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Qualified scientist in Gauteng offering tutoring lessons in several areas of biology for individuals and groups

I use several different teaching methods depending on the student and their capabilities. I feel that every learner has the potential to learn if they are taught in the manner that is best suited for their needs. Many learners prefer learning through experimentation or real-life examples and I provide these various different methodology in my teachings.

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First year Psychology student offering Biology/Life Science lessons up to Gr12 level in Stellenbosch.

My teaching method primarily consists of explanations and descriptions. Illustrations and graphs are used regularly throughout my teachings. I try to use analogies as much as possible as one can easily connect old memories with new information. I am a artistic person and hope to improve my students study methods as much as I can using colour, graphs, pictures and explanations.

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Medical Scientist Qualified in Clinical Anatomy and Cell Morphology, UFS. Rustenburg RSA

I give classes that are for Grade 10-12 pupils and medical sciences students studying Anatomy. I can do face to face or on-line training. My lessons are tailor made to the students needs and level of understanding. Patience is key.

De Rust
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I am a Teacher of Anatomy, with years of experience making Anatomy lessons fun. I am based in De Rust and can teach in Oudtshoorn or on the Coast.

My teaching methods are various, using films, short Youtube. I ask the student to draw, color in and label the various parts of the body. We will find the body parts like bones, joints and muscles on themselves. I use colorful posters and draw on a white board. I like to do Brain gym before the lesson to help activate and integrate the right and left brains.

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Recently qualified doctor. Passionate about teaching and working with and shaping young minds!

My teaching method depends on the student. I try to individualize the lesson plans depending on the type of method each learner responds to.

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Vibrant performance graduate, current Biokinetics Student willing to pass on some of the most valuable knowledge

My teaching method is all about being practical! Too often teachers forget we need the practical stuff to understand the technical stuff. I believe that every single person has the key to unlock their knowledge if it is taught in the manner YOU understand and grasp concepts.

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Pharmacy student offering lessons in biology up to university level in grahamstown

My teaching method is simple, explain the information in such a way that an arbitrary person can understand, that way once you have a good foundation of understanding, any question requiring application becomes second nature.

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Business professional offering Biology & Science for Grades 8-12 as well as Business Leadership coaching for tertiary students.

Every student is different in their level of knowledge and understanding of any subject. My experience has taught me to understand the environment of the student first, how they see and understand the subject matter in a very complex world of growing up. People skills are key to successful teaching.

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Private teacher offering assistance with Biology, Science, English, Maths Afrikaans in Benoni

I base my lesson on whatever is discussed and agreed on with each client. Lessons can be individual or in small groups. Various techniques are used to unlock different subjects and topics depending on the content and level of understanding of student.

East London
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Environmental educator at East London Zoo, to tutor Biology and associated subjects.

My teaching method is through demonstrations, experiments pictures and videos so to inspire the students. I also understand that each individual leaner has their own unique way of understanding the world according to how they have formulated their own opinion of it, and thus have a lot to bring to the table when teaching them about natural sciences.

Nonhlanhla cynthia
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I'm an Education graduate, Offering Life Sciences, english, and Agricultural Sciences in Pretoria.

I plan my lessons in a way that accommodates each and every student, regardless of their learning barriers. I make sure that my lessons are fun, interesting and educative. I collaborate with teachers, learners, and parents to ensure that my approaches are revelavent, effective and produce good results.

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Qualified Environmental Health Practitioner with 17 years experience based in Stanford, South Africa

My teaching method is based on notes on each module in a subject with research instructions on some aspects of that module which must be handed in on a certain date to be marked and after completion of a module a comprehensive written test on that module.

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Biological sciences student offering classes up to matric level and currently enrolling with wits university.

My teaching method is i ensure that mostly with biology,i first ensure that the students have a backround on an essential terminology in that aspect and therefore explain everything in context.

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Physiology graduate (BSc. Physiology - North West University - 2014) teaching biology, physiology & anatomy in Johannesburg, South Africa

I am very good at breaking down complex systems & mechanisms into more simple & bite-size portions and helping students learn via a simplified method that has worked well for me. I also learn well myself via visual, auditory & kinaesthetic pathways so I can effectively help students whichever pattern they prefer.

Cape Town
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Occupational Therapy student offering biology/life science tutoring up to second year university

My teaching method includes assisting learners individually and working at their pace. I also work with learners in the areas that they request help in, in order to use the time we have together as efficiently and productively as possible.

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Animal Scientist working towards getting a Master's In Animal Science, tutoring Animal microbiology, Animal Anatomy and Physiology, Biotechnology in Animal science, and Animal Breeding lives in Durban

Since i have been a student i know for sure what methods work and what don't. i work with the methods that work to students in my teaching. the topics and presentation of work is brilliant.

Dr dale lane
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Medical Doctor and Educator to teach Biology/Sciences/English from Primary school level through to Postgraduate level - online tuition

I am always available to ask questions if you don't understand something. My concurrent experience in Education has extended from Grade R to Postgraduate students. Your success is my success and I am patient but determined to see you excel. I want to be there to make your personal dreams come true.

Cape Town
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Culinary student offering biology and english lessons in cape town closer to the CBD

my methodology is visual learning i believe you learn and remember better when you can actually visualize the thing and i believe in giving a clear in depth information on a topic for better understanding. I can easily adapt to any preferred learning style as well.

1st lesson offered free !

Im an animal health technician who is studying further in the natural science dept who can teach biology and english up to matric level

i use teaching methods like class lecture, student presentation, group work, home work, video / projection lecture, practical work, individual work, special individual assistance. i can give lessons to students up to matric level.

1st lesson offered free !

Microbiology and chemistry student offering biology lessons in Mafikeng. Hit me up

I give lessons to learners who are still in secondary school, grade 10 - grade 12. I`m really patient and I invest time in making sure my learners have fully understood the content I am tutoring. I am versatile and I have different ways to engage different learners to learning.

1st lesson offered free !

I am a Consumer Science student who has a very good knowledge in biology and am excellent with teens

I focus on practical excersises, in this way the student can typically see what he/she struggles with. I am dynamic and effective and have great patience when it comes to tutoring, I will continue untilll the student understand, or find another way to help the student.

1st lesson offered free !

Medical student offering tutoring classes in anatomy and physiology. Provides life sciences and agricultural sciences to high school students. Based in Pietermaritzburg near scottsville

I give lessons to grade 11 & 12 learners, life sciences and agricultural sciences. Basic anatomy and physiology to 1st and 2nd year varsity students. Method of teaching -You provide topics which you would like me to cover with you.

1st lesson offered free !

I live in Johannesburg, I teach maths, physical science and life science

I encourage the freedom to ask questions, self-paced and self-directed learning to students through the extra classes that I offer. I do one-on-one lessons from 8 to 12, I also do home lessons for those who need to be taught at the comfort of their homes.

Cape Town
1st lesson offered free !

Marine and Applied Biology graduate offering Biology lessons in the Helderberg area

My lessons are focused on you and your needs. We will focus on areas you may struggle with or just need a new perspective on. My main strategy is to make biological content more relatable and explain it in simpler, easier to understand contexts.

Port Elizabeth
1st lesson offered free !

I am a science student offering Biology lessons in Port Elizabeth.

I first do an overview of a topic for the learner so that they know what to expect, then I explain the necessary terminology for that topic. I use pictures, graphs and diagrams to give better understanding to the learner.

Durban North
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Biokineticist & Masters student teaching Anatomy & Physiology Lectures in Durban, South Africa.

I believe all students are different and learn differently. My teaching methodology is to establish an individualized teaching method for each student, with practical applications, different learning methods and task, to ensure complete understanding of the subject at hand for each student. One can only learn a subject through understanding and confidence in learning.

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Homoeopathy 2nd year student, can help with anatomy, biology and chemistry for first year students

I know whar it's like to sit in a lecture and feel tgat the lecturerer is talking a completely different language that you can't seem to understand. My teaching method is to simplify the work to help you understand, I believe things just make more sense when it's written or explained in the words of a student or drawn by a student.

Port Elizabeth
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Medical students needs the basic understanding of biology which is life study

approach of each lesson depends on the lesson and also on the students that you are dealing with at that point in time. My lessons are student designed in a manner that they are interesting yet educational.

Cape Town
1st lesson offered free !

Bachelors of Sciences in Occupational Therapy, UCT Med School, Student with excellent knowledge in Life Sciences, Biology and the human body.

My teaching method is to focus on understanding core topics and the processes of how things are done. I advice students to come with questions or key points to focus on before the lesson to make it most affective.

1st lesson offered free !

Biomedical Science student offering biology, science and study skills lessons up to university level in Randburg

I approach each topic by breaking it down into its most basic components and then building it up bit by bit so that whatever question you’re asked, you are able to answer it fully and confidently.

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