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Senior Software Engineer wanting to share 15 yrs experience in various technologies.

Understanding the person Teaching the person understanding the shortcomings teaching through experience understanding the business needs also dont know what else to type in this block enrich your future walk the mile don't do drugs keep learning be the best you can be knowledge is power and cannot be stolen from you.

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Web developer / experienced tutor - providing programming or computer science classes in Cape Town.

We will learn programming through making a website. We will start with HTML and CSS, then SQL, then JavaScript, then PHP. By the end of the course you will have made your first website. I will then give you an assignment to make another on your own.

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Experienced software developer offering remote web development lessons at home through skype

In programming, it is always better for the student to learn at their own pace. I help curate the learning process by providing knowledge and materials perfectly suited for the individual's pace.

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Computer Scientist and Software Engineer offering computer programming and web development lessons online.

My teaching method is interactive, I prefer to involving my students in solving problems as much as possible during the class. I explain the concept or the lesson, give them a problem and let them try to think about the solution, give hints, until they reach the solution.

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Computer Science 3rd year student offering tutorial on computer science programming languages: PHP C++ HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT

I give my classes in a pace that a student is accounting in their respective lectures with their lecturers.

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Want to learn more in depth web development or just the basic fundamentals? Then let me tutor you

I usually start with the basics and slowly in turn move to more complex coding formats, from learning how to use basic effects to more advanced xhr requests to even more complex tasks

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Gain knowledge in python programming and structures and how to apply it in your programs

i will get you working around python until the structures are clear to work with. best way to get you started is by experimental projects that will force you to develop your own programming structures that suits your level of skill as you improve.

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Learn JavaScript from a professional who uses it everyday and build experiences, from web to desktop apps.

Theory is great... if you're that kind of person 😉. With me you'll learn through practical experience.

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Transnet Property GIS trainee who programmes and works with maps everyday.

I have always preferred balancing theory and practicals. I always try to help people understand concepts of topic but also be able to utilize that theory in solving real life problems.

Cape Town
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With our guidance you will learn and become the best in the world of programming

I help you with any problem you might have and whtever you don’t understand we work on that immediately, any time anywhere

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Computer Science student offering tutoring in some very useful programming languages starting from its basics

Regarding my tutoring, I prefer one on one or even online interaction is still okay. I cover my topics in a step by step chronological order.

Vanessa vee
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Computer science student offering computer module eg html Tutoring in south Africa

I firmly believe that a student must have questions. So when I give them a task they do not struggle. That way I am assured they understand what I said.

Cape Town
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Developer offering web development lessons from beginner to advanced in Cape Town

I teach by starting from the basics, and take the student step by step through tasks of increasing complexity, I believe that you should learn through doing and as such I assign students tasks that they should try and complete on their own. I design the sylubus based on what the individual student wants to learn.

(24 reviews)
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Engineer graduated in computer science gives courses of specialization in application development for any level on Paris and in the world (by webcam).

Hello, I am Axel, passionate about computing and wanting to share my experience in this field. I am a graduate engineer, specialized in IT (web application and office). I give lessons to all people (any level) wanting to discover and / or deepen this very rich world :).

(11 reviews)
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Online private or group lessons for all levels and ages ¡Contact me!

I am a cheerful, friendly and energetic boy. I started at 6 years doing computer courses and have devoted all my time to this world. I did a training cycle Senior Management of Information Systems and Networks, degree and have worked in several companies as Alten, El Corte Ingles, JF Maguire ... as a technician or developer.

(10 reviews)
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Programming languages - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

(2 reviews)
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Computer Engineer (master level) with experience proprose introductions to new technologies, Websites and web applications development

I am a computer scientist specialized in web sites and web apps development. I can teach you how to develop web apps that can : - Show content in various ways, whether you want to present them like website content, or table, forms, charts... - Display and modify data - Execute actions linked to other websites (via APIs) - Introduce you to the cutting edge technologies (React, Vue.

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Gain best knowledge on coding in various languages along with problem solving skills and analytical thinking. Learn basic/advanced coding and computer science skills.

Coding skills primarily originate from solid background in mathematical logic and reasoning. In my 3 years of academic life i have been constantly acquainted with coding in one or the other way. I have about 3 years of experience in teaching basic programming in C and C++. My lessons are deeply designed based on the online courses of popular learning platforms like coursera and udemy.

São Paulo
(68 reviews)

Programming classes in HTML, C, Java, PHP, JavaScript for initiators, intermediaries.

Methodology of teaching based on practical theoretical basis to facilitate learning and maximize its fixation. Dynamic and objective classes guided according to the needs of the student. I use super-sophisticated features. Anyone who wants to learn how to program can count on me.

(57 reviews)

Developer Analyst gives programming classes (C #, JAVA, PHP, C ++, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS)

I have course in Systems Analysis and Development and a Mechatronics Technician. My classes are dynamic and exclusive, where I teach the subject and soon after verifying the student's understanding. Each class has elementary exercises to fix the given matter.

(5 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Arduino (C) and Processing (Java), without need of previous knowledge of electronics, initiation course, Barcelona and Llobregat, I also help in projects, TFGs ...

I am developing a method of learning electronics + programming in which no prior knowledge is required. The lessons will be as practical and visual as possible with a minimum of theory. The purpose is that the student can develop his own project.

Winter Garden
(1 review)
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Computer Programming expert with over 30 years of software engineering experience and over 25 years of part-time teaching experience at Rochester Institute of technology seeking to empower minds wanti

I am a Software Engineer who loves to design and code software applications that solve real world problems. I have also been an adjunct professor who has taught 1000's of students over 25 years both in a classroom and on line. My greatest joy in teaching and mentoring students is knowing that I have given them skills that they can use on the job.

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Didactic and personalized programming classes from basic level in Santiago Centro city

My teaching method is based on practice, developing web pages and basic games during classes. In addition, in my classes, you will learn the good practices of a programmer and the most important programming languages, forming a solid base that will allow you to move quickly. My classes are personalized, depending on the level you have or the objective you want to achieve.

Caxias do Sul (Rio Grande do Sul)
(2 reviews)
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Angular 7, modern web language, learn how to make a CRUD and make "http requests" using RESTful. If you have problems in your technical or college work, let me helps to solve it. Count on me!

Classes can be focused on your problem or your interest in learning, in a dynamic and exclusive way. Learn how to do a CRUD as well as basic programming concepts using this web language.

Ciudad Jardin Lomas de Palomar
(3 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Create your own webpage! Web and mobile development student gives courses on web design, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and more!

I am a student of Web and Mobile Development at the Da Vinci Multimedia Art School, as well as a freelance front-end developer since May 2018. My classes are aimed at people without any knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

(3 reviews)
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Python3, Web (HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, PHP), Belgium (Brussels) - Young autodidact (24 years), I love programming and am a member of a small independent Web agency.

I am a young computer 24 years. I am trained in the web for over a year and knows an average python3. I am self-taught. Like you, I used platforms like this one to learn the maximum. I offer courses due to 1 hour per week (+ -). We first see what your current level. If you see the web for the first time, we will review the basic set (networks, http / https, ...).

(2 reviews)
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Can provide a good knowledge of JavaScript concepts along with the ES6 standards, works in Hyderabad

My way of teaching is very simple and can be termed as primitive. I will put forward the issues/requirements in front and teaches the concepts to meet those requirements so that the one can find the reason to know those concepts.

(5 reviews)
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As today world is moving with big data new technology, So I am passionate to teach those skills and even learn. My skills include leading big data technology spark, Scala, Hadoop, Cassandra, Redis and

I teach passionately , Until a Person Will Not UnderStand from Basics I will not leave that person , i need to make sure thathe should get All the concept before moving to other Topic , So it will be helpful for him and me also.

(3 reviews)

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I teach you the basics of programming and also realize student projects and correct exams. I have experience in many programming languages, various frameworks, and a global knowledge of IT.

(9 reviews)
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