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💸 How pricey is a Physics tutor in East London and the surrounding areas?

The average rate of Physics tuition in East London is R149.


Rates will differ depending on:


  • the experience of your Physics teacher
  • where your lessons will be held (via Skype or an outside location)
  • the number of lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • the goal of your lessons.


Most of our teachers give their first Physics lesson for free.


Check out the rates of our Physics teachers in your area.

✒️ What is the average rating given by students to Physics teachers in East London?

From a sample of 3 scores, students gave their Physics teachers an average of 5,0 out of five.


A customer service manager from the Superprof team will be on hand to find a solution (via telephone or e-mail from Monday - Friday) if you have any questions about our services.


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💡 Why should you start Physics classes in East London?

Physics is is the scientific discipline that aims to help us understand how the components of our Universe interact.


Through Physics we learn about matter, energy and force, and we study objects that range in size from the scale of atoms and subatomic particles to the entire cosmos. It is therefore one of the most interesting subjects to learn at secondary school.


Many students struggle with Physics as it is such a vast subject. There are many areas of study in Physics and there are also mathematical elements to Physics which learners often find difficult.


With the help of a Physics tutor many students are able to excel in this subject.

Sign up for private Physics classes to learn about the different areas of Physics in more detail with an experienced private tutor.


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Communicate with your teacher via our secure platform to organise your Physics lessons whether you want to learn from the comfort of your home or take online classes.


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Physics homework help and exam prep with a private tutor

Improve Your Marks with Physical Science Tutorials

The subject of physics for most mere mortals can certainly elicit a sense of fear and dread, so if you are taking Physics and Chemistry as a matric subject, there is a high chance that during your year you will need a private physics tutor or even interactive physics lessons to help you along.

By using a credentials-verified tutor on Superprof, you could save yourself hours of online searching and provide yourself with important peace of mind and several important benefits. 

Where you are in high school or university, obtaining help through good physical science tutorials will offer you tailored and unique assistance in the areas of chemistry or physics where you are most challenged.   

Physics is a fundamental branch of science. It provides the foundation for all biology and chemistry while using maths solutions to explore and explain some of the universe’s great mysteries. It does not matter if you intend to pursue a tertiary qualification or career in physics, its merits as a subject are wide-ranging. There is no doubt that it can help to train the brain to analyse and solve complex issues.  

As a well-respected discipline that uses self-study, maths, and computer programming, physics transfers many important skills, all of which are guaranteed to open doors in fields like medicine, engineering, astronomy, computer science, and more.   

Reasons to Choose a Private Tutor from Superprof

Superprof is a popular platform for many people who seek interactive physics lessons or physical science tutorials. In East London alone, you could find a private physics tutor from a group of around 29 individuals.  

Remember that every tutor is different which is why you have the option of choosing someone who is suited to your goals and level of ability. For instance, if you are searching interactive physics lessons, make sure that your exam results get you into one of the 26 universities in South Africa where you can study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics. 

If you are willing to be tutored via webcam using meeting software like Google Meet or Zoom, you could even choose a tutor from somewhere else in the country or even overseas, because Superprof is an international platform. 

A private physics tutor can also provide great support for parents who are aiming to prepare their children for the leap from high school to university and ultimately academic success.

There are many other important benefits to investing in physical science tutorials such as: 

  • Matching the Correct Tutor with the Correct Student: by using a Superprof tutor you can usually benefit from a free first lesson. This can greatly contribute to making sure that you are paired with the right tutor and not just the first person who pops up from your interactive physics lessons search.
  • More Practice: there is never a shortcut when it comes to achievement and this couldn’t be more true than when it comes to the subject of physics. The more you can practise, the higher your chances of fulfilment and success.
  • Convenience: the goal of the tutor is to provide excellent tutoring at a location and time that is most convenient for the student.
  • Personalised Progress: a tutor provides personalised support for the unique challenges of the student. Progress is carefully monitored which enables the tutor to fully understand the individual needs of the student and then the content and speed of learning accordingly.
  • Focused Learning: a tutor can enable a high school student to achieve the marks needed for university applications, something which can change the course of their life.
  • Cutting-Edge Teaching: home-based physical science tutorials combined with cutting-edge teaching methodology and contemporary curricula can create unique learning experiences for each student.
  • Access to Diverse Resources: Superprof tutors know where to access a wide range of resources to make learning memorable, understandable and even, fun.   

Physics, a vital subject for many degrees, is often feared because of its need for mathematical logic. This can be overwhelming, but how exciting to be able to unpack and explore the many laws of physics that govern the universe around us?  

If you are interested in following a career in bioengineering, materials science, physics, or biochemistry, a solid foundation of chemistry and physical science will be a necessity. This is the reason why private tuition is very often necessary for students who need to improve their knowledge in these complex subjects.

Varied Teaching Methodologies

Firstly, remember that each Superprof tutor is credentials-verified. In addition, check out their profile pages on the site where they might have reviews too.

When it comes to fees, these are directly proportionate to the background and experience of the tutor. In East London, physical science tutorials are available for students of any level and cost an average of R152 per hour. Generally, tutors respond within 24 hours and offer their first lesson for free.

So if you want to excel in your physics exams, whether you are at university or school, why not check out the Superprof tutors near you?

Think about it. You had may as well find one that suits you because if you have your sights set on a lucrative career in the field of physics, it is highly likely that you will need a private physics tutor, whether that is online or in-person, along your journey.

The wonderful thing about private tuition is that you can pick up and leave it as you need to. You can also work at a pace that is comfortable for you - this is so important with a subject like physics where each concept creates a platform for the next concept. 

Finally, remember that even a physics expert can benefit from private lessons especially in the wonderful and exciting world of academia where a healthy competitive spirit amongst colleagues to be the first to discover something prevails! If this sounds like something you could benefit from finding a Superprof tutor who will challenge you to reach new academic heights. 

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