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💰What is the average price of Chinese lessons?
The average price of Chinese  lessons is R339.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

  • The experience of your teacher
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Many of our Chinese teachers offer lessons online.

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6929 tutors are currently available to give Chinese lessons.

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From a sample of 981 reviews, students rated their private tutors 5,0 out of 5.

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Learn the Chinese Language with a Private Tutor

"Never be tired of learning or teaching others." Confucius

Upon stumbling across an article about fifteen-year-old Boitshepo, it became clear that even the Department of Basic Education (DBE) in South Africa is thinking about including languages such as Mandarin as part of school curriculum. The reason why Mandarin is considered an important language in our country is because of the growing political ties between South Africa and Beijing.


There are also many South African teachers accepting teaching posts in China. If you are a teacher wishing to spread the language of English in China, it is equally important for you to be able to speak Chinese too. Being South African, the thought of learning to speak Chinese can be overwhelming. For one writing in Chinese is not anything like writing in English, IsiZulu, or IsiXhosa. Having said that, determination plays a role in how you can go from being clueless about Chinese to fluent in Chinese. Taking private tutorials in the language is another way in which you can learn to speak the language in no time.


Having a private tutor helps because a private tutor will structure Chinese tutorials according to your desired language learning style. When it comes to the dedication needed to master Chinese, a private tutor can ensure that you remain dedicated throughout your language learning journey. A private tutor will also work at your learning pace and even structure language lesson to match your learning needs.

The Perks of a Private Chinese Tutor

It was Nelson Mandela who stated how respectful it is to greet a man in his mother tongue. Imagine interacting with a Chinese student online or in-person to teach him or her English and showing him or her how well you can speak in his or her mother tongue language as well. When teaching someone, respect is not just gained but earned, and this surely is a way to gain respect.


However, with Chinese being worlds apart from South Africa's official languages, it can be a mission to get started. Getting started, however, is easier than you may think. Get motivated to learn the language by thinking of how much you will benefit in your career and personal life just by learning the language. Keeping this thought in mind, Chinese lessons are your way of obtaining a successful career in the future. Being able to list Chinese as a language that you are proficient in on your CV will also be desirable to all your future employees.


Zhùhé  (Congratulations), worldwide success can be obtained by learning Chinese.

Chinese Courses Near Me: The Key to a Successful Future

For people working in the tourism industry in South Africa, speaking basic Chinese is beneficial. South Africa has become a popular tourist destination for Chinese tourists. Even if you wish to be a tourist and visit China, knowing vocabulary and how to formulate sentences in the language can help. To learn Chinese in South Africa, you can get some help from a qualified Mandarin Chinese tutor. Just like Marco Polo, you too can speak the language of Kublai Khan in no time.


Finding a native Chinese tutor will also be beneficial on your Chinese learning journey. Journey to China without having to fly there in a plane. A native Chinese tutor will start teaching you the language by looking at the history of the language. Can you find a native Chinese tutor or even a second or third-language Chinese-speaking tutor in South Africa?


Yes, Superprof tutors offer lessons in the language as well. You can take an online lesson with a Chinese Superprof tutor or you can opt for a face-to-face lesson. The ball is in your court as to how you would like to learn more about the Chinese culture and become perfectly multilingual.

Chinese Cultural Curiosity

Are you curious about the official language of the People's Republic of China? Learning a new language is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the country's culture and history.


The culture of the people of a country is intertwined with the language they speak. While the Department of Basic Education (DBE) is still contemplating how to integrate this language into the CAPS curriculum, you could get a head start on your Chinese language learning journey by taking lessons with a private tutor. Private lessons can be more intensive and far more fun than group lessons. You can openly speak the language to your tutor without having stage fright about speaking the language in front of others. Unlock the rich history that the Chinese lands conceal with the help of a private tutor.


With a history as rich as the silk fabric that the Chinese are famous for, you can't help but enjoy learning all about the Chinese language and culture. Small gestures like lightly shaking someone's hand and receiving gifts with both hands are considered a sign of respect in China, so learning Chinese means learning correct etiquette too.

Finding an Affordable Chinese Tutor

Chinese is an amalgamation of different dialects and variations of the single language. Did you know that we have the Pretoria Chinese School which offers children the chance to learn Mandarin? However, if you wish to enroll yourself in Mandarin classes without having to change schools or move, Superprof tutors will be an asset for you. Many Superprof tutors charge reasonable rates for their tutorial lessons. Most of our tutors offer a lesson for free. The free lesson can be your way of seeing whether a tutor is the right fit for you or not.


All our Chinese tutors are there to assist you in bettering your language skills and they will guide you as you learn more about the country, Chinese culture, and history. Private face-to-face tutorials will cost you about R150 or more per hour. If this seems too costly for you, you can pay considerably less for online tutorials with our Superprof tutors. When it comes to choosing a Chinese tutor, remember to choose wisely.

As the Chinese proverb goes, "A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study."

Did you find a wise tutor on the Superprof site?

Bettering Learning with a Chinese Language Tutor

Remember a Chinese tutor will help you with everything from learning how to pronounce unfamiliar Chinese words to learning how to write Chinese. You might have guessed that this can be quite a big challenge. Are you up for the challenge?


You must know that most of our Chinese tutors teach Chinese part-time because they are keen on sharing their love for the language. If you are not ready to dip your feet into the language of the Chinese, you can learn several other languages with the help of our Superprof tutors.


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step." Chinese Proverb.

What do you want to learn?