You are sitting in your maths class feeling bored as usual. The properties of a rhombus escape your mind and you start thinking about the Kream Brooklyn restaurant. When your teacher is filling the board with mathematics corrections, you start to daydream and only snap out of it when the boy next to you falls off his chair. A roar of laughter fills the classroom walls, but you know that you will not be laughing when you tackle the two pages of maths homework that you have been given. It also won't be a laugh that you were thinking of the finest sushi instead of solving the story sum in front of you. Your maths test is around the corner, how will you manage to do well in it when you still haven't gotten accustomed to the "FOIL" method as yet?

Many learners, like you, feel a whole gamut of emotions when it comes to mathematics. Mathematics is a complex subject and many people say that it's one of those subjects that you either know well or don't know at all. So how can you turn your negative views about the subject into positive ones?

If you are finding maths confusing in class and losing focus because of how frustrated you feel that you cannot grasp certain concepts, its time to speak to your teacher. Many government and private schools offer remedial classes after school hours. Perhaps attending remedial classes (where there are far fewer students) is an effective way of actually understanding the subject content better. If you still feel awfully overwhelmed after seeking additional help at school, perhaps you need to consider an alternative approach to getting yourself to grasp the subject better.

Have you ever taught about enrolling in a tuition centre? Are you thinking about private one-on-one tuition in Maths?

Places to Find a Math Tutor in Pretoria

Master Maths

Master Maths is a tutoring centre in Pretoria. It is here that you can take classes from intermediate phase onwards. Each tutor employed by the Master Maths centre undergoes intensive training to ensure that they provide quality maths education to the students that they teach. At Master Maths the aim of the tutor is to build upon concepts that were not easily grasped by students. Tutors constantly use of positive reinforcement which then motivates learners to do even better and yield even better results. The learners who join Master Maths work according to their grade level and it is for this reason that the tutor can adjust the support given to match learners needs. The tuition centre values consistent tutoring and believes wholeheartedly in it.

tutorial centres
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Superprof Maths Tutors

Superprof gives the most enthusiastic of people of the chance to tutor subjects that they are personally passionate about. Once tutors sign up and provide all their necessary details, students can scroll through the list of tutors. It is in this way that Superprof is the means through which a productive tutor-student relationship is formed. Students select tutors who can cater to their needs, requirements and budget. Tutors relay information about their tutoring styles, achievements, accolades and qualifications which would then entice students to pick a certain tutor. Many Superprof tutors in Pretoria have already formed strong bonds with students who they constantly tutor and thus are highly recommended by the students whom they already teach. Superprof tutors, like the tutors at Master Maths, believe that the tuition relationship can only be successful if you have regular tuition sessions and work on the work learnt with your tutor independently as well.

Maths Buddy

In South Africa, you also have the option of joining Maths Buddy. The online programme is an independent tutoring programme that teaches maths to you as per the CAPS curriculum as well provides lessons in Advanced Programme Maths (AP Maths). The way Maths Buddy works is that you get to learn maths content through animated and fully narrated videos. You can even attempt the 65 000 interactive questions based on the subject content that you have learnt on the Maths Buddy programme.

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What Do Maths Lessons With a Maths Tutor Entail?

At the very basic level, maths lessons entail working in accordance to the CAPS document for the respective phase that you are in. For students who are in Grade 4 to 6, the CAPS document requires that learners attempt various measurement activities. Thus the tutor will use standardised units of measurements to create problem sums and activities that entail measuring and working with basic units of measurement. The content that needs to be covered in these grades include numbers, operations, relationships as well as patterns, shapes, measurement and data handling.

When you work with a tutor, the tutor will try to use objects to reinforce all the abstract ideas learnt. Using concrete objects to provide you with the bigger picture helps you to understand better. For example, in class when your teacher asks you to count the faces of a cube, your teacher will expect you to picture a cube in your head and then count the number of faces mentally. A tutor will understand that not every learner in the intermediate phase can picture items that are not there. You tutor will get you to understand how many faces a cube has by physically counting the faces on a Rubik's cube with you. The tutor will provide this type of support until you are confident enough to supply the answer to the question of how many faces there are in a cube without counting the number of faces on a cube in front of you.

For data handling, a tutor will take time to use items of interest like chocolate pieces or marbles to draw graphs like pictograms and bar graphs. You must remember that a tutor uses his or her time with you wisely making maths lessons fun and not cramming too much content into one lesson.

a maths tutor can change the way kids look at learning
A maths tutor can change the way you feel about maths. Source: Unsplash

Your teacher needs to get through his or her termly curriculum coverage for maths within a certain time period, so sometimes teachers will cover many concepts per week to get done. A tutor can linger on a specific topic until he or she is confident that you fully understand the topic and then move on. If at any time you feel that you need extra hours of tuition, you can request it. Usually, learners attend tuition classes regularly throughout the year and ask for extra hours of tuition just before the exams.

What Can Gaining Help in Maths Do For You?

Every time you learn a new concept in school, you will know that your tutor will work with you to understand the concept better and fully. If you only did one exercise that related to the new concept, a tutor will source extra worksheets and textbook activities to help you practise what you learnt some more. The tutor can also assist you with completing your homework, checking your answers, correcting incorrect answers and explaining corrections to you. Your tutor can also help you to make sense of questions as they are usually phrased in tests and exams.

The reason many students perform poorly at mathematics in high school is that their foundation knowledge of the subject is not solid, therefore working with a tutor immediately when you realise you have a problem would mean bridging the gap between prior knowledge and current knowledge.

A tutor will be open and understanding of any new method you wish to use to solve a problem. The CAPS curriculum is rather prescriptive in terms of the methods that need to be used to solve a problem, so figuring out new methods with the help of your tutor will enable you to check your answers in exams.

concrete objects
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If you are struggling with understanding maths concepts or feeling overwhelmed because you performed poorly on a test, a tutor will step in and help you approach difficult concepts and questions more positively.

A vital component of working with a Maths tutor is that you will gain the confidence to tackle any problem that initially would have to seem overly complicated for you.

Your Future in Maths

Living in Pretoria means that it can be relatively easy to find a private Maths tutor or a tutoring centre that can help you succeed in bettering your maths mark. If you require a tutor to teach you how to learn your timetables even or go back to foundation phase work, a maths tutor will be enthusiastic and even willing to help. So if your attention accidentally drifted away in class, rest assured that you can revise any work that you may have missed out on with your tutor. Stop letting your anxiety or fear of maths get the better of you. Find a tutor who is capable and willing to make learning maths and mathematical concepts a funfilled experience for you. You will start to realise that maths is not all that bad after all.

A brighter mathematical future awaits you. The future is closer than you think so get a head start on your tuition classes.  Find a tutor who will make you want to study and you will be set for life!

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