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The average price of Acting  lessons is R356.

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Find the Best Acting Classes in South Africa

At first glance it has always seemed like a career in the world of showbiz would be the most fun, glamorous and most well-paid of all jobs. While some of this is true, it can also be said that acting comes with a great deal of hard work, and this is just one of the reasons why anyone serious about a career in acting should seek professional acting lessons.

Fortunately, there are many brilliant acting courses in South Africa that cater to both would-be professionals and those who want to take up acting lessons as a hobby, or even, to increase their general confidence.

At the end of the day, any career within the performing arts is highly competitive which is why your search for acting schools South Africa should be one that you take seriously!

University Acting Courses in South Africa  

For those who are academically minded and are searching acting schools South Africa at university level, there are a number of options when it comes to Bachelor Degrees in Theatre and Dance, some of these include:

  • The Rhodes University Drama department which is one of the most preeminent acting courses in South Africa.
  • The Stellenbosch University Drama department where students can choose to specialise in acting and performance, or technical and management studies.
  • The University of Pretoria’s School of the Arts: Drama where students are equipped for careers in the exciting world of digital and performing arts.
  • A A. (Hons) in Drama and Film Studies at the University of Pretoria

Perhaps you are wondering what subjects will be highlighted when you search acting schools South Africa at university level. Here are some of the typical modules you could look forward to:

  • Camera Acting
  • Acting
  • Voice
  • Directing and Theatre Making
  • Radio and Television presenting
  • Writing for Film and Stage
  • Movement and Physical Theatre

Whether you decide to formalise your drama education through full time acting courses in South Africa, or whether you embark on a series of part time acting lessons, every skill and technique that you are able to master is ultimately for the purpose of acing your auditions.

Private Acting Classes in South Africa

Even though there are important foundational elements to acting, there are varied and specialised genres of training to be found in most quality acting courses in South Africa. However, if you want to focus on one particular technique, then searching for a private tutor might be of greater benefit than that search for acting schools South Africa.

If you are searching for private acting lessons in South Africa, Superprof has dozens of excellent tutors who specialise in both foundational and specialist techniques.  

You may also be surprised to find out that private acting classes in South Africa at an average of R364 per hour are more affordable than you would think. Not only that but Superprof tutors usually respond in less than three hours and 92% of them actually offer their first lesson for free. This introductory lesson is a vital opportunity to discover more about your tutor’s experience, teaching techniques and background. It is also where you get to see whether you connect with the tutor’s personality or not.

By taking the time to do all of the above, as well as clearly communicating what it is you wish to attain through your private tuition, you can be assured that you will have chosen the best private acting classes in South Africa for you! And, on Superprof, it is actually possible to choose the best private acting courses in all of South Africa because you won’t only have the option of finding a tutor near to you, but also from anywhere in the country (and even the world). All you would need is good internet connectivity, a webcam and your meeting platform (Skype, Zoom or Google Meet) of choice!  

On Superprof you can expect to find wide range of services when it comes to acting classes in South Africa, here are a few:

  • Audition preparation
  • Stage and television classes
  • Voice over artist techniques
  • Online drama mentorship
  • Individually tailored classes
  • Improvisation classes
  • Scene study classes
  • Sight Reading classes

While acting might seem easy on the surface or dependent on natural talent alone, in reality it is a combination of natural talent and a lot of technique. To deliver an award-winning performance means delivering lines that are extremely convincing. When it comes to acting technique classes there is no better way to improve than with a private acting coach.

It’s worth mentioning the importance of making sure that you include audition techniques you’re your acting lessons. These essential tools are designed to build confidence and interpret constructive feedback from one of the most critical activities in any actor’s career.  

Whether you decide to sign up for group or private acting courses in South Africa, you can expect to find out about some of these acting techniques:

  • Method Acting
  • The Meisner Technique
  • The Chekhov Technique
  • The Stanislavsky Method

Once you have a good understanding of these techniques, you may decide to specialise in one area to create truly in-depth performances. This is how actors become experts in romance, action, thriller or action films.

If you’re searching acting schools South Africa, bear in mind that drama can also be taken as a matric subject at many leading schools in the country and if you know from an early age that this is the route your life will take, you would do well to try and enrol in one of these.  

Finally, like anything in life, make sure that your decision to search for acting schools South Africa is followed up by thorough research, especially if you are considering a career in drama. Find the tertiary institutions, drama schools and private tutors near you and consider their offerings in light of your own goals.

Remember that wherever you start, regardless of how small a step that may be, is a start in the right direction. Break a leg! 

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