Maths is a subject that can make you lose your sense of self-confidence. Solving the Pythagorean theory may seem impossible and you may be wishing that your pencil can miraculously transform into a magic wand so that you can find the value of the hypotenuse. It may be during your Grade 6 exit exam or even your Grade 11 exam where you sit hopelessly in exam room wishing for a hint of magic to help you defeat the "maths monster."

"Working hard is important but there is something that matters more: believing in yourself." Harry Potter

If you are using metaphors to compare maths to monsters or goblins or ghouls, surely you need to understand that maths is getting the better of you. However, you can defeat the maths monster and deal with all your anxiety by finding a dedicated maths tutor to help you. Your tutor will be able to work with you and teach you how to solve complex math problems and sometimes this form of teamwork is all you need to build your self-confidence again.

Believe in yourself with the help of a maths tutor in Cape Town.

maths exam stress
Writing a maths exam is stressful if you feel unprepared |Source: Jorge Dominguez

Where Can You Find Someone to Help You With Maths?

The Kumon Maths Programme

In Cape Town, you can find many Kumon tutorial centres that provide help in maths and English. The maths programme caters for kids 5 years old and under but also accommodates the mathematical needs of children older than 12 years.

The way the programme works is that a child needs to attend Kumon classes twice a week, as well as complete some Kumon workbooks at home. Class time ranges from 30 minutes to an hour and students go to class to work on a workbook that is assigned to them based on the cognitive level that they are functioning at. Children are encouraged to work independently while a tutor monitors them and offers assistance when the need arises. A Kumon instructor usually checks how long a student takes to complete the maths worksheets given and also guides the student if they repetitively make an error with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

The idea is to foster independent learners who can think on their feet and understand when a maths pattern or trend is repeated. While Kumon is a programme that has been in existence for a very long time, some students find it hard to work independently at first. The programme is more beneficial for learners who enjoy working independently and being guided only when they need to be.

Numbers everywhere
Does seeing numbers on a page overwhelm you? Source: Unsplash

Mind Over Maths

This is a personalised maths programme that caters for children from as young as 3 right up until they are 18. A benefit of this tutorial centre which is based in Southern Cape Town is that maths is taught in both English and Afrikaans so as to teach the subject in the home language of the student. They run workshops during holidays and even have college preparation classes. Mind Over Maths is a tutorial centre that caters for all students despite their learning barriers. In fact, the tuition centre welcomes children who have special needs (remedial difficulties & ADHD), as they are certain that their approach of constant interaction works well for children who require this added attention.

Superprof Tutors

As recognised by Mind Over Maths, certain children do require extra attention and guidance. It is for this reason that many parents prefer to find a private tutor for their children. They feel that if their child works with a private tutor, the child will benefit from the added attention and focus. Many children actually prefer getting private tutors as they get lost in the classroom situation. Some children find it difficult to keep up with the pace of the rest of the class while others struggle to listen to the teacher because they are constantly being distracted by other children. On the Superprof site, parents can find a suitable tutor for their child.

There are tons of Superprof tutors to choose from, each with their own profiles that make mention of their respective set of skills, qualifications and the rates that they charge per hour. Seeking a private tutor is an excellent suggestion for a child who requires daily practise to grasp a certain concept or working out method. Some students do need tutors to work with them daily to help them reach their true potential. With Superprof, you have the option of choosing face-to-face classes, online classes, group classes, and classes that will take place at your own home. Plus you can work out how much these private or online private lessons will cost before you commit to roping in a tutor to help you daily.

A tutor can make miracles happen
A tutor can use his magic wand on you to help you understand| Source: Unsplash

"It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." Harry Potter. You might not believe that you have the ability to excel in maths but you can make the choice to feel capable and better your maths ability if you contact the right tutor for you.

Taking Extra Maths Lessons Online

You may feel that you want to work independently on days that you do not see your tutor or even practise a new concept that you have learnt all the more. This is where you can make use of some of the free online maths lessons and use some of the worksheets offered by paid-for service providers like Worksheet Cloud. Worksheet cloud works for the struggling child, the learner who is an average performer and the top achiever by providing many worksheets and other resources that will help stimulate the child and thus these worksheets act as a form of reinforcement of concepts learnt.

I Need Help With Maths

"Time will not slow down when something unpleasant lies ahead" Harry Potter

If you understand that you are struggling with maths, you need to speak up and tell your parents. Even if you are already in high school and have started to realise that the maths topics have gotten rather complicated, speak up and ask your parents, "Where can I find a maths tutor near me?" Your parents will be grateful that you are willing to help yourself by asking for help. The funny thing about time is that you will always feel as if time is running out especially when we need to study for a dreaded maths paper or realises how many mathematical equations and geometric properties you have to cram before you take that final maths exam. Exam preparation is vital. Knowing that you attended several maths tuition lessons before your paper will put your mind at ease. If you are finding it unpleasant to study for a maths exam as well, here is what you can do:

Create space to learn
Create a conducive learning environment| Source: Unsplash
  • Create a conducive study environment for yourself: The area that you choose to study plays a big role in how much work you actually do. The room you choose to study in must be well lit. You must also ensure that noise is kept to a minimum and in no way distracts you from the task of studying.
  • Study using your prefered study method: Not many children can identify which study method works best for them. This is where working with a private maths tutor is helpful. Your tutor will be able to determine whether you are an auditory learner where you learn by speaking aloud or a visual learner. A visual learner is one who enjoys learning using drawings, doodles and brainstorms. You must make sure to study in a way that is most comfortable for you.
  • Ask peers for help: Working with your tutor is rewarding but having study groups with friends can also be equally as rewarding. By watching your friends tackle complex maths problems, you will also start to grasp the order of operations better and know what method a question expects you to employ.
  • Quiz yourself: There are many excellent maths textbooks that allow you to quiz yourself and check memo answers to see if you managed to answer questions properly. For a subject like maths, trying out past papers is your best resource.  The Answer Series has always been a high school child's key to passing examinations and is an excellent textbook to purchase if you are in Grade 10.
  • Get plenty of rest before your paper. Sometimes you also have to realise that you have studied enough. Do not try to cram far too much information during a study session. This is never the answer. Work smart and prepare for your examination ahead of time. Having a tutor who works with you daily, can make it so much easier for you to study when exam time arrives. You will realise how much of the concepts from your maths breakdown you have actually covered before exam week so studying may very well feel like revision.
Compass and pencil
A tutor can be the tool you need to succeed in maths| Source: Unsplash

"I need help with maths!" A simple statement like this can make a huge difference for your future. There is nothing wrong with getting help. A qualified maths tutor may be the help that you need and a solution to all the complex maths problems that make you want to pull your hair out!

Soon, you will utter the same words uttered by Harry Potter, " I  know that I am doing it really well," and you will be doing very well at maths!

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