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« I have worked with Jacqueline for over five year now as my co and... More »
« I have worked with Jacqueline for over five year now as my co and main supervisor at the University. I have learnt a lot while engaging with her on several projects and in my academic work. I strongly recommend her as tutor for superprof as she is very particular to details and gives clear direction and support. Her English is excellent and easy to comprehend. »
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Experienced Professor devoted to capacity building - building your self esteem, skills and preparation for work environment


I will tailor make the lesson to suit your needs. If you are right at the beginning of your thesis I will start with proposal writing to give you the best opportunity to get your proposal accepted. My help will assist you in getting your thesis through in 3 years rather than in 5! So this will save you money in the long run. I will take you through the chapters, methodology, analysis, and presentation of your findings. Depending on where you are in your work. I also give lessons on how to write a journal article and will talk you through this process to assist your publication opportunities

My teaching philosophy is if you despair rather repair! Don't despair - I am there to help you repair and to have feelings of pride and hope - so you reach the goals and become the best that you possibly can!


25 years of experience in an academic environment. English first language but also fluent in French. Have supervised Master's and PhD students since 2009 and since then published numerous papers in peer review journals - co-authored with students or sole author. I have assisted students who have struggled too put together a proposal and complete their thesis - or/and journal articles and presentations (power point) and know how to nurture and ensure the students attain their goals - and are able to go out into the workplace with confidence and excellent mastery of language - spoken and written


Rate for online lessons : R375/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : R1700
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : R3200


RMy rates are 2 800 rand per day but I charge between 300 and 375 an hour - depending on the number of hours required and the urgency of the assignment.

Lessons offered by Jacqueline
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Jacqueline's CV

Associate Professor Jacqueline

Languages Fluent English, French and Afrikaans

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Cape Town, June 2005. Thesis entitled ‘Trust and Transformation in the Water Sector in South Africa’

BA Honours Anthropology, Rhodes University, December 1987

BA University of Cape Town, 1973, majors, anthropology, history of art and drama
Extra-Ordinary Associate Professor of Anthropology and Water Sciences, Centre of UNESCO Chair in Groundwater, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of the Western Cape

Project leader for social component (namely Citizen Science) for Danish-funded (DANIDA) research project entitled ‘Enhancing Sustainable Groundwater in South Africa’ (ESGUSA) in collaboration with the International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
A review of the extent of Gender Mainstreaming in the Water Policy and Practices in Southern African Region: Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Pretoria in collaboration with the WRC and GWP-SA

CGIAR Challenge Programme for Water and Food Phase 2 “Integrated management of rainwater to improve smallholder productivity and livelihoods and reduce risk” Project Leader for Work Package 4 entitled “Water Governance in the Limpopo Basin”. This project examines small water infrastructure (SWIs) and determines adequate governance and gender sensitive arrangements around the maintenance, control, use, protection and conservation of these SWIs

Water Research Commission Project (K5/1971): An institutional adequacy index using a multi-dimensional poverty and development theoretical framework (2010 - 2013). This project takes an expanded Capability Approach using feminist philosophers to create a theoretical frame for considering institutional adequacy of water resources management institutions such as catchment management agencies and ideals of diversity and sameness, advantage and disadvantage and social justice

Project leader for the Integrated Rain Water Harvesting Project (September 2009 – November 2012), monitoring and evaluation component. This included the design, implementation and analysis of the baseline household poverty survey in four villages in the Ehlanzeni District Municipality of Mpumalanga Province (740 questionnaires). It also included the design of the qualitative component of the study. The IRWHP, funded by the African Development Bank Water Facility has placed an equal emphasis on learning and community building activities as it has on innovative, site specific rain water harvesting infrastructure. This is the current site of investigation for three Master’s students

Project Leader for the Social Component of a Water Research Commission Project led by the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) entitled “An investigation into the social, institutional and economic implications of reusing wastewater for domestic application in South Africa” with a focus on shame, social justice and human rights


Supervision of 4 Master’s students and 3 PhD students. Also see below external examination and reviews

• External examiner University of Pretoria Department of Natural Sciences and Agriculture
• External examiner University of Cape Town Department of Environmental and Geographical Science
• External reviewer Human Development and Capability Approach Journal
• External reviewer Development Bank of Southern Africa Journal
• External reviewer Oxford Development Studies Journal
• External reviewer for Journal of Physics and Chemistry of the Earth

1) I have a passion for research methodology and I have run numerous courses on theoretical and practical research methodology with the following focus areas:

 Semi-structured interviews
 Stakeholder engagement
 Participatory mapping
 Emoticon charts
 Participatory venn diagrammes and matrices
 Participatory monitoring and evaluation
 Actor network mapping
 Vulnerability (and resilience) assessments
 Assessments of disadvantage and advantage – difference/sameness and social justice
 Analysis and presentation of results

 Questionnaire design
 Survey errors and how to avoid them
 Training of interviews for survey application
 Field implementation of structured questionnaires
 Analysis and presentation of quantitative data

2) I am able to motivate, encourage, guide and promote capacity building for students – both under graduate and post-graduate
 How to assimilate information from an academic journal article
 How to summarise main points from a journal article
 Development of a literature review
 Referencing – perfecting bibliography and references
 Identification of objectives, aims, hypothesis for thesis
 How to write a journal article
 Editing journal articles

3) Facilitation
 I am skilled in facilitating multi-stakeholder workshops
 I am skilled in facilitating inter-disciplinary workshops (facilitating dialogue between engineers and social scientists)
 I am skilled in facilitation between academics/researchers and grassroots communities to. Narrow the gap between ‘science of the people’ and academic or formal ‘science’

Associate Professor, WaterNet Chair for Water and Society, Institute for Water Studies, University of the Western Cape, Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Natural Science

Co-ordinator of Water and Society SADC Master’s Programme in Integrated Water Resources Management. The topics under this theme are Water and Security, Environmental Education for Sustainable Development, Water Demand Management and Water and Development

Chair of the Curriculum Review Committee for Water and Society for the WaterNet Regional Master’s Programme, curriculum development, alignment and quality control for Water and Society and curriculum design for Water and Development and Water Demand Management Modules

South African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU), Challenges faced by AGRISA in attracting gender and youth into their structures. An analysis of the challenges faced by women and youth in the agricultural sector (see reports below)

Department of Water Affairs Botswana in partnership with SIWI and UNDP training 1) gender mapping and participatory methods, January 2013

Department of Water Affairs Botswana in partnership with SIWI and UNDP training 1) “research and research uptake into policy” and 2) participatory research methods with a focus on gender and diversity, November 2012

Oppenheimer Grant (May 2010, May 2013) and Oppenheimer Grant (May 2009), hosted by the African Studies Centre, Oxford, headed by Professor William Beinart - to research the application of Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach for the Water Sector.

UNESCO Project entitled “Harvesting Best Practice and Capacity Building for Ground Water Management in the SADC region” Project Leader (2010/2011) researcher assistant to Professors Braune and Xu in the development of a stakeholder guide for this project

Head of African Water Issues Research Unit (AWIRU), University of Pretoria Water Institute, University of Pretoria (February 2007 – February 2009), research position

South Africa, Country Project Leader for Phase One of the Challenge Programme for Water and Food (CGIAR) project entitled ‘African Models of Transboundary Governance’

AWIRU/UWC/CSIR implemented the UNESCO Workshop ‘The strategic role of water in alleviating the human tragedy associated with HIV/AIDS and poverty in Southern Africa,’ November 2007

IDASA/USAID project entitled ‘Youth as catalysts for social cohesion and anti-corruption’. The project was implemented through a partnership agreement between the NGO ‘Ecolink’ and the AWIRU and it included a survey instrument to measure social capital and social cohesion. A product of this project was the development of a dramatic street theatre puppetry production to engage more directly with youth and work with issues of inclusion/exclusion, gender, corruption and social cohesion


• Data analysis and research reports on Assessment of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Social Security Service Delivery at National and Provincial Level, (2003/04), includes Regional Report, Pay Point Report (1200 pay points) and Beneficiary Report (5000 respondents) prepared for the Department of Social Development, Directorate: Monitoring, Evaluation and Auditing
• Independent evaluator (2002 – current) Impumelelo Innovations Trust Award where I have evaluated 27 community based water and sanitation projects
• Chairperson, Global Water Partnership, Country Water Partnership South Africa
• Board Member, Research Committee R25, International Sociological Association
• Trustee: WWF South Africa
• Reference Group Member: Water Research Commission for two current (and two past) Reference Groups
• Headed Research Institute for Socio Economics (RISE) lodged within Research Surveys (October 2001 – June 2003). See relevant project experience during this time
• Doctoral Student in the Project Admin-Africa. The role of Trust in Public Administration (2000 – 2003) a collaboration between the School of Government (UWC) and the University of Bergen. The doctoral thesis was funded by NUFU, Norway. The project examined the role of trust and social capital in development and included the dissemination of papers and seminars around both the empirical and theoretical aspects of social cohesion and social capital
• Social Impact Assessments for DWAF: Aspoort Dam Project
• Provincial Development Council: Member of the Human Research Specialist Committee
• Capacity building and training audit: Western Cape and Northern Cape
• Social Impact Assessments: Goodwood Casino, Belhair Olympic Stadium
• National Water Conservation Campaign lead Research Officer (1996/1997) working under the leadership of Dr Guy Preston

I was based at the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit (SALDRU) at the School of Economics, University of Cape Town from 1989 to 1994 and 1996 to 2004 where I worked as the personal assistant to Professor Francis Wilson. As a Scientific Officer at SALDRU I was actively involved in the following:

• Questionnaire Design and piloting of Survey on Poverty and Labour Markets, implemented in Khayelitsha/Mitchell’s Plain in 2000
• Field Director and Chief Research Officer for the Intra Household Poverty Study, Langeberg, Southern Cape (SALDRU/Mellon Foundation with the collaboration of Anne Case and Angus Deaton, Princeton University). This was a complex intra household poverty study and my role included implementing the anthropometric health module (administered to every member of the household) as team leader for that aspect of the project, questionnaire design, training of interviewers, validation and cross checks throughout the survey
• Performance of Labour Intensive Public Works in the Western Cape Province: Evaluation and case studies for the Working for Water Programme (DWAF). Collaborative project with International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI): Washington DC working under the leadership of Dr Michelle Adato
• Personal Assistant to Director: Professor Francis Wilson. Research officer for Project for Statistics on Living Standards and Development (PSLSD), funded by the World Bank, Washington DC, in collaboration with the then new South African government. The PSLSD is a National Baseline Living Standards Survey conducted in 9000 households. The survey comprised a standardised poverty questionnaire and an anthropometric module for young children
• International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington DC (November 2003). Analysis and process for Comparative Qualitative Analysis: Transitions Project on Poverty Dynamics. (KIDS 2001) where I worked as research assistant to the Project Leader, Dr Michelle Adato, Project

People’s Security Project (2002/03). This was an extensive inquiry into vulnerability and security and was a 15 country comparative household study. I was fully responsible for the South African component. This entailed implementing a household survey with a sample size of 2099 respondents in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. The project was funded by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Geneva. The activities included questionnaire design and data analysis. A paper was presented at the final Technical Conference in Geneva and in Dar es Salaam in 2003

The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry requested an Exit Strategy for the Working for Water Programme in (2002). The Exit Strategy was deployed to inform the Contractor Development Programme for this Public Works Programme with a particular focus on women and issues of exclusion and inclusion. The Exit Strategy was informed by qualitative and quantitative research. Data was gathered so that the enabling factors for black entrepreneurs could be isolated. The aim was then to see whether and in what ways workers could enter into the informal labour market and gain labour market security. I was fully responsible for the questionnaire design as well as the analysis and presentation of data

Project Leader for Survey on Violence Prevention through Urban Renewal in Site B (2002). This was a pilot project and was a collaboration between the German Bank of Reconstruction and Development and the City of Cape Town. The project activities included project design, analysis and presentation of the data

Project leader for Customer Satisfaction Survey for Rand Water (2002) in Gauteng. I was fully responsible for the conception, questionnaire design, analysis and presentation of data

Social Cost Benefit Analysis for the Training Component of the Working for Water Programme (2001/02) – equity and justice. The project was funded by USAID in collaboration with Nathan and Associates.

Economic Growth, Poverty Reduction and Social Protection: Theory, Evidence and Implications for Sub-Saharan Africa: World Bank Institute Distant Learning Course: completed

Completed with distinction a summer course on survey methodology and questionnaire design conducted by the Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbour
Muanda, C, Haldenwang, R and Goldin, J (2019. Forthcoming) Drivers. And impacts of informal settlement tesients’ sanitation practices on access and sustainability – a case study of the Western Cape, in South Africa International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (forthcoming)

Goldin, J, Botha, J, Koatla, T, Anderson, J, Owen, G and Lebese, A (2019 forthcoming) Towards a gender sensitive vulnerability assessment for climate change: Lambani, Limpopo Province, South Africa in Human Geography: A new radical journal (Special Issue vol 12 (1).

Harris, L., Kleiber, D.,Rodina., Yaylaci, S., Goldin, J., Owen, G., (2017) “Water Materialities and Citizen Engagement: Testing the Implications of Water Access and Quality for Community Engagement in Ghana and South Africa” in Society and Natural Resources, vol 10

Rodina, L, Baker, L, Galvin, M, Goldin, J, Harris, L, Manungufala, T, Musemwa, M, Sutherland, C, Ziervogel, G (2017) “Water, equity and resilience in Southern Africa: future directions for research and practice” in Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 26-27 pp. 143- 151

Muanda, C., Lagardien, A., Cousins, D, Owen, G and Goldin, J. (2017) An investigation into institutional, social and technical implications of reuse reclaimed water for domestic applications in South Africa (WRC Project K5/2208/3) forthcoming

Goldin, J, Botha, J.J., Koatla, T.A.B. , Anderson, J.J. Owen, G. & Lebese, A. (2017) Towards an ethnography of climate change variability: perceptions and coping mechanisms of women and men from Lambani Village, Limpopo Province. Human Geography vol 10 (2) pp. 1- 15
Goldin, J (2015) Hope as a critical resource for small scale farmers in Mpumalanga in Human Geography, a new radical journal, vol 8 (3) pp. 24 - 36

Bola, G., Mabiza, C., Goldin, J., Kujinga, K., Nhapi, I., Makurira, H., and Mashauri, D., 2014. Coping with droughts and floods: A Case Study of Kanyemba, Mbire District. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 67-69. Pages 180-186.

Muhonda, P., Mabiza, C., Makurira, H., Kujinga, K., Nhapi, I., Goldin, J., and Mashauri, D. Analysis of Institutional Mechanisms that support community response to impacts of floods in the Middle Zambezi River Basin, Zimbabwe, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, D01:10.1016/jpce.2014.11.013, In press.

Goldin, J, 2013a (ed.) “Water and Capabilities” E-Bulletin of the Human Development and Capability Association, 23

Goldin, J, 2013b “Proposition for a sector toolkit: addressing the gap between policy and practice through the use of a multi-dimensional poverty framework” Water Policy 15 pp. 309- 324

Harris, L, Goldin, J and Sneddon, C (eds) (2013) “Contemporary water governance in the global south: scarcity, marketisation and participation”, Routledge, UK

Goldin, J, 2010. “Water Policy in South Africa: Trust and Knowledge as obstacles to reform” in Review of Radical Political Economics Sage Publications, Volume 42:2 pp. 195 - 212

Goldin, J and Kibassa, D, 2009. “Water Policy Transitions in Tanzania“ in Huitema, D. and S. Meijerink (eds.) in Water policy entrepreneurs. A research companion to water transitions around the globe, Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar"

Earle, A, Goldin, J, Machiridza, R, Malzbender, D, Manzungu, E and Mpho, T. 2009. “Indigenous and Institutional Profile: Limpopo River Basin” IWMI Working Paper 112, Sri Lanka

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Goldin, J. 2008. "It take two to tango: steps towards change in the water sector" in Poverty and Water - Explorations of the reciprocal relationship David Hemson, Kassim Kulindwa, Haakon Lein and Adolfo Mascarenhas (eds.) CROP International Studies in Poverty Research, Zed Books, London, pp. 47-64

Goldin, J. 2006. “Water and development” in Clark, D (ed.) The Elgar Companion to Development Studies, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 680-686. (Paperback published 2007)

Goldin, J. 2005. “Prepacked trust in the water sector” in Askvik, S, Bak, N (eds.) Trust and public administration in South Africa. Ashgate, UK

Goldin, J. 2004. “The typography of voice. Dynamics of belonging” in Paratian, R, Dasgupta, S (eds.), Confronting economic insecurity in Africa, ILO Socio Economic Security Programme, Geneva

Goldin, J. 2003. “Washing away the sins of the past. Transformation in the Water Sector” in International Journal of Public Administration, Vol. 26, No 6. pp. 711 -731

Goldin, J. 2002. “Policy versus Praxis: Problems facing the water sector in South Africa” in Benjaminsen, T., Cousins B. & Thompson, L. (eds). Contested Resources: Challenges to the governance of natural resources in Southern Africa

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Goldin, J and Adato, M. 2000. ‘Labour Intensive Job Creation and Social Development: An Analysis of the Working for Water Programme in the Western Cape. Two Case Studies’. SALDRU Working Paper No 89, University of Cape Town.

Goldin, J and Braune, E (2013) “Communication strategy for the Water Sector” Joint Learning Programme, NEPAD Centres of Excellence

Goldin, J and Braune, E (2013) “Knowledge Management Strategy for the NEPAD Centres of Excellence” Joint Learning Programme, NEPAD Centres of Excellence

Goldin, J (2013) “A situation analysis of the Berg River Catchment” African Union Project

Goldin, J (2013) “Youth and Agriculture”. A report for South African Council of Agricultural Unions (SACAU)

Goldin, J (2013), “Gender and Agriculture” A report for South African Council of Agricultural Unions (SACAU)

Goldin, J, Fatch, J, Owen, G, Ncube, G (2013) ‘Towards an institutional adequacy index using the multi-dimensional poverty approach’, WRC K5/1971 Final Report

Harris, L (presenter), Goldin, J, Darkwah, A, Morinville, C, Peloso, M, (2013). Intersections of Gender and Water: Comparative approaches to everyday negotiations of water access in underserved areas of Accra, Ghana and Cape Town, South Africa. Women's and Gender Studies et Recherches Feministes. Congress, June 2, 2013, Victoria, BC, Canada. In session on 'Embodying Feminist Political Ecology in Diverse Contexts: Environment, Community and Habitus

Goldin, J, Amde, W, 2011. “Provincial Migration Report for Limpopo and Mpumalanga Province: Poverty Node” SALDRU, University of Cape Town (forthcoming)

Goldin, J, 2010. “Knowledge Cafes: a powerful public dialogue tool for the water sector – narrowing the gap between policy and practice” Water Research Commission

Goldin, J, 2009. “Life History of Matshepo Khumbane” (rain water harvesting activist) Water Research Commission

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Goldin, J. 2003. “A case study of best practice in sanitation and waste management projects” Impumelelo Innovations Trust Award

Goldin, J. 2003. “A case study for the water sector” Impumelelo Innovations Trust Award

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I have worked with Jacqueline for over five year now as my co and main supervisor at the University. I have learnt a lot while engaging with her on several projects and in my academic work. I strongly recommend her as tutor for superprof as she is very particular to details and gives clear direction and support. Her English is excellent and easy to comprehend.


Jacqueline has been an outstanding mentor for years. I learn to know her in 2013 and worked with her on various research projects. Through this interaction, I learned a lot from her experience, to become a researcher. Her dedication to the work, motivation and most importantly willingness to ensure that others learn and gain knowledge made her to be my favorite character. Hence, I strongly believe that associating her to this network will add value and more people will gain knowledge through her.

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