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Music is life, come learn with me and you will be at peace

providing positive learning experiences as well as building and maintaining effective behaviour management systems

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Musician looking for an opportunity to teach children everything with regards to music. I can play the flute, piano, guitar, ukelele​.

Every music lesson is based around a theme. When I give lessons I think about what I would like to cover during that lesson and then we make sure that the problem is dealt with. I approach each topic with a warm welcoming song then we begin the lesson. I have a Colourstrings Certificate in the Kodaly method and I am extremely fond of the Dalcroze method.

Outer West Durban
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Afford your child the opportunity to learn to play different musical instruments and make music in a group as well as making instruments out of waste materials and overall having fun learning the art

In musical appreciation classes we explore the different insturments and learn to make music with them as well as making musical instruments out of waste materials,. The whole aim of the classes is to have fun and teach the children the appreciation of music and grow a love for music in children.

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Designing student who has a knack for music. Plays instruments such as the Piano, Recorder and the Saxophone.

Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. It’s important for information to be engraved in someone’s memory so that the learning process becomes more easier.

Danielina (tinkie)
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Pre-primary teacher helping from 14:00 - 17:00 with school work, activities and helping for learning of exams at Mooinooi city at Sunshine pre- primary school thank you

Im working as a teacher for 5 years and from about 3 years ago i started giving exstra classes to help my children and all of my childre has just done better and better beacause i dont give up easy and i have about 10/children and 2 high school children my phone number is (concealed information) Tanja or (concealed information) Tinkie

Paris 3e
(32 reviews)

Play the Piano ! The pleasure of playing the Piano & the passion for the Piano

I suggest: 1) Private Piano lessons for children, adults, all ages and all levels, based on a custom musical followed : Discovery - methodical Learning - Development - Concert at the end of the year 2) Coaching comedians and actors (piano) For example, I was Professor of Piano actor Romain Cottard in the preparation of the play by Yasmina Reza, "How do you tell the game".

Paris 1er
(13 reviews)
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Piano, music theory and composition, for all ages and levels in Paris

Hello, formed in a Russian school at Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory (piano, composition) and actually pursuing studies at the Paris Conservatory in the class of composition, I offer piano lessons, music theory, music composition for people of all ages and levels . I can help you in many areas: listening, intonation, theory, writing, composition, orchestration and improvisation.

Paris 11e
(49 reviews)

Piano lessons with a smile for all levels (beginner as superior, preparation for competitions or exams ....) in Bastille street rocket or moving. On your keyboard :) ^^ ^^ :)

Eric graduated from the National Conservatory of Paris (1st prize and diploma of Master Artist and winner of the third cycle of over 20 National and International Competition), gives piano lessons for all levels and all ages, amateurs or professionals. Very nice and patient and adapts to any level. Street rocket (11th) on a grand piano.

Paris 11e
(11 reviews)

Experienced professional opera singer give singing lessons (all music style) in Paris

Hello! Professional opera singer graduated from the Boulogne-Billancourt Conservatory, I give voice lessons all styles for all ages and all levels, in relaxation and good humor. The voice is a complex instrument that sometimes learn to tame it gives us pleasure for us to sing.

(11 reviews)
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Musical language classes, music and piano initiation, in person or via Skype

Higher education degree in music. I do remedial classes in music theory and piano. In the theoretical classes (music theory) I incido quite in sight reading and study, apart from the actual theory. In piano lessons. a part of the body position and hand, I insist on musicality and the student to convey feelings through your body and hands touching a piece.

Ciudad de México
Paola shiadani
(55 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Do you want to learn how to play your favorite songs on the piano? Personalized Piano lessons, all ages, Time flexibility.

I am Paola, I studied Piano at the Faculty of Music at UNAM, Teacher of piano with 10 years of experience, you will learn to play from the first month Guaranteed. Methodology and pianistic technique focused on developing the skills in the piano, according to each level of the student, learn piano theory, piano scales, improve your counting; learn your favorite songs.

Marseille 1er
(13 reviews)
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Italian student offers guitar lessons for beginners and intermediates, from basics up to an evolution in Rock, Blues, Folk. (Marseille)

The courses are addressed firstly to the study of main concepts in music (harmony, tempo, melody), and to the developement of technical skills (chords, tab reading, scales etc) in order to begin a musical journey. Then, according to student's preferences, the course will be focused to the study of the guitar through various genres such as rock, blues, funk, folk, acoustic or electric.

Ciudad de México
Natalia isabel
(10 reviews)
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Piano Classes in Coyoacán. Children, adolescents and adults who are nervous or have learning disabilities. Teacher certified in Suzuki Method.

Natalia, student of VII semester of the race of Piano of the Faculty of Music of the UNAM. He teaches piano lessons to children 3 years of age and older, adolescents and adults. Children and people with learning disabilities, nervous or shy.

(5 reviews)
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Professional guitarist and media music composer (Master en Scoring for Film Television and Videogames at Berklee College of Music) teaching IN VALENCIA AND IN GANDIA.

In my guitar class I'd like the student to develop his theory and technique skill to the point where he can develop and master his own repertoire in complete freedom.

(7 reviews)
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Graduate from Los Angeles Musician´s Institute available for online Skype guitar lessons

Hello offer guitar lessons taught by graduates musicians at the Musician's Institute (GIT) Los Angeles, CA. Our classes are tailored to the level and needs of each student, offering a system of musical teaching enjoyable and effective for those who want to learn guitar as a hobby. Ofrececemos also harder for those who want to acquire a more professional level method.

(8 reviews)
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Electric and acoustic guitar classes in the Cascais area, focus on Brazilian popular music, funk / soul, musical perception, theory, harmony and improvisation

I am a musician, composer and arranger, I play electric and acoustic guitar. I began my studies at the age of 12 with classes at home, in São Paulo, after a few years, I went to study at a school called Groove, where I was introduced to the world of jazz and instrumental music.

(5 reviews)

Vocal coach - music therapist : singing lessons to measure

I TRAVEL AT HOME SINGING TEACHER, singer-musician (trained by SARAH SANDERS, coach of The Voice ...

(3 reviews)
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Initiation / course Harp (Paris and Skype)

You dream to learn this instrument? Celtic Harp is now accessible to all, from aged 10 and over with no notion of music theory at your own pace! Paris all year round (in my home or yours, only Paris and when I travel) and by appointment and on Skype! personalized monitoring website dedicated to current and exclusive online diary for students ..

(13 reviews)
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Musician and teacher gives lessons of arousal and musical training

A graduate of State for teaching the cello and musical training, degree in Musicology from the Sorbonne and holds many awards - 1 Award of Excellence, Award SACEM 3 and 6 Gold Medals - I teach Conservatory for several years. I offer cello lessons, piano, chamber music, musical awakening and training adapted to all levels and all ages, including adults, even beginners.

Paris 18e
(7 reviews)

French and English-speaking Graduate Student of the Paris National Conservatory Gives Piano Lessons

You've always dreamed of playing your favorite songs, but you've been put off by music theory when you were a kid, and you never really got started? You want to start the piano with your child, but you want to see if it really hooks, before thinking about enrolling in the conservatory? Today, it can be difficult to find your way around the huge offer when you are looking for a "piano...

Marseille 4e
(7 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Piano lessons for all levels during Piano Music Theory in Marseille (13004)

piano teacher and musical training I train children from 5 years through personnalisée.Préparation method to contest the conservatory and other competitions. Courses for all levels and all ages. I will be part of the jury of the music competition of France 2017 session Aix in Provence.

(7 reviews)
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DeSono fellow musician with several years of experience abroad offers solfeggio lessons in Turin

After graduating aged 20 at the Conservatory in Turin I continued my studies with a Master's degree in Switzerland, backed by a DeSono scholarship. Now back to Italy, I regularly teach solfeggio, harmony and music analysis to Conservatory students and people interested in deepening their musical knowledge.

Bridge of Earn
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Music lessons with 6 years teaching experience giving lessons of music theory to children and adults, with experience in care and special needs education.

I have given lessons from beginners, right through to professionals. I start from the basics, using the kodaly approach for children and also for beginner singers. For instrumentalists who are new, we start learning about the instrument as well as building up music theory on the side, as they become intertwined the more advanced you get as a musician.

Sant Boi de Llobregat
(3 reviews)

Private teacher of piano and musical language (certified) for children and adults of all ages in Sant Boi de Llobregat.

I am a piano teacher for children and adults of all age. I can teach classical and / or modern/ jazz piano , solfeggio, musical awareness and harmony. Individual lessons of 1 hour per week: 60 € per month to pay in advance the first class of each month.

(4 reviews)

Singing lessons and technical voice - singing and spoken voice - vocal coaching and stage expression - contemporary & modern music

My goal is to be a facilitator and help apprentices artists, children and young adults to understand their bodies and their voices (the first can not be dissociated from the second) and develop their abilities through a fun and enjoyable teaching because singing is primarily a pleasure. The cultural openness and the pleasure of sharing should be encouraged.

(6 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Piano and Musical theory lessons for beginners in Portsmouth (kids and adults)

I am a 22 years old Portuguese and have studied piano since I was 4 years old until I was 16 years old. Each class will have 1 hour and consists in musical education (G/F Cleff, scales, rhythm, etc.) and piano practice. It's aimed to piano beginners (from kids to adults). The first class it's FREE, aiming to know the student and his / her learning pace.

(7 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

♫ I am a Singer and I study Music ♫ I teach Canto + Musical Theory- Just sing with your heart

My methodology is totally practical, I also dictate according to the needs of each student, because we all learn in different ways and discover our ways of learning along the way, that is, in the process of learning to sing or know about theory and harmony musical.

São Paulo
(5 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Guitar teacher and guitar for regular classes in west São Paulo, or online to any location.

Classes can be to enlarge musical repertoire, improve concepts of musical harmony, or directed to the student who wants to understand how the musical improvisation. Many are the musical aspects and each lesson should be drawn according to the needs of each student.

Cornellà de Llobregat
(7 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Conservatory student at the Lyceum of Barcelona piano, music theory and musical production

It focuses on people who want to learn music from scratch or would like to build more agility around this specialty. I propose piano lessons, music theory and improvisation to get better fluency with the piano.

Ciudad de México
Iker edrei
(5 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Concert guitarist Lic. In the path of mastery, gives classes of musical initiation, guitar from popular to classical, solfeggio, harmony in CDMX

Classes of music focused on kinesthetic development, different for each age, aimed at practice rather than theory, with the time of the class distributed between practical development, technical development, theoretical and most important, with time for the needs and desires of the student .

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