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💰What is the average price of Photography lessons?
The average price of Photography  lessons is R264.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

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4028 tutors are currently available to give Photography lessons.

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From a sample of 624 reviews, students rated their private tutors 5,0 out of 5.

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Take Photography Classes in South Africa  

Advancements in the world of technology have made photography simple in so many ways, however, when it comes to learning how to use an SLR (single-lens reflex) or DSLR, it is quite a bit more complex than it seems. 

Apart from confidently knowing your way around a camera body, basic photography skills like lighting, exposure and much more, are key.

Everyone with a smartphone is a photographer today, but to stand out as a professional, you could     take photography classes, or get serious about your photography lessons near me search. 

Take Photography classes: DSLR Explained

A DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex camera is capable of doing the opposite of a point-and-shoot camera. The DSLR or its analogue (film) sister, the SLR is more complex and provides much more manual control. The differences between all these cameras is something you can expect to find out  about very soon when you take photography classes.   


  • A DSLR captures the image on a sensor
  • An analogue or SLR camera captures the image on film

Both of these are known as 35mm cameras.

Tips for Investing in Camera Gear

The practical aspect of learning photography cannot be underestimated, so before taking on a photography lessons near me search, it’s important to have the right equipment lined up.  Here are some tips to help you make the right investment.   

  • Follow highly-regarded camera equipment websites and blogs.
  • Read Google reviews.
  • Talk to experienced photographers.
  • Discuss your goals with camera gear professionals in photo hire and retail shops.  
  • Find a private photography tutor for the best advice.
  • Compare camera manuals of similar cameras (download from the internet).

Need to Know Terminology for Beginner Photographers

The art of photography is technical and includes enough jargon to potentially rain on your enthusiasm. Before your take photography classes, why not get ahead with a few terms to ensure that you don’t get lost? 

  • DSLR - digital single-lens reflex
  • SLR - single-lens reflex
  • An analogue camera - non-digital, manual, and requires film
  • ISO – light sensitivity is measured by the digital sensor (which works in the same way that film speed does)
  • White balance – describes the adjustments you would choose to change the colour temperature making whites really white, or warm, for instance
  • Noise – when there is too much unwanted grain in an image, it can result in a lack of clarity and sharpness (grain can also sometimes be intended)
  • Backlighting – results when the subject is placed in front of a light source, creating a halo or silhouette
  • Focal distance - the distance between the lens of the camera and sensor 
  • Shutter - the ‘curtain’ inside the camera body that quickly (or slowly) opens and closes to allow in light
  • Underexposed – means the image was taken without enough light
  • Overexposed – means, the image was taken with too much light

To add to your list of photography terms, be sure to check out more complete photography books. 

Take Photography Classes with a Private Tutor

As with the acquisition of all new knowledge, one-on-one tutoring always provides the fastest route. This is also very true when it comes to coming to grips with more complex photography concepts.  

There are hundreds of private photography tutors in South Africa who have joined Superprof.  You could choose someone near to you, alternatively, through your photography lessons near me search, you could find the right tutor from just about anywhere in the world.

The critical thing is to make sure that you connect with the tutor who is just right for you. This can include personality, but also a common interest when it comes to photography styles.     

Ensure that your instructor has verifiable credentials. Superprof tutors, for instance, will often have a reviews on their profile pages. Their experience is confirmed and very often they offer their first lesson for free which is an added bonus. This is the perfect opportunity to establish whether their teaching style and photography background is in line with your goals.

When it comes to fees, private photography teachers hosted on Superprof can be found at an average of R256 per hour.

If you are wondering what kind of topics you could expect to cover through a photography lessons near me for beginner’s search, here are a few: 

  • Camera type options
  • Resolution and pixels
  • File types (e.g. Jpeg or Raw)
  • Controlling light and exposure
  • ISO
  • The aperture or f-stop
  • Shutter speed
  • The essential relationship between aperture and shutter speed    
  • Depth of field, whether high or low
  • Portrait photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Sport or motion photography

Apart from the invaluable individualised attention that private tutors offer, there are so many important benefits when it comes to investing in a private photography teacher: 

  • Relaxed and informal teaching environments.
  • Immediate feedback to individual questions.
  • Learning at your own pace, whether that is fast or slow.
  • Schedule flexibility and custom-made content.  

Photography Schools in South Africa Worth Noting

If you are seeking an academic photography qualification, this can be achieved through a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at most of South Africa’s major universities. Wits University is an example of one that places great emphasis on photography in a Fine Arts degree.  There are other options including  a 1 Year full time Higher Certificate (NQF5) in Photography from Vega.

It’s All About Light at the End of the Day

The most worthwhile theoretical concept in photography is the fact that it is an art that is controlled by light, or exposure. This all comes down to that important relationship between your f-stop, your shutter speed and how you set your ISO. So while there is much to learn in photography, ask your potential tutor how much time they intend to spend on this topic.   

It doesn’t matter whether you are searching simple photography lessons near me, or want to take photography classes of a more serious nature, take your time when it comes to mastering the theory behind exposure!    

Finally, it will be those invaluable times when your camera is actually in your hands that you will learn the most, so don’t be afraid to practise!  

What do you want to learn?