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Software developer & pianist offers chess lessons. Surprise your opponents with aggressive new tactics.

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Robert is one of our best Chess tutors. High-quality profile, qualifications verified, organised and responsive to lesson requests, and appreciated by their students.

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Chess is one of the best ways to keep your brain sharp. I can teach the basics of chess tactics, such as discovered attacks, pins, forks, blockades, and danger levels, how to play against some common gambits, as well as some aggressive tactics that work on players rated over 2000.

My classes would be ideally suited to high school students, and I believe that chess players of all ages and levels could benefit from the practical experience of playing a strong player, as well as my out-of-the-box ideas.

I am open to playing Fischer random chess (or Chess960), which places the pieces on the back rank in random order (some rules apply). I find that this is a good exercise to improve one's tactics independently of opening theory.


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About Robert

I am a software developer and classical pianist. I studied mathematics, computer science, and music, and achieved distinctions in calculus at university level. I am a Sun Certified Java Programmer (2003). In 2011, a Brainbench examination on database concepts placed me in the top 1% of software developers in the world. As well as teaching music, I enjoy sharing some of the unique chess tactics that I have developed. I place far more value on positional advantage in chess than on material advantage. Google's chess engine AlphaZero, developed through machine learning techniques, places no value on material advantage and outperforms the Stockfish engine, which is more materialistic.



  • 5h: R650
  • 10h: R1100


  • R180/h


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