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💰What is the average price of Spanish lessons?
The average price of Spanish  lessons is R311.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

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Many of our Spanish teachers offer lessons online.

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28811 tutors are currently available to give Spanish lessons.

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From a sample of 5732 reviews, students rated their private tutors 5,0 out of 5.

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Take Spanish Classes in South Africa

When it comes to learning a new language in South Africa, you could always pick one from the list of the country’s 11 official languages. Alternatively, you could take Spanish classes in your own country with a global view in mind!

Did you know that by enrolling for basic Spanish lessons for beginners, and eventually learning to converse, you will be joining around 500 million people who speak the language from all over the world? That fact on its own is enough reason to sign up for basic Spanish lessons for beginners, or Spanish lessons for kids, but if you need a little more convincing here are a few more reasons why you should find out who gives the best Spanish classes in your area!

Take the Best Spanish Classes You Can Find

With so many people around the globe speaking Spanish, it is truly an international language. In fact, it is the second most widely spoken language in the world.

For this reason, finding local Spanish lessons for yourself, or for the rest of the family, could open up the world for you by offering you a richer traveling experience. And if like so many South Africans, you intend to work internationally, you should know that in a ‘British Council’s Languages for the Future report’, 34% of UK companies regard Spanish as operationally useful.

If either of these reasons sound good enough to find local Spanish lessons or a private Spanish teacher, remember that you could also search for Spanish lessons for kids and make it a goal for the whole family to take Spanish classes.

If you are linguistically-minded, you will be interested to know that learning Spanish could be a significant key to understanding other Indo-European languages. The reason for this is because, like Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian, Spanish is recognised as one of the ‘romance’ languages because of its close relationship to Latin.

And even though we are far from Europe, there are many opportunities for local Spanish lessons in South Africa - so bear this in mind if you decide to take Spanish classes with the goal of learning all, or even some, of the romance languages.  

Take advantage of the fact that there are dozens of Spanish instructors from all over South Africa on the Superprof website. You could search by location and find one near you, or even sign up for the best Spanish classes you can find online - all you would need is good internet connectivity and a webcam.

You would be surprised – when it comes to finding a private Spanish teacher in South Africa, it’s really not that difficult.

Whether you want to find Spanish lessons for kids or simply want to take Spanish classes to enrich a travelling experience, there are Spanish instructors for you. Perhaps you need to prepare to take a basic language test for a resident’s visa, university entrance or internship, it doesn’t really matter, there are Spanish teachers in almost every corner of South Africa for every ability and language-learning goal!

Take Local Spanish Lessons and Gain an International Second Language

While the reasons for learning a popular international language like Spanish are numerous, there is one that we not yet covered – international bilingualism!

In today’s increasingly competitive and borderless world, being monolingual can almost put you at a disadvantage. While being fluent in English will always give you an advantage in the global market, to be bilingual in another international language could actually add to the marketability of your CV and give your career the edge. This is the reason why more and more university graduates and young professionals are looking for Spanish instructors or even taking basic Spanish lessons for beginners through YouTube tutorials and smartphone apps.  Not only that, but more and more South African parents are seeing the value of international bilingualism and enrolling their children in Spanish lessons for kids to give them a head start in life.

The route you decide to take to learn Spanish depends on you.

If you decide that a group setting is best for you, you could invest in the best Spanish classes in your city. Or you may decide, like so many other language enthusiasts, to search for a private Spanish teacher who will consider your personal goals and help you to tailor-make your basic Spanish lessons for beginners, at a pace and time that suits you.    

Once you have made the decision to take Spanish classes you might be wondering what to expect!  

What to Expect from Your Local Spanish Lessons

If, as a family, you already know that your goal is to live and work in a Spanish-speaking country, find out which schools in your area offer Spanish lessons for kids as part of the curriculum. However, if you are going to use a private Spanish teacher the basic outcomes of your lessons will not differ much!

By signing up for local Spanish lessons, not only will you will develop the habit of discipline through studying every week, but you will gain Spanish vocabulary, oral and written expressions and gain comprehension of the language. Just imagine being able to add the accomplishment of speaking and writing Spanish to your CV.

Who Would Use Spanish Instructors in South Africa?

As you can tell, even in South Africa, where Spanish is not widely spoken, there are many reasons to search for Spanish instructors. Some of the others not mentioned yet, include the following:

  • University-level Spanish language students who are struggling with a certain aspect of their course.
  • School-level Spanish language students who are preparing for exams.
  • International exchange students for programmes like ERASUMUS.
  • People who need to live, study or travel to Spain or the Americas.
  • Children of diplomats or international businessmen and women who take Spanish lessons for kids.

Choosing the Right Private Spanish Teacher

Taking basic Spanish lessons for beginners, or Spanish lessons for kids, with a private tutor will certainly be one of the fastest and more convenient ways to learn Spanish, but choosing the right tutor for you is really up to you!

One of the advantages of using a Superprof tutor is that very often, the first lesson is at no charge. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your personal goals for wanting to take Spanish classes with the tutor. Here, you should also find out about their background, teaching style and get a sense of whether you connect with their personality or not! All of this could save you time and money by preventing you from committing to local Spanish lessons with the wrong tutor.

At the end of the day, there’s no doubt, making the decision to take Spanish classes could benefit your career, social life and self-esteem long into the future! What are you waiting for -  get out there and find the best Spanish classes available near you! Buena suerte!

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