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The average price of Geography  lessons is R158.

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Geography Map Lessons to Help You

When you reflect on the fact that satellite images have already mapped out every nook and cranny of the earth it is difficult to imagine that there is any need to learn Geography these days.   


You may even think that it is a dead science run by old academics and that Google can supply facts for every country in a heartbeat. Or perhaps you are wondering why anyone would train as a cartographer when GPS navigation can take you anywhere in the world.  


If you’re interested in Geography, you’ll be glad to know that none of this is true. In fact, there has never been a more important time in history for you to search Geography lessons than there is today. The thing is, we may think that we know all about the urbanisation of the world and its natural wonders, but how will we assess its fluctuations over periods of time if nobody is trained on how to observe them? 


What? The continents change?


Actually, the earth is constantly changing and so is the technology that measures it. Perhaps these are just some of the reasons that you are searching geography tutor wanted. 


When you take geography courses you will not only discover more about the world and its social systems but also more about careers in the field of geography that are available to you. 

What to Expect from Geography Courses

Geography is the science that observes human and physical processes as well as planet earth’s spatial patterns in a cohesive manner over time. It looks at the association between people and space as well as their interactions with the environment and its ecosystems.

Grade 10-12 Geography

In the South Africa schooling system, Geography is a Matric subject that is part of the Human and Social Sciences class of subjects. The aim for learners is to:


  • be able to explain spatial patterns of the world, as well as geographical processes.
  • make up-to-date judgements about environmental contexts and changes.
  • think analytically and innovatively about sustainable living.
  • recognise how values and attitudes influence the environment.
  • apply geographical skills and techniques to assess the complexities of a fast-changing world.

Important Careers for Geography

There are many available opportunities for geography degree graduates. From climatologists and conservationists to oceanographers and those who are skilled in geographic information systems and urbanisation, geography knowledge can provide a career that is extremely important for the sustainability of life on the planet.   


These days, fewer people are majoring in Geography at university which makes one wonder who will fill these jobs in years to come.


Geography impacts many jobs and if you consider the impact that natural world disasters have on global economics, it is logical that you might find economists taking geography courses so that they can interpret important information to enable them to do their jobs better. 

The Value of Searching Geography Tutor Wanted

The massive impact of climate change, as well as other challenging conservation factors, means that geography knowledge has become a key intervention and solution for many of the world’s solutions today. Geography is a broad science that is broken down into varied branches such as: 


  • Applied Geography:  the connection between humans and the natural environment.   
  • Biogeography: the study of biological communities and ecosystems.
  • Urban Studies: the study of how urbanisation affects the planet.    
  • Social Geography: the fundamental link between social occurrences and their environment.
  • Cultural Geography: the study of culture, artefacts, and their links to their locations.
  • Climatology: the study of climate and its effect on the planet.
  • Economic Geography: the study of how global economics, as well as the distribution of wealth and space ultimately impact the world.
  • Environmental Geography: the study of how people and the environment relate. 


As you can tell Geography boasts many sub-specialties. So if for instance, you are looking for geography map lessons, make sure that you make it known that it is the area of geography that you want to focus on.   

Take Extra Geography Map Lessons

Whether you are looking for geography courses or just a few online geography lessons, the right tutor is key to your success. When it comes to searching geography tutor wanted, make sure that you know what your reasons are for searching geography lessons in the first place.   


Perhaps you want to improve your Matric geography marks (which will impact your overall aggregate), or simply need extra tuition for a difficult aspect of your geography degree.


Taking geography lessons online is becoming a popular way to learn because of its convenience, savings on travel time, and general affordability.  


Fortunately, if you are searching geography map lessons, all this is still possible with a private tutor, all you need is good internet access and a webcam. 


Whether it’s geography map lessons or any other aspect of the subject, when you use a platform like Superprof there are several benefits.


Firstly, using Superprof means that you need not spend hours and hours searching for geography tutor wanted on the internet, because, with the use of just a couple of filters, you could be presented with a list of tutors whose credentials have already been verified for you.


This means that you can rest assured that your geography tutor wanted will not be potentially tailored to your needs, but that the tutor is not just a fly-by-night individual who does not know their subject matter!

Where Could Your Geography Courses Take You?

Even if you don’t intend to become a world-famous adventurer like Robert Ballard (who found the Titanic wreck) or Bear Grylls, your geography courses could help to prepare you for a brilliant career depending on your particular passions.


Given that there are many sub-specialties, you must try to identify your main interests before you commence your search for geography lessons. 


For example, if you want to focus on environmental change and contribute to the planet’s sustainability for years to come, make sure that you discuss all this with your potential tutor upfront.


An excellent time to have discussions about your particular areas of interest is at your first Superprof lesson which is often for free.   


So if you’re trying to find geography lessons because you’re challenged by your map reading, make sure that you make this known to your potential tutor so that valuable time is not spent on the many other aspects of geography.   

What do you want to learn?