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The Rock School online offers you hot guitar tuition beginners to advanced. Applied Theory, Scale Construction, Chord construction, Triad Theory, Speed Technique, Arpeggios, Finger tapping,

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I approach each of my students on an individual basis. For example my student may want to learn about the key he or she is playing in. Or they may want to Improve on their chord knowledge or solo playing. In order to Improve ones playing skills and technique we need to learn the instrument. The best way to do this is to pick a well written well played tune that both the teacher and student agree on.

The next step would be to learn the  chords and lead parts, to be able to play the tune. Once that's happened we then do a break down of the key in order to understand the progression and which scales we are playing for the solo and so on.

It is imperative to know what one is playing and why, in order to learn the instrument. For example if the progression was Am F Dm and G. The tune would be in the key of C major.

C is therefore 1 written in Roman numerals. Am6 F4 Dm2 and G5. There are a number of reasons for this? The key could also be in Am as Am is the relative minor of C.

The solo would therefor be in C Major. This a simple example because there can be a number of other variations that can change things

Music is maths and it is best to work with the numbers to understand the systems that govern music!

Then there's technique, tone, hand positions, loud and soft relating to expression and feel etc. Good teachers should be able to school their students in all these aspects in order to produce confident knowledgeable players. I could write an entire book on the subject!

Do we hear a piece or do we listen with intention to pitch? We actually need to do both. In the first instance we should listen to enjoy the piece but also listen critically to be able to work the parts out, and then perhaps rearrange the piece into another style.


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About Steve

I have taught in my private capacity working from home for 25 years, and have tutored at schools and institutions such as St Johns, in Johannesburg and Greenwood Bay College in Plettenberg Bay. I have produced players from other schools and colleges as well over the years.

My focus is to teach the instrument. by grooming players and preparing them for live Peformans Arts.



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A one calendar months notice is required for termination. Payment is on the first of the month for each month.

Cancellations made by the student without reasonable prior notice will be forfeited.
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