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PhD holder in physics offering maths and physics lessons online anywhere in the world

Making maths and science fun, showing their applications in everyday life, demonstrating technical concepts outside the books, my methods have been successful during my teaching career, students were very happy with the outcome. Now they use it themselves as teachers.

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Education student offering maths and English lessons in Bloemfonein(SA), I've been helping secondary students for the past years

I approach each and every topic by firstly analysing what is being asked first and identify given options and make sure i come up with different ways to attack until i reach to a final step which all students will know it

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Financial Accounting student in Yeoville (Jhb) offering Maths and Accounting (grade 8 to 10)

I provide lessons to Grades 8 to 10 either in person or as a group. I conduct my lessons based on the availability of students starting from 13:00 hours. I look at the topic and design the simplest method for the student to understand.

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Applied Mathematics student offering maths classes to high school students around PMB

I mainly give classes to 11th and 12th grade students. Having been a high scholar myself recently,I understand most issues that students have and so keep my teaching simple and clear,detailed but not boring and go to deep depths to ensure my students success.These are probably the most formal lines you will ever get from me.

Joseph kwame
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Mathematics Lecture, Gauteng Province, MSc.Mathematics, B.Ed(Mathematics), 18 years experience & presented papers at academic conferences

My teaching methodology is main learners' strategy method, present topics practically, permit to come the chalk board to solve similar examples, mark their try work about the particular topic during that period. Teaching & Learning Materials are not exempted from my teaching.

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Super teacher from Bloemfontein offering all primary subjects too much focusing on natural sciences and social sciences

my teaching method is that i teach a certain topic and give a class-work do the correction and then give out the home-work, then the following day i start the new topic as each and everyday i start a new topic so that at the end of the week we write a class test.

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South African Mathematics Teacher, Bachelor of Education degree for Intermediate phase learners

I prefer to connect learning material to real life contexts, I find that learners remember the material better in this way. I am teaching learners from 9 years to13 years old.

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I am an accounting student, who is also an accounting and maths tutor

when I teach, I first give them an activity to see whether or not they are able to do it. I then do it with them and explain where they did not understand or where they got it wrong. I always give them something to do at home.

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Homemaker mother offering lessons for maths and physics upto grade 4 in Midrand

I am a physics and math tutor. I take lessons for children unto grade 4. My techniques of instruction and methods of instruction depends on the children . My method is to make them to understand first and then to give some practices like work sheets.

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Lets speak Mathematics and science, make the language of mathematics very fashionable.

The approach is always to make my student understand that mathematics is a language like any other language, it is very much important to understand the language of mathematics before you can start studying, it is always very much important to create safe learning environment.

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Former high school teacher offering lessons in Mathematics and Geography in Zimbabwe

I am a very attentive tutor who prioritise students academic success. I make my students understand the basics of the subject or topic before getting them to the core.This gives my class understanding of what they are about to learn.

Port Elizabeth
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BSC student at NMU offering high school math lessons in Port Elizabeth

I assist one on one. I cover whatever it is the scholar needs assistance on. I am very good at explaining and helping the scholar grasp the concepts. I give lessons to High school students, and enjoy helping with their development.

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"Learn Mathematics in innovative ways and develop out of the box thinking with RMIT's student"

I always plan my lessons using practical examples and illustrations for my students.I believe that unless and until one can visualise mathematics, one cannot learn it or take interest in it.My teaching methods have been extremely helpful for the students find mathematics hard to understand. I readily get the problems of my students and intend to make the little concepts clear instantaneously.

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Mathematical Physics researcher (NASA alum) with 20 years math tutoring experience uses active learning (e.g. Socratic method) online and in Oakland, CA

I just moved here. So, I am starting cheap ($20/hr) to fill up my schedule. I'm pretty sure it is the cheapest rate around. I am a mathematical physics researcher (with degrees in both math and physics). I have been tutoring for 20 years. I tutor almost all undergraduate math and physics classes and some graduate courses.

Ciudad de México
Pedro fernando
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PhD student in robotics teaches math, programming and electronics in Mexico City

In principle I like to talk with the student about the subject to know more clearly what kind of questions he has and to establish different ways and examples to be able to establish the concepts and methodology to facilitate learning.

São José dos Campos
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High School and Undergrad Math classes for the whole world via Skype or Hangout!

My method of teaching rules of thumb are three - To verify the true difficulty of the student; - Develop study plans to be done at home; - Elucidating doubts in video lessons; My classes tend not to be expository classes, the time we spend together is divided in 80% dealing with doubts and exercises and the rest of the time is dedicated to a brief explanation to the new content.

Rocky River
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Algebra - Patient, Creative and Effective Tutor for All Subjects, All Cities, All Ages

I am patient, creative and friendly. Many of my students tell me that I explain concepts more effectively than their teachers. I am available weekdays or weekends, days or nights, throughout the entire year. In addition to teaching in person, I also use Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Appear.in, interactive whiteboards, attachments (PDF, Word, Excel), and Slack, a remote desktop program.

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PhD in Mechanical Engineering from POLI-USP gives exact classes for all levels.

I approach the subject in a free and structured way, leaving no doubt to the student. I follow the student's rhythm in a didactic way, explaining everything in detail. I present several exercises relevant to the subject explaining the most important topics for a better understanding of the subject.

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Veteran Math Tutor - School, SAT, ACT, Math Olympiads, and more! USAMO Qualifier

I primarily teach high school and middle school students, but have taught college students as well. My vision as a private educator is to debunk the "math talent" myth. With the right method and communication, I truly believe that anyone can enjoy and learn mathematics. My teaching style shifts student to student.

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M.tech in Computer Science teaching Algorithms to students in schools and colleges

Hello, I m dhara Master in Web Technology I have been in academics since 3 years giving my best to give appropriate guidance to my students.My students include all from computer engineering, diploma and those from higher secondary who want to learn programming basics.

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Mathematics student at FSU offering math help to students of all ages.

First off I use a very patient teaching method. Not every student will understand after the first try. There is a lot of practice involved, but by the end of the lesson the student will be better at math in some way. No problem will go unsolved.

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Experienced scientist willing to teach algorithms and pseudocode design and analysis to students

I am passionate about teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. My journey into tutoring started when I started scheduling for other students; I have conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in management, programming, networking etc. to other students and everyone interested in learning something new.

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Maths we can achieve our potential so let's turn I Can't into I Can

Every student has the ability to achieve their learning. I believe that with the right support and learning style we can achieve that target grade. I find your strengths and areas to develop. Focusing on the skills that need developing we create a unique personalised learning plan to help you succeed I have taught in many schools and different abilities of students.

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Let's learn and have fun LEARNING experience !!!!!!! I teach : 1. Maths 2. Science 3. English 4. Social Studies 5. Computer

I make targets and teach topic wise. For better understanding of students I play games with them which make them underrstand the thing better. Weekly test are must. I am currently teaching upto class 8TH.

Greenfield Park
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Tutoring for years K-10, Need help I am available 24/7. One on One and group lessons available

I base my classes on what you need help with, Just name your grade and subject and I will have the work ready for you. I am able to do personal one on one lessons and group lessons if needed.

Saint Lucia
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Your personal tutor, Teaching Math (A & B)/ Chemistry All grades from primary to high school Choose the price yourself and have your tutor coming to your house.

I base my classes mostly on problem-solving as I believe the best way to understand a topic is to see how it is being used in different scenarios and questions. Moreover, high-level-education in my home country has equipped me with shortcuts and formulas that make solving the problem way easier and faster.

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Student in last year of License to integrate a Master in Mathematics

My teaching method varies depending on the students I can have. Indeed, when it comes to tutoring, I have to help the student as a priority to do the compulsory homework and support him in the chapters and courses he sees during the same period.

Buca Osb
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I work as a Computer Engineer, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Researcher, Language Analyzer and Music Producer. I also like to develop myself in the field of education. Mathematics

First of all, I make them (my students) understand the philosophy behind every subject/course. However, not only do I talk about theoretical knowledge and exchange ideas, but I also learn how to approach the problems and how they should be approached by doing their practice through real-world problems.

Upper Mount Gravatt
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UQ Engineering Student gives exceptional math lessons to highschool students in Brisbane

My Teaching method is based on giving examples and and walking through a question with the student, then allowing them to try a different question applying the same skills on their own. I base my classes off my Math c teacher as she was the best math teacher at Mansfield State Highschool, one of the best public schools in Brisbane.

Paris 5e
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Doctor of Mathematics from the University Paris VI teaches any level on Paris intramural

My teaching method is adaptive, it depends a lot on the student I have in front of me. There are of course tips and methodologies that are given recurrently. Student parents have always recognized my listening and adaptability to the student.

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