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💰What is the average price of Italian lessons?
The average price of Italian  lessons is R329.

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From a sample of 1687 reviews, students rated their private tutors 5,0 out of 5.

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Are You Searching Italian Language Tutor Near Me?

French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian are all popular Romance languages, so it is therefore not surprising if you want to learn Italian. Italy is arguably one of the most picturesque countries in the world. Not only that but it also boasts rich culture, history, and the most UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world.


If your dream is to visit the Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, the Vatican, Sicily’s amphitheatre of Taormina, the Sistine Chapel, and La Scala Opera House in Milan, this could be sufficient motivation to take Italian lessons and immerse yourself in all of the exquisite sites and heritage that Italy has to offer.


It could be your passion for art, music, fashion, cuisine, or literature, that unsurprisingly draws you to anything and everything that is Italian! Perhaps it’s the fact that 13 of Shakespeare’s 38 great works were set in Italy!   


Today, there is a significant community of Italians residing in South Africa, approximately 60 000 – 70 000 of whom have made the Mother City, Cape Town, their home. Many celebrities in South Africa come from Italian descent. Have you heard of famous golfers Hugh Baiocchi and Rory Sabbatini, or the rugby player, Carlo Del Fava? Besides the sporting fraternity, there are many other well-known South Africans from other sectors with Italian ancestry. Debora Patta and Amore Vittone from television and entertainment, Don Mattera, the author-poet and anti-apartheid activist, as well as sculptor, Edoardo Villa, and many more.

The Arrival of Early Italian Immigrants to South Africa

The huge contribution of Italian immigrants to South Africa’s shores dates back to 1689 when some nationals escaping the Italian War of Independence arrived in the country. Later, about 96 000 Italian prisoners of war landed in South Africa during World War 2.


Not even the trying conditions of these events which were centuries apart could stop the Italians from triumphing above their circumstances. Offering skills and fresh ideas they brought noteworthy style and craftsmanship to all areas of design and cuisine. Since then, their inimitable passion, entrepreneurial flair, and family values still influence South Africans all over the country.  


If you are hoping to connect to your Italian heritage, travel around Italy, or advance your career in food, fashion, or the arts, you could search Italian language tutor near me.

The Important Role of Italian in Europe

Italian is prolifically spoken in Europe. Spoken by 69 million people in Europe, it is the 6th most highly spoken language and therefore plays an important role. Interestingly, Russian, spoken by 120 million is in the first place. This is followed by 95 million German speakers, 80 million French, and 70 million English speakers in fourth place. So despite the size of Italy, these figures should provide you with a few good reasons why to take an Italian class.

Italian Lessons: An Easy Way to Learn an Easy Language

Learning any new language requires time, discipline, and practice, but if you are an English speaker learning Italian, you are in luck! Italian, which is spoken by 90 million people around the world, and English have many important similarities. These similarities are found in all the Romance languages and even extend to aspects in architecture, fashion, literature, cinema, and food!   


In today’s global society it is increasingly advantageous to be bilingual in international languages. Taking Italian lessons is one of the easiest and fastest routes to help you to accomplish this.    


To begin your journey, consider your goals for desiring to study the language and then start searching Italian language tutor near me. This could have you spending hours surfing the web for a  tutor who hopefully has some reviews you can check out, alternatively, you could head to Superprof which has millions of tutors based in different locations around the world and is very easy to use.   


There’s no doubt that one of the fastest ways to learn any new language is with a private tutor. 


In South Africa, you could find an Italian class that will award you a Certificate of Knowledge for Italian that will cost around R280 to R300 an hour for either online or in-person lessons. Not only that, but you can have your starting lesson free and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the credentials of all Superprof tutors are pre-verified.  


The benefits of private tuition are undisputed. Besides the valuable individual attention that you receive, you will also have enough flexibility to be able to schedule your classes at times that suit you. A private tutor can also tailor your lessons to suit your unique learning goals. For instance, if you have a career in fashion that regularly takes you to Italy, your tutor could help you to focus on the type of vocabulary and business tone that is common to your industry. 

Language Immersion and Language Buddies

Language immersion is an extremely effective way to become fluent, pick up the colloquial language, and perfect pronunciation. To do this, one needs to live, work or travel for a lengthy period of time in Italy. By integrating yourself in this way, you will immerse yourself in the Italian language and culture.    


Not everyone can embark on such a joyous adventure, if this is you, you could find an Italian-speaking language buddy. You could even find someone as enthusiastic about learning your language as you are about theirs! Through your friendship and correspondence, whether that is online or in-person, you can be sure that you will progress in fluency. You will also notice a marked improvement when it comes to your reading, speaking, and listening confidence. 


While your traditional Italian class should be your main method for learning, language buddies and language immersion are fantastic ways to add depth to your language acquisition.   


Finally, there is a ton of free online content on the internet, some of which could be used as a supplementary resource to your Italian class. It is worthwhile to rather prioritise your search for an Italian language tutor near me and ask your teacher for recommendations on free content that is educationally sound and suited to your level of learning.    

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