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Teaching Arabic lessons to children to help them not only read but also understand and speak Arabic easily

My name is Sofia El Baz. I've worked as a teacher for almost 3 years. My purpose will be to teach young kids Arabic vocabulary and help them read it and write it easily for a more understanding of the language.

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Learn Arabic, the language of 23 countries,over 300 million people with a professional native speaker facilitator.

Learn with fun, I guarantee the best and fastest results through easiest methodologies of communicative approach, all skills should go in sequence ;listening, speaking, reading, writing. I can make learning Arabic as piece of cake, you need to hear the correct and fluent language from the mother tongue as it is.

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Al Azhar Graduae tutoring the Arabic language to non Arabic speaking students in South Africa

Interaction is key I present a topic and explain different methods then teach through speaking and teaching in Arabic and language

São Paulo
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Arabic native from Tunisia teaches Arabic language and transfer this culture for Brazilians

I usually invest more in the student personality. This way he will be able to learn faster. I adapted the program more with the objective of the student (trip, test, curiosity ...). The lesson will be dynamic and animated by photos, videos and mobile applications.

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Native Arabic teacher (Egyptian) for All Levels and all Ages !

Native Egyptian teacher with international experience in individual and group tutoring. About the classes: CUSTOMIZED LESSONS (Beginner to Advanced): Classes are designed to meet the specific needs of each student. DYNAMIC CLASSES: use of videos, music, news, etc.

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Syrian professor of Arabic on Paris & region

Hello, I am a professor Syrian and gives individuals the Arabic language "dialect or classical" and Middle Eastern Arab culture on Paris and the Paris region. I have a good experience, excellent articulation, acute, clear voice, and a very good general knowledge including literature, history, philosophy, social sciences and politics.

Marseille 1er
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Course in Academic and Arabic dialects and Tutoring in Marseille for all levels

My teaching philosophy is based on the principle that each student is unique and needs a course and personalized content adapted to his rhythm and objectives. Indeed, my methodology is based on eleborating the outlines of each course to work on the particular needs of each learner that are needed to be analyzed.

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Franco-Lebanese teacher: Learn to speak in Arabic differently and effectively (all levels)

- Are you a beginner and you want to discover Arabic language and culture? - You want to learn Arabic with professional goals within your business? - Are you a student and you want to learn a new language? - Do you have basic Arabic and you want to practice the language? My name is Louma, I am a Lebanese native, I was born in France and I lived in France and Switzerland.

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Graduate student of Arabic gives courses in ARABIC MSA and Levantine Dialects online

Graduate student of literary Arabic and Levantine dialects at the University of Cambridge (final score: first with distinction) offers courses of Arabic language and culture in Montreuil (93100, France) or on Skype. Levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced.

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Joyful Syrian boy gives really good Arab classes at home in Barcelona!

I am a Syrian boy of 24 years. I am a responsible, dynamic and eager to teach person. I try to get my students motivated to learn. My way of giving classes change depending on the capabilities and needs of my students. I try to make classes interesting and enjoyable.

Paris 16e
(6 reviews)

Native arabic speaker gives arabic courses all levels

Arabic: Native Speaker Literary arabic: studied throughout schooling (primary to scientific preparatory classes) Issue preparatory classes, I obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration and I am currently a student in Master in Business Development at Novancia Business School. I'm also a Project Manager at GDF SUEZ.

Belo Horizonte
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Graduated in Arabic language and literature at Cairo University . I have prepared and presented many Arabic lectures at UniBH and Loyola College and performed other private lessons in Belo Horizonte.

I have my own course of Arabic, It focuses on teaching at first the most used rules and vocabulary in everyday life and going steadly forword with the student after that. I strongly believe that who goes slowly goes far, so I have a lot of patience in the learning process, using the methodology of Pimsleur to ensure that vocabulary and expressions will be well absorbed by my students.

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Graduated in Arabic Language and Culture, offers lessons of Arabic language to beginners in Florence

Each lesson provides phonetic, cultural, grammatical insights according to the relevance to the subject of the lesson. As for Arabic I start from the foundations of language, its origins, writing. The aim is to bring the student to the comprehension of simple written and oral texts and make it ready, eventually, for a more in-depth study.

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Professor of Arabic language and calligraphy at the University of Sciencespo, he has more than 10 years of experience in teaching. Worked in the field of writing and translating

Depending on the level of each learner, I rely on different sources to enrich the linguistic experience of my students. There is a unified curriculum for all students, followed by additional courses to work on each level individually, as well as to teach Arabic dialects in the Middle East and Classical Arabic.

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I am a PhD student of Education at leeds University. I am offering to teach Arabic language and also English language up to university level in leeds.

I do follow a inductive approach to teaching that is proven to be more creative and efficient than the deductive approach as it encourages the students to build up the lessons themselves rather than being a passive recipient of the information from the teacher

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ARABIC in Milan by an Italian teacher. A fun way for everyone, from elementary level to university exam preparation.

I teach Arabic Standard from elementary to advanced level and I can teach the Colloquial Moroccan Arabic. The teaching method is tailored to the needs of the individual and to the level you want to achieve.

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Arabic Teacher Writing/ listening and vocabulary builder Looking forward to helping people achieve their dreams

Learning a language is like building a pyramid. Steady beginnings can lead to a confident peak. I use practical method to enhance the student abilities to understand the spoken terms.

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Egyptian Master's of Education Student at Deakin Giving Arabic Lessons to Help Comprehension

I aim to keep my students engaged throughout classes. Using Arabic for comprehension and reading can be so much fun, and I would make sure the students are gaining the most out of the classes. Especially if they are learning the language for specific reasons.

(2 reviews)
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Offering online Arabic classes with free access to my online learning platform

My teaching methodology is basically whatever works (eclectic). Classes will be interactive and conducted using whiteboard software + audio. Students will be given access to my online platform to practice during the week and will also be able to questions throughout the week. You will be given homework and expected to revise what you learn.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Ghada - Newcastle upon Tyne - Arabic

I enjoy tutoring and am keen to provide individualised, tailored support to you, while presenting information in a variety of ways, emphasising relevance of class material to the world beyond the classroom and enhancing your performance and grades - Which subject(s) do you teach? I am a tutor who specialises in Maths up to and including undergraduate level and Physics up to GCSE.

Port Tennant
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Learn Arabic at ease with a mix of Classic and Modern Spoken Arabic

I have been teaching for a year now even though Arabic is not my first language my pronunciation is perfect and reading because i started learning Arabic in School from childhood. I have a certificate from one of the Arabic Institutes.

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Persian Language, Efficient way of learning with a 18 years experience professor

The pleasure of learning the language of poetry Persian Cultural Association Course reasonable price Franco-Persian HAMRAHI 078 74 39 934

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Arabic teaching provide tutoring also in Maths for students during their after school hours.

My teaching methodology is to create realistic, timeframe, achievable goals for students. Including keep the lessons real, they are able to accept it and relay the examples with their daily lives. I strongly believe in building individuals independence, to be able to build their confidence that they will be able to achieve high results.

(2 reviews)
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Arabic language, Quran, tajweed, Hadiths, Dua, for both children and adults in Bangalore

I train in two different methodologies. One for those who want to learn spoken Arabic and the other who want to understand and Excel the language. Similarly one to read Quran and other to recite it the perfect way.

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New York
(11 reviews)
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Arabic is one of my favorite languages. It is rich and "exotic"

Each student is different. I prefer to listen to every learner to tailor my lessons based on his/her needs and goals.

(2 reviews)
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Give Arabic courses for all levels of Nice and via skype. Literary Arabic and dialects.

Graduated with a degree in Arabic literature and civilization,can provide Arabic courses for all levels. I am familiar with literary Arabic as well as dialects. I have several years of experience in the field of education. I live in Nice and can offer courses in the city and via skype. See you soon.

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Offering to teach and help learn the Arabic Language (My native language)

My teaching method is really making the students as comfortable as I can and first learning what their goals and objectives are. Afterward, I come up with a detailed plan of the steps required to reach those goals and objectives. My students are always satisfied with the quality of work I provide.

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Syrian girls studying International relations at the University of Wollongong, who have passion to learn and teach languages.

I like to teach any one on the topics they want to strenght themselves and practise. Happy to teach how to pronounce correctly. I like to meet outside or at my place to start lessons.

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Arabic speaker offering arabic lessons for all levels in central London rym

i use google slides for my lessons i will provide you comprehension ,writing and oral lessons i use different videos my lessons are not boring and teach in fun way lessons for both children and adults (methods of teaching differ )

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