As a parent living in Bloemfontein, you would know that your city is the birthplace of J.R.R Tolkien- the famous author of, "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Bloemfontein has a rather strange name but is also the blooming city of over 15 000 roses. Bloemfontein may very well be the city in which your child can bloom academically if he or she gets the right type of help to do so. So while Bloemfontein-based author, Tolkien wrote a remarkable fictional story, allow your child to write his or her own non-fictional maths success story in which he or she battles the infamous maths monster and claims the position of "Lord of Maths".

Parents sometimes sit with children and attempt to help them with homework. Perhaps when helping your child with his or her mathematics homework, you understood that maths is much more different than it was before. You may even break out in a cold sweat yourself when you realise that the breaking down method entails breaking up one digit and then breaking up both digits. Maths has changed considerably from the past! As a parent, you may be aware that certain mathematical concepts seem strangely unfamiliar even to you. That is why you are insistent to get a maths tutor to help your child with his or her maths as well as rope in a tutor to help you understand the new era of maths.

Maths Help and What it Means for Learning?

You would notice that when you hire a maths tutor, the tutor will teach according to certain core mathematic principles.  The maths tutor wants to make sure that maths makes sense for the student. The first time that your child learns place value in school, he or she will be rather confused between the units, tens, hundreds and thousands and the difference between each place value in a number. In this way, a maths tutor will try to get the concept of place value to make sense for your child. While you may be thinking, "Why is it so hard for my child to learn this concept?" the truth of the matter is that many children struggle with grasping a mathematical topic the first time. For this reason, the CAPS curriculum has been strategically structured so that every topic is retaught and reworked on yet again during the next few years. If you look at the CAPS document for mathematics intermediate phase, you will see the numbers and operations are taught in all grades of the phase. When you seek maths help for your child look for a good tutor will be able to grasp whether your child is able to understand a maths concept or not. If the child is unable to tackle a maths problem in an abstract way, the tutor will create a visual representation of the problem in order to get the child to understand.

So as a parent, you may feel that your child will perform much better if he or she gets help from someone else. Where can you look to get maths help for your child?  What are some basic maths lessons that your child can take?

Basic Maths Lessons in Bloemfontein

So you have decided that you want to bring in a tutor to give your child basic maths lessons. You seem to notice that your child does not have a good foundation and still struggles with his or her bonds and timetables, where in Bloemfontein can you look?

Where to look for a tutor
Searching online for a tutor. Source: unsplash

Bloem Tutoring

The  Bloem Tutoring company is a company solely based in and around the Bloemfontein area. They provide tutoring services for all primary school and high school levels. They also assist university students and provide tutors for the requested subjects. To hire a tutor to provide basic maths lessons from Bloem Tutoring you have to initially request a tutor by filling out an online application. The online service provider highlights what your child is looking for in a tutor and designates a specific tutor to you. Thereafter the tutor travels to your home and you are charged weekly for the tutorial service.

Master Maths

If you are looking for a specifically crafted maths programme as opposed to just a tutor to help, Master Maths is located at Grey College. Master Maths focuses on teaching primary school children and high school children only. The way the programme is structured is that tutors motivate learners to learn and function on their grade level in this way making them confident to attempt the work taught at school. Master Maths also offers holiday math classes as well if you are looking for basic maths lessons to keep your child mathematically stimulated during the break.


You can also put out an ad on Gumtree and request for a tutor. In your advert, you can specify exactly what you are looking for in a tutor and thus find one through the email responses you get. You will get the full CV of every candidate that applies for the position in this way.

I am Looking for Maths Lessons Near Me

the tutor helps
Creating strong children requires milk and a good tutor. Source: Unsplash

If venturing to Jock Meyring Street to attend Master Maths classes is too much of a hassle for you being that it is quite far, perhaps you can look and find a Maths tutor closer to home. An easy website to use to find a tutor who will provide maths tutorial lessons is the Superprof website.

Superprof Bloemfontein

Superprof is a website that has been a phenomenal additional service provider for South Africans seeking academic help and help when pursuing hobbies like dancing and yoga. On the Superprof site, you can specify your location and needs and find a suitable tutor nearby. In fact, you will be spoiled for choice on the Superprof website and you can then choose from all the fish in the sea who you would want your child to swim in the maths pool with. The fact that many tutors offer their first lesson for free is also a desirable option for going down this maths route. You must remember that each maths tutor that you find on Superprof will be unique and have his or her own personalized way of teaching. Sometimes certain teaching approaches like learner-centred approach and teaching through problem-solving works best for children trying to grasp mathematical concepts.

Helping Your Child With Maths From Home

You may notice that your child is considerably quick at grasping maths concepts and you feel that you only want to bring in a Maths tutor before exams. This option is up to you but if your child seems naturally inclined to maths and seems to be doing well in the subject,  you must remember that you need to continue to foster a love for the subject from home. Getting your child to practise the maths work done in school will be a great idea.

Find wats to teach maths at home. Source: Superprof

Using Your Own Resources

It is all well and good to expect your child to continually practise maths but you need to provide the necessary resources for him or her to do so. Children tend to get bored when continuously doing examples from their school textbooks over and over again. So in this case visit Pearson South Africa to see which supplementary textbooks or new textbooks may be available for your child. You can buy a textbook-like Smart Kids which makes learning relatively fun for children of a younger age. There are also many free resources available for download from the Pearson website.

Start considering getting manipulatives to teach children concepts that seem impossible for them to grasp in an entirely abstract way. Manipulatives are objects that your child can physically see, touch and explore and are used in order to get your child to understand certain concepts. Many maths tutoring centres love to teach using an abacus or counting blocks. You don't need to go all out and invest in a Chinese abacus that has a specific counting system, purchasing a plain and simple 100 bead abacus should do the trick. There are many ways in which you can use the abacus. You can use it to teach multiplication as well as subtraction. You can create many fun maths games using the abacus.

For your child who is really young, basic 10 blocks work just as good. There have been considerable advances in blocks and you can even get programmable blocks and interactive blocks that will be fun for children to work with.

If you want to be the techno-savvy parent, teach your child maths in a fun way through using coding programmes that encourage problem-solving which is the very essence of mathematics. Python is a particular coding language that can be used to teach maths as well. If you are keen on advancing your child's computational skills perhaps you can rope in a tutor who can teach coding too and kill two birds with one stone. There are many videos online of how to teach maths using the Python coding language.

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