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Cape Town
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Industrial Engineer with Accounting and Management Background, offering lessons in Computer Skills Development, Accounting and Business Management Techniques up to University Level

I enjoy theory and research subjects, I love reading, investigating and thoroughly analyzing the topic and trying to find new ways of understanding. My teaching technique is through the module syllabus and guideline provided. I refer to main prescribed textbook but reference to other books related to the subject.

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Basic computer skills Tutor for individuals or groups of all ages in Amanzimtoti, Durban.

I am a 25 year old Married female form Amanzimtoti, Durban. I love helping others learn more about computers as we live in a world that is revolved around computers and technology. I can assist with Basic Computer skills including Word and Excel.

(3 reviews)
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It is very dangerous to have a plan B, because then you already decided you will fail plan A. - Arnold Schwarzenegger

My teaching method is an adaptive method, which means I teach the student according to their abilities. I base my teaching on the idea that the student already succeeded.

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Computer tutorials available :️word, excel and PowerPoint sessions to help improve.

The method I usually go for is I come through when you need me and then you will let me know a bit about what you need help in and then as soon as you do that you can then tell me your problem you having and will take it from there. I am a very patient person.

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IT Technician with 10 years of experience in Computers and Software Cape Town

I will be teaching computer basics, as well as the different operating systems you get and how it functions. We will first be starting at what a computer is and what components you need to operate your computer. From there we will then move onto computer software, for example, Microsoft word, excel and powerpoint.

Newlands East
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Computer lessons for students who want to learn more about Microsoft outlook

My technique of teaching is to teach and they make the user write it down and then try what I thought

East London
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Second year BCom student offering basic computer and Microsoft Excel lessons around East London, King William's town and Alice only during weekends.

My teaching method is helping the student understand the basic computer skills so that they'll be able to do they're assignments, internet related stuff by themselves

Kempton Park
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Computer Wiz just looking to help another student see the beauty of Microsoft Excell

I like to explain the work in different ways so the student can comprehend the work, I hate just reading from the book and would rather take a hands on approach to explaining the work.

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South Africa's Institute & Tutor Program for Information Computer Application Technology fraternity and computer literacy

Computer Engineer with ten years’ experience in designing, developing and implementing computer based hardware and software. Skilled in analyzing system engineering requirements, planning/designing and developing software and hardware. Vast experience in troubleshooting computer based problems within applications. Analytical skills: Good logic problem-solver.

1st lesson offered free !

NDip IT student giving extra lessons for IT and Computer Applications Technology

I base my classes on a one to one, I do house calls and my teaching method is very early to learn and grasp

1st lesson offered free !

Computer Applications Technology | Online Tutor | Making CAT simple for everyone (3+ years in HTML)

- I am here to help people who are struggling to cope with the subject CAT (Computer applications technology) it can be a very intimidating subject for many people especially those who have not been able to use a computer as often as many others.

Paris 1er
(12 reviews)

Expert in Microsoft Excel and computer beginners ramp-up. Adapt course from the basics to the advanced.

If you are looking for a ramp-up course to develop your talents in Microsft Excel and learn the tricks and tips, you will find this course very valuable. Able to provide the course in English as a U.S citizen the keyborad can be adapted to "QWERTY" or "AZERTY" type.

São Paulo
(82 reviews)

Excel Classes/Consulting for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. If you are interested in getting started or using more advanced features I can help you!

* Do you need to set up a spreadsheet and have difficulties? I can help you. * Whether through a class or consulting where I help you create that more complex spreadsheet that your boss has asked for now. * Classes for users of all ages and all levels.

(17 reviews)
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Civil Engineer course gives IT ● Programming (Python, C #, C ++, JAVA) ● ● AutoCad Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) ● home Arduino on Brussels

● Secondary: During my high school curriculum, in the renowned Royal Athenaeum Jean Absil, I always excelled in mathematics and the exact sciences. This led me to choose math-science option with mathematical 8am. At the end of high school I became interested in computers and I followed a training in C #.

(9 reviews)

Expert in Microsoft Excel and working as a Financial Services Consultant, I propose initiation and improvement Excel sessions

User-friendly courses around either exercises or solving specific cases and encountered problems.

(10 reviews)
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Enterprise computer tools - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

(6 reviews)
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Need to discover or tell a similar digital tools? To improve themselves?

* - * - * - * - * Idea for an original gift and always appreciated * - * - * - * - * There are new very friendly tools today. Tame them, do not be afraid. I can help. Learn at your own speed, without stress.

(3 reviews)
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Course in Excel VBA (beginners, intermediate, advanced) for creation of automated documents

I propose to teach you the basics knowledges of creating excel spreadsheets (beginner, intermediate and advanced), as well as excel VBA an easy programmation language for creating automated excel documents (for example: automatic schedules , comparison files, calculations, etc ...

(4 reviews)

Reps-Help tasks: Computer, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Wordpress, Social Network. ECDL basic and advanced examination. Tutor and school counselor. Bologna

Reps-homework help: English, Mathematics, Computer Science, Italian, Humanities, Philosophy, History. Tutor-Counselor. Bologna - Tutoring, Homework Help, themed lessons and tutoring from elementary to high school and adult-My name is Bruno and I studied at the Liceo Scientifico-computer and then Psychosomatic Counseling.

(13 reviews)

Computer courses all levels in the canton of Geneva from 10 years

Choice: 1- computer courses for students and students: correction and retrieval of exercises, training for exams. Price: 45 chf / h 2- private computer courses for the general public: all types of topics covered, initiation for children until the elderly. Price: 65 chf / h Please specify in your request the choice 1 or 2.

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I am a Passionate teacher who can make learning fun :) I have a strong expertise in Microsoft Office tools such as Excel, Word and Powerpoint

I take hands-on practical classes. My teaching style is a great mix of Theory and Practical. I make sure that the students can independently showcase their skills after the course is finished. The course is open for anyone who is passionate about excel and powerpoint and wants to do amazing things with the tool.

Paris 17e
(10 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

34 yo woman, nice, reliable, with good teaching skills, suggests computer courses

You do not understand anything about computers? You have the feeling that IT is too complicated for you? You would like to understand how to use it, thanks to a patient teacher? Or more preciselty, you may want to improve your skills on a key software? I am at your disposal to explain AT YOUR OWN PACE how to use your computer. Eventually...

(24 reviews)
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Word/Excel/PowerPoin tutoring /classes by an IT engineering student in Nancy and around

Je suis élève ingénieur à TECOM Nancy, école ingénieurs Mines Telecom suite aux classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles Maths SUP/maths SPE. Je vous propose des cours particuliers ainsi qu'une mise à niveau au niveau de la méthodologie en plus de la préparation aux concours.

(7 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Independent trainer gives courses of computer science (Office, Internet, photoshop, Programming) for any level on Geneva and around

My name is Jérôme and I am a professional trainer in Geneva. My classes are not academic but well adapted to an adult audience. We move together to reach the level YOU want. To do this, we spend a good time and good mood to achieve your goal.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Provides professional courses of Microsoft tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) + Possibility of courses in programming (HTML / JavaScript / Excel VBA)

This course is addressed to all users of office tools (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint), as well as programming languages ​​(HTML, JavaScript, Excel VBA for companies). Systems: Mac and Windows. Levels accepted: Courses adaptable to all levels.

(4 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Understand everything to use Excel in the personal, school and professional settings!

I propose first to identify your need by talking a few minutes over the phone. This allows me to offer a theoretical explanation and a practical demonstration before performing an exercise together. I also give you exercises to do alone, and then correct them with you.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Computer science engineer offers Introduction to programming or to Microsoft office suite.

I am currently a software engineer apprentice in the Research Institute against Digestive System Cancer (IRCAD) where I work on themes related to the digitization of medicine, particularly research against gastrointestinal cancer.

(3 reviews)

Support Informatique_Cours (Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint) - all levels - and about Biel

computer tutoring, office automation, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. private lessons with experienced teacher, it is you who direct the course and conduct. The course is fully implemented in an individual way. Education focused on understanding and not on short-term memory.

(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

From initiation to perfection, from the office to leisure, the computer made easy

From the simple handling of a smartphone to running a Web server, there is a long way and multiple branches to explore, but we could just learn to discover the possibilities of the Web or perfect ourselves on office tools. I am patient, good listener to what the student research, and hope to guide him/her towards his/her goal and make him/her autonomous.

Jardim Atalaia
(1 review)
1st lesson offered free !

Custom Classes Excel / Vba / Automation of Tasks / Creation of Worksheets and Systems

The class is free and customized according to the needs of the student. It is also possible to have a pre-structured planning so that the student knows the main tools and skills necessary to develop in Excel. The training goes beyond the conventional presentation of Excel functions, with an approach that focuses on productivity gains and real-world applications in the job market.

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