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  • Physics
  • Electrochemistry
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An IITian from IIT INDORE, having deep knowledge about physics, chemistry and maths, especially mathematics. Being an IITian can help you achieve the target


My teaching method is very simple and to the point. Deep study is reflected from my teaching. Being an IITian can explain step wise step solution to the answer.Also can provide deep explanation with full concept in an easier and simple way.


I am a B.Tech student from IIT , INDORE. I am the district 3rd topper in CBSE and secured very good rank in JEE-2016. Got 94.60% in class 12th and 9.6/10 CGPA in class 10th.
Currently an IITian pursuing B.Tech and hard-working person.


Rate for online lessons : R40/h
Lessons offered by Ashutosh
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Electrochemistry
  • Adult education
  • Undergraduate
  • Masters
  • Diploma
  • Doctorate

Ashutosh's CV

(Ashutosh Gupta) +91 – ((concealed information))
B.Tech | (Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science) (concealed information)
Indian Institute of Technology, Indore (concealed information)
OBJECTIVE:   To enhance my experience and knowledge in the field of Materials Science and Engineering and to secure a responsible career opportunity, where I can fully utilize my training while making a significant contribution to the success of my educational life.

Internship: Internship with TATA-GE (General Electric) joint venture for deciding the matrix material suitable for filing the hollow complex part so as to do machining on the work-piece without distorting the part. (On Going)
Domain: Materials and Mechanical Engineering
Description: The Company is manufacturing LEAP engine parts. One of the main problems was the manufacturing of engine casing which is a hollow complex part of which machining (roughing, turning, etc) has to be done with being material within the tolerance value. To manufacture such part, matrix material is to be used to fill the void so as to make the part rigid and less prone to breakage. Also the matrix material must be free of Lead and Cadmium as these are hazardous and are prohibited in USA.

Role Played: Researched and decided the best suitable matrix material which has high compressive strength and can absorb vibrations while machining. The best suitable material was found to be Ultra-High-Molecular-Polyethylene (UHWPE). It is having good strength and is nontoxic. Also it has low melting point around 130 ℃ so that it can be easily moulded and poured in the void and can easily be removed because of its non-toxic nature. This material was decided by me and now the company is experimenting to get the desired output.

Project: Parametric investigations to improve the thermo-mechanical properties of CuAlNi Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Bi-morph (On Going
Domain: Materials Engineering
Description: The influence of growth substrate temperature on the development of CuAlNi SMA over Kapton Polyimide sheet and its effect on tuning the thermo-mechanical behavior has been investigated. Morphological, structural, thermal and life cycle analysis has been performed. Actuation of SMA Bi-morph at various temperatures using different actuation technologies such as Joule heating and contactless induction heating.

Role Played: Deposited the thin film of SMA on the polyimide sheet using thermal evaporation technique. Designed and developed a compact Joule heating actuation setup using Arduino and relay circuit. As developed setup has been used for actuating the Bi-morph at different electrical conditions and results were correlated with the material properties.

Project: Designing and construction of an Automobile all terrain 4-wheeler vehicle.(May, 2017- January,2018)
Domain: Mechanical Engineering

Description: BAJA SAE is an intercollegiate design competition run by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Designing of the all-terrain vehicle using various designing software, constructing the vehicle which is safe, cost-efficient, can be plied on all types of terrain. With a team of around 25 students, I am constructing the 4-wheeler all terrain automobile vehicle.

Role Played: I had worked under the department of suspension and braking systems. Formed the roll cage of the vehicle along with the team members. Analysed the material to be used in making various parts of the vehicle.

Percentage Secured

B.Tech *
Indian Institute of Technology, Indore.
(8.46)/ 10 (CPI)

Intermediate, (CBSE)
Saint James Sr. Sec. School, Hardoi

High School, (CBSE)
Saint James Sr. Sec. School, Hardoi
(9.6)/ 10 (CGPA)

*up to 4th Semester


Materials Science
Mechanics of Materials
Engineering Graphics
Basic Mechanical Engineering
Physical Metallurgy
Computer Programming ( C, C++ )
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Designing software: CATIA (basics), AutoCAD.
Domain Programming: C, C++
Others: Laser Displacement Sensor to analyze the displacement of SMA Bimorph graphically, Physical vapor deposition, the functioning of lathe machine for surfacing, turning, of metal pipes, Gas Welding to weld the pipes for the formation of roll cage of the vehicle.

Nano-materials ● Shape Memory Alloys ● Materials Science
Robotics ● Semiconductor Physics ● App development


Participated in BAJA-2018 organised by SAE, India.
Demonstrated the project at Industry Academia Conclave (IAC) -2017 organized by IIT Indore.
Attended Workshop on App Development.
Participated in Inter-IIT Sports Meet 2017.
Built up a robo-car and won the third prize in robo racing competition organized by IIT Indore in 2016.
Among 14 lakh students, secured 3005 rank in the category in JEE ADVANCE – 2016.
Captain of Basketball team: inter-School and intra-IIT.
School’s Annual-fest co-ordinator, marketing and publicity team member of Fluxus- IIT Indore.


Date of Birth: 31st August 1997
Father’s Name: Late. Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta
Hobbies: Playing basketball, playing Cricket, listening to Bollywood songs, traveling. (Ashutosh Gupta)

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