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Lessons offered by Jane
  • Individual
  • In group
The lessons will be held
  • at her home
Taught subjects
  • Make-up
  • Hair Styling
  • Personal shopping
  • Braiding
  • Style and Image Counselling
  • All Levels

From South Africa. Professional hairstylist by trade. I have my TEFL certificate. Wanting to teach English by communication. Improve your language and grammar by chatting about interesting topics


My teaching method would depend on the age group.
All learners need to feel that the conversation is relaxed and flowing.
They need to feel confident.
If during a conversation the learners says something incorrectly, do not keep interrupting.
make notes and correct speech afterwards.
Will need presentation materials.
which could include: pictures, flash cards. u tube videos etc.
Will need to be able to practice during the lesson.
Which means let the learner practice speaking as much as possible.
Be a good listener, let the student do most of the talking.
They also need to be productive.
Have reading material available, or give them homework to read an article in a magazine or news paper and make that a topic for next lesson.
Have cross word puzzles ready on the topic of your lesson.
Prepare work sheets.
Advice them to read a book. Even if just one page a night is read. Discuss beginning of each lesson what the learner has read.
Use repetition. This is a very good way of correction.
Younger children can be taught nursery rhymes or songs. This is a good way to teach English to beginners, through song.
Teenagers and adults. Find out their hobbies and interests.
It is very important to keep the learner involved in the lesson.
Keep them interested.
Ask as many questions as possible to keep their attention.
Ask their advice on what they would like their next lessons to be about.
Keep them excited about the lesson and wanting to come back to the lesson and eager to learn more.


I am a qualified hair stylist by trade and I currently freelance, I am very fortunate that I work for myself, mostly over the weekend, so I have a lot of time available during the week
I am passionate about working with people therefore I’m wanting to teach English online.
It is another way that I can work with people and it will be so rewarding to help someone to better themselves and achieve their goals , I have no preference to whom I would like to teach. I’m happy to teach all ages and at any language level
I have completed my TEFL course
I have over 20 yrs. teaching experience.
I was employed by a company as a technician. I taught at 3 different colleges and I trained apprentice hairstylists
I had to prepare the courses. I did theory and practical classes
I had to write up the exams and mark them
I also trained hair salons on product knowledge
If salons had problems with any of our products I had to go and solve the problem, find the solution
I had to organise workshops and hair shows I’m used to being in front of a crowd
I also spent a year working on a cruise ship called Queen Victoria in the spa as a hairstylist
On the ship we had to organise seminars classes and speak to a group of people about our products
I believe my strengths are that I am friendly, confidant and relaxed.
I'm very excited to meet new people and to help them improve their English vocabulary


Rate for a 1-hour lesson. : R1/h


45 min $12
1 hr $15

Lessons offered by Jane
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
Taught subjects
  • Make-up
  • Hair Styling
  • Personal shopping
  • Braiding
  • Style and Image Counselling
  • All Levels

Jane's CV

Cell number: +27 83 7774433
Country of birth: England
Country of residence: South Africa
Email address: (concealed information)
Skype: username: jannee.go


HAIR BY RABMAR 1985-1990
I did my apprenticeship with Rabmar. Once I completed my trade test I stayed with the company as a qualified hairstylist.

Opened my own hair salon. Had three stylists working for me

I decided to go into sales. I helped market a new product from Australia that was launched in South Africa. I did technical training and workshops for salons and colleges. I prepared the courses to teach staff and students. I also prepared exams and worksheets.

DESIGNER GROUP 1999 – 2012
Calling on key clients, promote products by organising seminars, conferences and workshops. If clients had any problems with their products, I had to go and find the solution and solve the problem. I was promoted as area manager and continued working for the company until I decided I wanted to travel. I decided to join the passenger cruise ships

STEINER 2012 -2013
Worked on the Queen Victoria ship in the spar for 1 year as a hair stylist and performed beauty treatments. On the ship we had to promote our products by organising seminars. So, had to stand in front of a class and get the guests excited and eager to purchase and use the products

Once my contract on the ship was over, I worked in an upmarket salon.
CURRENTLY – I am self employed as a free-lance stylist and I have plenty free time.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - I am target driven and a very hard worker. I see myself as an energetic, happy and confident person, who is willing and capable to do what is expected of me. I always like to keep a positive attitude. I love the challenge and stimulation of working with people and helping them to strive and to reach their goals.

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