much the student already knows and what he / she already has experience with. Then we go through the goals. After the required material has been discussed, go through everything and set goals for any subsequent lessons.

(3 reviews)
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BSc, MSc, PhD computer science currently a sessional lecturer at London South Bank university.

More than 5 years teaching experience. I have a strong background in different programming languages as: C++, C, Python, Javascript and HTML/CSS. I have a good experience in mathematics. I have taught Software development, Operating System and web development courses. I consider myself as a patient and passionate teacher.

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Certified (CompTIA) Computer 'Geek' loves to provide coaching and help with computers and related technology in Belleville, Ontario, Canada

I can talk you through your computer problems in person (in the Belleville area) or online via Skype or other communication software. Are you trying to learn how to use a new computer, or application? Let me show you the basics. Is your computer or application not working the way you expected or need it to? Let's talk about it.

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