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Find a Great Guitar Tutorial in Port Elizabeth

If there is one instrument that boasts wide appeal, and without which, most bands are incomplete, it is the guitar!

It is also one of the most convenient instruments to travel with, and even has the ability to change the atmosphere of any gathering and turn it into an occasion. So, whatever your reasons for searching guitar teachers near me, as far as learning a new instrument goes, it is an excellent choice!

When it comes to learning any new instrument, our personalities can play a significant role in how we choose to go about that. For some, learning in a group has massive appeal and therefore advantages for their personality. If this is you, and you are living in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth, you could find out about a number of music schools in your area. Two that boast five star Google ratings are the Creative Arts and Music Academy (CAMA) in Albert Road, and Pandora’s Musical Box in Gelvandale.

It’s worth noting that for High School students in Port Elizabeth who want to take music as a subject until matric, Alexander Road High School is renowned for its music department and brass band.

For many people though, the idea of a guitar tutorial, or guitar solo lesson over a class is much more appealing. Some of the reasons for this is because the guitar solo lesson is able to hone in on areas of study where we need more help, and of course this is how we get to grasp complex concepts at our own pace.

In this article, we will look at some of the other online and face-to-face guitar tutorial options you have if you happen to be in Port Elizabeth searching guitar teachers near me.

Study Guitar Online

These days the online learning options available to us make it easier to cast the net wider when we are searching for anything.

So, if you are in PE and your search for guitar teachers near me, comes back as only a short list, you actually still have the option of choosing from thousands of guitar tutors around the world -  even if that’s Cape Town, Paris or New Delhi.

This may sound too good to be true, but it’s actually achievable on a platform like Superprof!

When it comes to online learning there are two main ways to approach it.

The Free Online Guitar Tutorial

As you know, the internet is jam-packed with free resources on every subject imaginable. If you are looking for a guitar tutorial for instance, you could do your own research and make use of platforms like YouTube to help you.

Of course there are pros and cons here, as this would not strictly count as a guitar solo lesson, so here is some advice to include into your own decision making.

  • Using free online content to learn the guitar (or anything) is helpful, but your method may be random and lack structure. Remember that effective learning is ordered and built on foundations as you go.
  • Teaching yourself takes an enormous amount of self-discipline. Are you dedicated enough to set aside regular time slots, and not be easily distracted? If so, you could certainly try learning online without the aid of a dedicated teacher!
  • When you don’t have a teacher to monitor your practice, it will be difficult to evaluate how you are doing with your guitar techniques.

The Online Guitar Solo Lesson 

For some people, online lessons might be driven by a lack of results from their guitar teachers near me search, or it may just be their preferred way of learning. To embark on an online learning journey all you need is a good internet connection, webcam and meeting platform like Google Meet, Skype or Zoom.

For many people this is the same as having a guitar teacher in the room with them!

How to Supplement Your Private Guitar Lessons

The principle in life that states that the more effort we put into things, the more we will get out of them, could not be more true when it comes to learning a new instrument. So whether you are enrolled in music classes at a school, or with a private tutor who is teaching you in your living room or online, using free internet resources in between your lessons, could significantly accelerate your learning.

Also, if you consider yourself to be a music lover, it’s likely that you are equally interested in the talent behind the instruments as you are to the actual music itself!

 By using the internet to research the history of your preferred guitar genre as well as some of the legends behind that particular style, you will add a layer of depth to your learning and understanding that is bound to keep you motivated.

For instance, if you are a Blues guitar player, by watching footage of players like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn, you are bound to be influenced by their methods and it is likely that you will learn something too.

Why the Guitar Solo Lesson?

Learning a new instrument has the same amount of complexity as learning maths or a foreign language. The private tutor is able to help you to grasp concepts at your own pace and in your own time.

When you sign up with a music school, you may be at the mercy of a rigid curriculum that understandably touches on all aspects of guitar playing styles. However, by taking private lessons you will have input into where you want to focus your efforts.

When you use a Superprof tutor, in many cases you have the benefit of receiving the first lesson for free. You could use this as a valuable opportunity to discuss your specific goals for playing guitar with your potential tutor. Also try and find out more about their background and experience.

All of this, as well as reading any reviews they may have on their Superprof profile, will help you to choose a tutor that is suited to both your personality and music dreams! Break a leg!


💰 What is the average price of Guitar lessons in Port Elizabeth?
The average price of Guitar lessons in Port Elizabeth is R350.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

  • The experience of your teacher
  • The location of your lessons (online, at home or an outside location)
  • the duration and frequency of your lessons.

95% of teachers offer their first lesson for free.

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Many of our Guitar teachers offer  lessons online.

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